How to be a team leader? How to be a good leader? What qualifications should a leader have?

How to lead a team?

Maintain your own responsibilities

Stick to your decision and be responsible for the consequences. If something goes wrong, you will stop, so don’t blame others for covering up your mistakes. Think of yourself as the captain of a ship; the fate of the ship is in your hands, and it is up to you to guide everyone in the right direction. When things don’t go according to plan, a good leader will persevere. Don’t bury your head in the sand and treat setbacks as learning opportunities.

Be decisive instead of guessing yourself.

Stick to your decision, but don’t be a tyrant. Collect information, listen to a series of opinions, and buy time for debate. Then, when the time for discussion is over, make a firm decision. Suppose you and your friend are discussing what to do that night. Everyone is obsessed with each other’s ideas. Then someone stood up and said, “Guys, we are doing ‘this.'” That person got to the top, saw the situation and needed guidance, and was responsible.

Remember, sometimes you need to make your own decision, and sometimes you need to enter. Ask yourself, “Does a quick decision affect morale? Do I have to make a decision right away, or do I have time to discuss this issue with others?” Be flexible and, if necessary, change gears when new information is available.

Delegate tasks and clearly explain roles.

Leaders don’t micromanage their teams or try to do everything on their own. When assigning tasks, clearly define your expectations and provide the necessary training. If you are prepared for success, then believe that team members are easier to perform tasks. A clear expectation is, “By the end of this week, there will be at least 5 complete specification configuration files for installation projects.” The vague expectation is to “make some standard configuration files.” When you need to train someone, please demonstrate the task yourself and describe the steps as you perform it. If possible, watch them as they start, and if they go wrong, correct them gently.

Ask for feedback from the person you lead.

As a leader, people may be intimidated by you, and they may not be eager to offer you constructive criticism. Don’t wait for others to speak out, but ask the team specific questions about how to improve performance. Don’t ask if they like you yes or no. Instead, ask specific questions, such as “In your opinion, what can I do to become a better leader” or “How can I communicate more clearly?”

Respect your team.

Show them genuine compassion, because they can tell if you really care about them. Hear them express their opinions, praise their hard work, and never use inappropriate language. Remember, you set the tone, so simulate the type of behavior you want the team to exhibit. Remember, showing respect to them does not mean you should succumb to their whim. You are the person in charge and you know what is best for the team. If someone disagrees with your opinion, please listen to their opinions and use their opinions to refine your decision. If you can’t use their suggestions, let them know that you respect their opinions, but they are moving in another direction.

What is a leader?

The so-called leader refers to a person who lives in a certain leadership position, has certain leadership powers, undertakes certain leadership responsibilities, and performs certain leadership functions. Among the power, responsibility, and function, power is a means and condition for performing duties and functions, and performing duties and functions are the essence and core of a leader.

The true leader does not rely on his own power to make followers obey orders. If you rely on power to make subordinates obey or do things, then they are not called followers at all, they are just so-called “subordinates/employees”, so this is not a leader, just a powerful boss, nothing more. The so-called follower is someone who has made others willing to follow your steps. It does not need coercion and temptation, and it is easy for the follower to complete the task excellently. But how to do this is very difficult. Many leaders complain that their subordinates do not obey, do not pay, not this, not that, and many complaints.

However, they have not thought about why their subordinates have such an attitude. Adults work an average of 8 hours a day. After deducting 8 hours of sleep, 2 hours of transportation and food, most of their time is spent at work. Therefore, no one would like to work in a bad working environment. If the relationship between the leader and the follower is not good, it will only allow both parties to work in a bad environment, which will only reduce everyone’s work efficiency.

What are the requirements for leaders?

Real event: There was an army captain, in a war, because the team was surrounded by enemy forces. The captain rushed into the raging fire, went to rescue the wounded, and dragged back the dead body. He put the wounded soldier into the helicopter, then knelt down and kissed the wounded, then turned around and continued to rescue more wounded in the war.

You can take a look at yourself in a real war. You may die every minute, and you may die in the next future? What kind of state or attitude should a person who can truly do these things form? “Trust and Cooperation”. But the problem is that “trust and cooperation” is not a meaning, it may be a feeling. Because you cannot say “I trust you” so that the other person can choose your trust.

If the employees in a company cannot feel the “trust and cooperation” given by the company, then the employees will do their best to protect themselves, which will essentially weaken the entire organization. But if we have a sense of security in the company, then we will naturally combine our respective expertise and strengths to face external challenges and seize more opportunities. Many leaders sacrifice their employees to protect the interests of the company or worse, sacrifice their employees to protect their own interests. Because this is the situation in many companies now, this is what the subordinates really worry about, but not the amount of salary.

A true leader will not sacrifice his employees to protect the company or his own interests. Instead, they will sacrifice their interests to save people.

Leadership is a choice, not a hierarchy.

There are many senior leaders outside, but they are not leaders at all, they just have power. But their subordinates only obeyed their orders to do things, because they only have higher power than their subordinates, so their subordinates did not follow them, nothing more.

One last little story: In a military camp, there is an officer who always let his soldiers eat first. When the soldiers had eaten, there was no more food left. After the officers returned to the tents in the barracks, the soldiers brought their food to their captains to eat.

A good leader will not fill his stomach first, and then let his subordinates eat their leftovers.

We call them “Leader” because they will stand in front of us when something happens.

We call them “Leader” because they always take the risk first.

We call them “Leader” because they choose to dedicate themselves to protect people’s interests.

How to be a good leader?

Just like love, can you know exactly when she fell in love with you? This is almost a difficult question to answer. But it does not mean that love does not exist, but it is easier to prove through time. Leadership also needs to be proven through time. It’s as if you were going to work out today. After you go back home and look in the mirror, you will find that there is almost no change in your body. I went to work out the next day, and my body remained the same when I returned home. So, your conclusion is that fitness is ineffective and cannot be measured. The average person will give up just because of this. But is fitness really ineffective?

If you think from the bottom of your heart that this is the right path, and stick to it. It’s like love. I say happy holidays to her every holiday, and happy birthday to her every birthday, although she may still not like you. However, when you insist on doing one thing, I can tell you that your body has already begun to change. I can’t tell you exactly when, but I know that she has slowly fallen in love with you. It’s not that you did any special events, or how often you contacted, but consistent persistence.

In other words, to protect your teeth, go to the dental office to wash your teeth twice a year, which cannot keep your teeth healthy and clean; but brushing your teeth for two minutes a day is the true way to keep your teeth white and healthy. Exercising for 9 hours cannot help you get a healthy body; but exercising for 20 minutes a day can keep your body healthy and get a good figure. It’s the same with love. Sending her precious gifts can’t get the other’s likes; but every morning and night, he thinks of her first when he has something to do. When the weather is hot, even if she doesn’t say anything, you will take the initiative to give her a drink to quench her thirst. This is why she will fall in love with you. It’s not that you did something specifically, but that you accumulated all the seemingly trivial things, like good morning and good night, that is the real reason why she fell in love with you.

Therefore, the leadership is the same!

It’s not that you have to do certain things or implement any policies, your team will trust you. Because “leadership” is not like this at all, it is formed by accumulating a lot of little things that are useless at all. These little things may even be a good morning or a smile. What most employees really care about is not the salary (although they all say that they pay attention to salary), but the environment! A good working environment! In a good environment, the follower can even receive a low salary, but continue to invest in the work, because there are generally colleagues like family members. This is the real so-called “leadership.”