Some moods are written to myself, so I can only write to myself.

Be the truest self. You are unique in this world. No one can replace you, and you don’t need to replace anyone. Do your own protagonist on the stage of life. These feelings are written to ourselves, and can only be written to ourselves.

The happiest thing in the world is to be able to watch the flowers bloom and fall with you, watch the vicissitudes of life together, and walk towards our future with you and me together.

When I am fine at night, I like to go out and walk alone, walking alone in the night, looking at the long shadows from the streetlights, I feel so lonely.  

Impossibility implies impossibility, and impossibility implies possibility. Everything is unknown, everything is illusory… What am I looking forward to?  

Go your own way, listen to your own songs, and write your own stories.  

Some moods are only suitable for yourself, and only for yourself!

What we are looking for in our whole life is just a home, a place where we can rest assured!

We may have docked countless times in our life, and the only thing that can really be anchored for a lifetime is home.

Passing, passing, and missing is a lifetime.

Accept the harm this world has done to you, and then face everything with a smile.

I like to walk in the rain, and I like the feeling of being cold when it rains on my body.

I am imperfect and I need you who are also imperfect, to join hands in creating a perfect future.  

Being tortured by life is a kind of enjoyment, a kind of happiness, but more of a kind of helplessness.  

Only with the truest self can you meet the person who should be the most.

In the journey of life, there will always be a light to light up for you and guide you in the future.  

Find a simple love and live that kind of plain life.

To live too clearly is a kind of sorrow, so you should live happily and confusedly!  

In this life, don’t make the day and night, don’t be rich and glorious, I only need a copy of Jane Eyre to accompany me in my heart, with me in the vicissitudes of life.  

No matter how beautiful the story is, it is a drama after all. ------This is dedicated to the children who love to watch “drama”.  

Find someone I love and love me, and then grow old together until the end of life.   

The best is not necessarily suitable for you, but the one that suits you must be the best.

Sometimes I feel tired, proving that we really paid, and there will really be gains.   

The purest love in this world is the love of parents. That kind of love is from the heart, it is a unilateral payment, and it does not ask for return.   

Watching the friends around me leave one by one, I don’t know who the next one will be and who the last one will be. I just know that we will all leave this land in the end. This land has given us too many memories. There are people and things we miss. We have left the most beautiful part of our lives here.