The Little Bump and Jump Mice

Abstract: Mother mice often say, "How beautiful and cute my baby is!" The little mouse Kaka listened and was happy.

In the heart of the mother mouse, the little mouse is the most beautiful.  

Mother Mouse often says, “How beautiful and cute my baby is!” The little mouse Kaka listened and was incredibly happy.

It was bouncing down the road, and when it saw the piglet, it said, “Piglet, am I the prettiest and cutest?”  

Piggy looked at it and said honestly, “I’m sorry, you’re not the prettiest and cutest you.””  

The little mouse Kaka listened and was truly angry, and it angrily dropped a sentence: “What an eyeless guy!” And then there it went.  

Walking and going, he saw the little rooster again, and he asked, “Little rooster, am I the most beautiful and cute?”

The little rooster said, “With all due respect, you’re not!”  

The little mouse Kaka was even more angry, and it did not want to say a word, and went straight home.  

When the mother mouse saw this, she asked, “Son, what’s wrong?”

The little mouse cried, crying, and saying: “Mom, you lie, everyone says that I am not the most beautiful and cute!”  

The mouse mother listened and said softly: “Silly child, every child is the most beautiful in the mother’s heart!”

Mom and dad may usually compare you with other people’s children, but in fact, they hope that you can learn from excellent children and become better! How can any father or mother think that their children are bad! In the hearts of mom and dad, every child is beautiful and smart.