You grow up with me, I’ll stay with you till old

“Fathers and daughters have a special bond.

She is always daddy’s little girl.”

By Richard L. Ratliff

Maybe you are not a good person, you are easy to hold grudges, and you are not a magnanimous person at all; you dare to do anything outrageous, and you have no scruples at all. Because you have a bad temper, you are easy to impetuous, and you are always easy to offend people.

Since I was young, people around me always said that I was like you. I don’t want to be like you. Because I really didn’t see what compliment this was.

However, such you, as early as someday 20 years ago, from the moment you kissed my forehead, had already taken root in my heart. I never miss you deliberately, and I will never forget.

When you were 26 years old that year, when you were still confused about life, when you still had nothing, you were glad to meet the most important woman in your life. Under your relentless pursuit, finally have a wedding photo. At that time, you were young and handsome, hugging the beautiful bride with full of happiness.

When I was two years old, you were 28 years old, and the profession of “father” changed you a lot. You began to learn to work hard to earn money to support your family, racked your brains to start a business, slept in the street, and was despised. At that time, you still didn’t have a successful career, and I naturally became a left-behind child. I can’t understand a man who goes home once a year. The hugs you give me every time you go home will not make me miss, because in my eyes, only the toys and snacks you brought back can be remembered by me forever.

I was 11 years old, and you were 38 years old, and you hit me for the first and only time. I brought back the test papers with full of red crosses, I’m not even care, and I still watched the cartoon with relish. At that time, you were angry, tore the test paper to pieces, and slapped me severely. I covered my face, rushed into the room, and cried all afternoon. No matter how hard you knocked on the outside room’s door, but I was still ignoring you. At that time, it’s just because I totally don’t understand your good intentions. After a several moments, you smiled and said: “Dad is wrong! I promise I will never hit you again. Please forgive me, okay?” After that, you never hit me again.

When I was in junior high school, I was 15 years old, and you were 42 years old. No matter rain or shine, you must pick me up every weekend. I originally agreed with my friend to go to the same high school, but you firmly refused and very persistently let me go to another middle school. You were very patient and said to me: “Learning environment affects your future. I don’t want to let you take risks. Now you may not understand my thoughts. As time goes by, you can gradually understand my intentions.” Although I have Ten thousand were unwilling, but I did not let you down. As you wished, I entered the high school smoothly. You smiled happily and exchanged greetings with the teacher. I was sad to part ways with my friends. At that time, I must have resentment in my heart because I still didn’t understand you.

In 1998, I was 18 years old, and you were 45 years old. At this time, you can understand chemical equations, but you can’t help solving a question. You can read a few words but can’t tell the meaning. You cook for me by yourself every day. You tirelessly instilled chicken soup for my soul, but my grades were erratic, and I could see your anxiety. On the last day of the college entrance examination, when I stepped out of the examination room, you suddenly appeared in front of me and gave me a hug without asking anything. At that time, I couldn’t see your expression clearly, I just wanted to hug you tightly. When filling in the volunteers’ form, you said that “Medical Science” and “Teacher” are good, but I said that studying “Forestry” and “Chinese” is good. As a result, none of us convinced anyone.

This year I am 20 years old, you are 47 years old. I am far away from home, I have slowly got used to college life, but I don’t miss you often. As weekly practice, you will call me every other time. Tell me about the recent blood sugar drop, the phone number has been changed, and the driver’s license test has been completed. I will tell you that there are competitions and sports meet in the 4th grade examination recently. I will not tell you that I often sleep in at school, sometimes cry when I am wronged, I will only say it well, then you will feel at ease. But in fact, like father, like daughter. I always learn from you to report the good but not the bad.

Now I still can’t spoil like a baby in front of you, and I never said, “I LOVE YOU”. Every time I go home, I know that someone will always be waiting for me at the exit of the train station. I always beg you to make steam fish, and then I will praise you, you will accompany me to watch movie, I will stay at home obediently for a few days, and then I only will go out with friend after. You still have a bad temper, and sometimes mother will quarrel with you too. I will still be angry with you, and then every time I take the initiative to apologize.

Now you begin to take the initiative to listen to my opinions, no longer authoritarian and overbearing. I have been away from home to study for a while, but you still worried about me, because in your heart I will always be just a child.

I used to say that if one day, I can meet the right person, I will go with him to the ends of the earth. You said you were sad, and at that time I complained that you didn’t understand romance. Later, when I watched a father handover his daughter to another man at the wedding scene, you just said: “I have guarded my daughter for so many years, you must not let her be wronged. If one day you no longer love her, please remember to inform me to fetch her back home. Thank you! Remember that you two must be happy forever.” As a bride, I began to burst into tears, and at that moment, I understood that in this world, the love of my parents will never be repaid. No matter who you meet, no one will tolerate you more unconditionally and love you than their parents.

I have written a lot of articles about you, but I can’t write well all the time, and I don’t know how to write even gorgeous words. I’m a lazy and stupid person who can’t do anything well, but I’ve been spoiled by you for so many years. I don’t have many dreams in my life, in addition to constantly disappointing you and liking to fight against you, I also don’t bring you much pride.

The love of the previous life is deep and shallow, and the flesh and blood of this life are connected. I cannot participate in your first half of your life, but I will accompany you to the end for the second half of your life. Maybe in 5 or 10 years I will grow up slowly, I will get married and have children, and you will grow old slowly, but I will work hard to be a happy person, let you rest assured, and make you happy forever.

Daddy, you grow up with me, I’ll stay with you till old. I LOVE YOU DADDY!

“Appreciate your parents. You never know what sacrifices they went through for you.”      

– always love your parent –


Father’s sad tears

Father’s love is a deep love and an indispensable responsibility. Father’s love has no thoughtful and warm words, no constant nagging in the ear, and no gentleness that accompanies me day and night. But my father has always given me a mountain of support and a kind of peace of mind all the time.

No one can replace whose role in someone’s life, even if I grow up, even if I have a lover who will spend my life together, even if I have a child, even… But no one can replace the love of my father in my life, No one can give the peace of mind that my father gave.

In my mind, my father has always been like an omnipotent tree of life. In the spring of life, he gave me colorful fantasy. In the summer of life, he gave me down-to-earth growth. In the autumn of life, he gave me his maturity spring and autumn. In the winter of life, he gave me calm contemplation.

On the road of growth, he gave me a kind of courage called brave. For a long time, in my mind, he is an immortal strong, a pronoun of strictness, and a symbol of strongest.

My father always took me shopping when I was young, he always holding my little hand in his warm big hand, so warm, so at ease. We talked and laughed as we walked, my father was so young and I was so little, but the scene was indeed so beautiful, which remains fresh in my memory.

When i started when to middle school, every school opening day and holiday, no matter rain or shine, dad will still ride his lovely motorbike to fetch me back home. At that time, I felt that everything was what he should do, and I enjoyed it for granted. Now I understand that there is no waiting in my father’s love. Only my father is reluctant to let me wait, he will always arrive earlier than me no matter when and where.

I graduated and didn’t go to university. For a while, I always had tumultuous with my father because I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t let me go out to work. He always said: “It’s too cold, wait until the weather is warm next year only plan for it”. Again, he said: “You are too naive, naive until feel bit silly”. He also said: “How comfortable is at home, don’t worry! Your father, me, there is extra pocket money for you to spend“. At that time, I felt that my father was so outdated and verbose. Now I understand that only in my father’s love, there is nothing to do more but to pay without asking for anything in return. Only my father is reluctant to let me face society and reality too early. He always hopes that he can hold me in his warm palms forever and protect me, and never let go.

I have always lived in a loving family, especially my father has always protected me very well. Really, with him, no matter where I am, I feel full sense of security and ease.

I am married, have my own home, and have my own lover. I clearly remember that I had a C-section that night and gave birth to my son. When I was pushed out of the operating room, I instinctively said: “Dad, I’m pain”. After this incident, my husband was always jealous and said: “Why didn’t you tell me? Aren’t I important in your heart”? But that is an instinct, and now I understand that no one can replace someone’s role in someone’s life. Husband’s love cannot replace father’s love. It should be said that no one can replace father’s love.

Father’s love will not make people the feeling of missing, father’s love also will not make people the feeling emptiness, but his love is already going deep into the bone marrow and is everywhere.

No matter how many years it is the suffering of life, or our rebellion. Whether it is the torture of disease, or the test of the environment. There are all kinds of states in the world, and there are all kinds of flavors in life. My father always walked calmly and faced calmly. I never saw him lower his head, bend over his waist, and never saw his tears.

What a good father, I always thought that God would care for him, and he would enjoy his family in his old age. But………………….

A car accident took away my only brother and my father’s only son. I saw my father that night, he did not shed tears. He just sat on the sofa stupidly, staring straight at me. Repeated a sentence: “You said, why is your brother’s life so short”? Suddenly, his father’s back was hunched, his hair turned white, and his face lost the high spirits look.

My father has always wanted to take my brother’s body home for a few days, but due to our custom, if the parents are still alive, and the child’s body is not allow entering the house. At that moment, my father cried, and tears were dropping uncontrollable. His tears fell on my heart, like a thousand pounds of stone pressing my heart. My heart really pains! Only for a few days, dad keep losing weight and keep getting old. God, you are too cruel!

What I never thought of was that my father was stronger than I thought. He endured his grief and began to work and began to continue my brother’s unfinished work and mission. In order to continue the spirit of his deceased son, he also installed my brother’s mobile phone card in his mobile phone.

I pray that god will always bless my father and make him safe and healthy. I always said: “Dad, don’t worry, I am also very strong, I will always be by your side”. Dad, have you forgotten? Your daughter is an intimate little padded jacket. In front of me is peace, in the back is happiness, auspicious is the collar, wishful is the sleeve, and happiness is the button. No matter where you are, I will always be with you, I love you daddy”.

I am the daughter of my father, my palm retains the warmth of my father, the passion of the father flows in my blood, and the fortitude of the father is inherited in my eyes. Therefore, I will work hard, I will be strong, and be a better version of myself.

Just because I don’t want to see my father’s sad tears again!

“I can no longer see you with my eyes and touch you with my hands, but I will always feel you in my heart.”

– Dad who misses his son

“Guys always think tears are a sign of weakness. They’re a sign of FRUSTRATION. She’s only crying so she won’t cut your throat in your sleep. So make nice and be grateful.”

By Donna Barr