About Bathroom

What is sanitary ware

The sanitary ware literally means sanitation and bathing. The sanitary ware is commonly known as a bathroom mainly used for bathing. It is a space and supplies for daily hygiene activities such as defecation, bathing, and washing.

At this stage, sanitary ware is more than just a single sanitary ware. With the acceleration of people’s life, the requirements for various products have increased, and colorful sanitary products have appeared.

Introduction to Bathroom

The selection of bathroom equipment should be considered according to personal living habits and functional needs. In addition, the distribution of space is also an evaluation factor that affects the purchase. In view of the size and layout of the space, it is very important to choose the shape of the bathroom. A rectangular bathtub is most suitable for a small square meter space, but it tends to be monotonous. Choosing a quarter-curved bathtub does not take up much space and is richer than a general long bathtub. Only in terms of setting, you must find the most suitable one. The corners or partitions with low walls will not appear obtrusive; a round bathtub is more suitable for a large bathroom space, and SPA equipment such as ovens and steam rooms must also have enough space to fully exert its effect.

The modelling styles of bathroom equipment are not only diverse and increasingly refined, with various bathtub shapes, material expressions, changes in the form of washbasins, shower head shapes, toilet styles, and storage cabinets. Whether you choose the whole There is a wide range of products in the bathroom facilities, or the purchase of a single bathroom equipment, each of which makes people love it, and often people don’t know which one to choose.

When considering the style of bathroom equipment, in addition to emphasizing one’s own aesthetic preferences, the collocation of space, the coordination of materials, and the fusion of colours are also the main points of evaluation. Bathtubs with overly complex graphics and extravagant details are not suitable for the bathroom with limited space; bathroom equipment that emphasizes simple lines can create a back-to-virtual oriental Zen style, or a neat and simple modern style.

Advocating a leisure-oriented bathroom space, using lines to reorganize the space to achieve a visually refreshing and neat effect. Consumers can find that sanitary ware manufacturers are not only selling products, but also promoting the enjoyment of bathing with two factors of leisure and health. As modern people pay more and more attention to the quality of homes, sanitary space is not just an interpretation of bathing, it must It is a space to relax the mind, settle the mind, and even make yourself healthier.

How to buy?

The area of bathroom space in family decoration is not large. In a three-acre land in a big city, it is not easy to construct a perfect home in the narrow space of bathroom. Today, I will give you a comprehensive introduction to how to buy bathroom products, and how to place, how to clean and other knowledge! Although the bathroom products in the building materials city are dazzling, it is not easy to choose products suitable for small apartment bathroom decoration. Moreover, the owners of small apartments are often young people who have just worked, and they need small apartments that save money and land. The product, it is best to have a little grade.

Here, I will introduce to you 5 secrets suitable for small apartment bathroom decoration.

There are many water-saving sanitary ware brands on the market, so how can we buy qualified water-saving sanitary ware products?

Experts suggest that when buying water-saving sanitary ware products, choosing the right brand is very important. A brand that has been tested by the market will include its quality and service. By looking at the whole, touching the surface, and weighing the weight, you can basically judge the quality of the bathroom product material and production process. The main thing to look at the whole is to look at the shape to be relatively smooth; touch the surface, the toilet is to touch its S-curve without applying glaze, if it is not glazing, it will be unqualified, and the faucet should lightly press the coating with your finger. If the fingerprints cannot be removed quickly, then it proves that the quality is not good; the weight ceramics fired at high temperature, and pure copper, alloy faucets, will have a heavy feeling when picked up, if it feels very light, then there is probably a quality defect. Many businesses have installed toilet water consumption demonstration platforms in their stores. For ordinary consumers, they can make full use of this demonstration platform and do some experiments on their own before buying to see whether the water volume and sewage capacity meet the standards.

The four tips that industry insiders propose to ordinary consumers for purchasing sanitary products are “look, touch, listen, comparisons.” Although it is simple, it is not easy to operate. Let’s look at how to do it:


Choose to carefully observe the reflection on the surface of the bathroom products from the side under strong light, and it is better to have no or few blisters and pits on the surface. Products with high brightness index use high-quality glazed materials and very good glazing technology, which reflect light and have good visual effects.

To touch

You can rub it gently on the surface with your hands, and it feels very smooth and delicate. You can also touch the back and feel the slight friction of “rusty” as well.

To listen

You can tap the surface of the ceramic with your hand. Generally, the sound of a good ceramic material is crisper when tapped.


Mainly to investigate the water absorption rate, the lower the water absorption rate, the better. Ceramic products have a certain ability to absorb and penetrate water. If water is sucked into the ceramic, it will expand to a certain extent, which will easily cause the glaze on the ceramic surface to crack due to expansion.

Judge the grade of the bathroom and choose the bathroom material that suits you. Material is the main factor that affects the quality of the bathroom. Different materials ultimately cause different quality results and different prices. There are various types of bathroom panels, and different types of bathroom panels have their own advantages, and the quality of the bathroom panels will directly affect future use. When choosing a bathroom panel, in addition to choosing the style according to the style of the house and your own preferences, you must recognize the characteristics of the material so that you can find a panel that suits you. At the same time, environmental protection must reach safety level standards.

The design style determines a certain visual effect. The design style of the bathroom should be consistent with the design style of the family, especially the style of the parts connected with the dining room and the living room. Specifically, in terms of colour, material, shape, etc., it should be integrated and echoed with the dining room and living room. For example, in terms of colour, if the whole family is designed with warm colours, the colour of the overall kitchen should also be warm colours. In terms of styling, if the overall style is relaxed and lively, the style of the kitchen can also be relatively flexible, and the lines and surfaces can also be changed a little more.

Buy bathroom online


With the rapid development of e-commerce, the security of online shopping transactions is becoming more and more guaranteed. So, what are the differences between online bathroom purchases and physical store purchases?

The price is more affordable than in physical stores. The rent, water, electricity, and labour costs in physical stores are high. At the same time, the cost of intermediate links is high. Online and offline prices may vary by thousands of dollars. Well, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false sanitary products; it is time-saving and fast. It takes four or five days to buy sanitary ware in physical stores in the building materials market.

How can you buy a good bathroom via online?

If you want to buy a complete bathroom, the style is the same, the whole set is purchased, and the price is also affordable. Online shopping to buy solid wood bathroom cabinets as much as possible, transportation is more convenient, other bathroom cabinets are often broken by irresponsible logistics companies. Solid wood bathroom cabinets are more aesthetically pleasing.

The quality of online shopping is the key. In this case, the qualification of the manufacturer is the most critical. Its overall design style, international quality assurance, and high-quality after-sales service will provide you with high quality while also fully feeling the benefits of the price.



The threshold is a checkpoint to prevent water from overflowing from the bathroom. Its design and construction points are as follows:

  1. The upper surface of the door sill should be inclined to the inside of the bathroom, so that the water drops can slide smoothly to the inside of the bathroom.
  2. The threshold should be the same width as the door frame, and the thickness of the door frame should be the same as that of the wall, so that there will be no big ins and outs when laying the floor tiles, and the chance of cracks is relatively reduced.

Ground waterproof

There are many kinds of waterproof materials, and the most used is waterproofing agent. When laying the waterproof layer, it should be about 20 cm above the foot of the wall, at least not lower than the height of the threshold. When there are reserved pipes on the floor, the waterproof layer also needs to cover the reserved pipes. After the floor has been waterproofed and dried, cement mortar must be used as a primer or protective measures to prevent damage to the waterproof layer.

Essentials for laying floor tiles

  1. There must be a slope of about one percent of the drain, with the slope facing the floor drain.
  2. The joints of floor tiles should be of the same thickness and should be aligned with the joints of wall tiles.
  3. When the front wall of the bathtub is made of bricks and tiles, it is best to place the floor tiles under the wall first, and then the wall tiles to avoid breaks.

Vanity top

The vanity countertop should be “whole body” (that is, the surface material of the countertop is consistent with the internal material composition and colour), and the countertop with only a layer of surface rubber shell cannot be selected, because the countertop with only the surface rubber shell cannot be repaired once it is damaged. (To check whether the countertop is “full body”, light can be used to illuminate it from the back at a close distance, and the “full body” countertop is the one that can transmit light). In addition, a caulking agent must be applied to the joint between the countertop and the washbasin to prevent water from leaking out of the joint.


Generally, when installing the toilet, it is customary to fill the toilet with cement mortar. In fact, this method is wrong. After fixing the toilet with this method, the toilet cannot be disassembled again. If the pipeline is severely blocked, there is only one way to knock out the toilet.

Exhaust fan

Man’s hands removing air duct cover from ceiling

Generally, when people build houses, they don’t pay much attention to bathroom ventilation equipment. Most of them just install an exhaust fan. The bad gas in the bathroom cannot be discharged outside, it is still only circulated in the bathroom.

This is a trivial matter that many people pay attention to, and there are many trivial things that he said!

After using the bathroom for a period, it will be unpleasant, damp, and other conditions. Many people do not handle it well. This is also a very troublesome problem. How do we solve it? Next, will talk about how to solve the problem of how to prevent moisture and odour in bathroom decoration. After learning, these are not problems, we can easily resolve it!

When we decorate the bathroom space, most owners focus on the comfort, depiction, and ease of use of the bathroom, but it is very wrong to simply ignore the moisture-proof and anti-returning description of the bathroom decoration.

Although the method of bathroom decoration is not difficult, we must pay attention to the details of moisture-proof and anti-returning smell. So, how to decorate the bathroom? How to prevent dampness and return odour in the decoration bathroom? Now I will talk about the precautions for the bathroom decoration to prevent moisture and return smell.

Precautions for bathroom decoration to prevent moisture and return smell: –

  1. Pay attention to the design of the bathroom as dry and wet as possible.
  2. Pay attention to protect the ventilation effect of the bathroom, and do not easily install partitions.
  3. Be sure to buy sewage with deodorant function.
  4. Bathrooms without ventilation windows must be equipped with exhaust fans.
  5. Pay attention to the airtightness of each drain.
  6. Pay attention to the use of dedicated water for washing machine position.
  7. Accurately set the water slope in the shower area to drain the water as soon as possible.
  8. Choose high-quality toilets, bathtubs, and basins.
  9. Pay attention to choosing a shower room with high airtightness.

The above 9 items, if everyone pays attention to it, how to prevent moisture and return smell in bathroom decoration is no longer a worry for you!!

Supporting facilities

Mainly include bathroom cabinet, faucet shower, toilet, bathroom equipment, basin, flush valve/spool, bathroom accessories, bathtub/shower/sauna, bathroom appliances, bathroom ceramic tiles, glass sanitary ware/bathroom mirror, wooden sanitary ware/acrylic /Plastic sanitary ware, cleaning supplies, kitchen and bathroom/kitchen pendants, knife holders/kitchen hooks/condiment holders, ceramic materials/glazed tiles/tiles. How to buy sanitary products, this is some knowledge! Here is a list of information that is beneficial to your purchase of sanitary products. I hope that the following introduction will enable you to purchase satisfactory products.



The following factors should be considered when choosing a toilet :

Gloss: Products with higher gloss, the higher the density, the easier it is to clean and hygienic.

Porcelain: The quality of porcelain is directly related to the life of the toilet. The higher the firing temperature, the more uniform, the better the porcelain. Flushing function: The flushing of the toilet depends directly on the design of the pipe, and also has a relationship with the height of the water tank and the water fittings. Modern and popular flushing methods include direct flushing and siphon flushing. The straight-flushing pipe has a large diameter, and the flushing force is large and it is not easy to be blocked. The siphon type uses the vacuum principle to drain the water and then replaces the water with a low sound.

Water fittings: The quality of the water fittings determines whether the toilet is used normally, and more than 90% of the problems occur in the water fittings. Be sure to check the water fittings carefully when purchasing. It is best to install them before leaving the factory to see if the structure is compact, the movable connection part is sensitive and reliable, and the sealing part is flat. The water fittings are made of copper or polymer materials. If the conditions allow for the best Swiss Geberit parts water.

Water saving: In line with the concept of water saving and environmental protection, 6-liter flushing is a trend, and the 3/6-liter two-speed effect is good.

Installation and service: Whether it is equipped with sealing ring, triangle valve, etc., whether it is packaged for installation, whether to provide after-sales service, brand water parts are guaranteed for 3 years, and there will be no quality problems in normal use of ceramic products within 5 years.


Due to the high and uniform firing temperature, the ceramic basin has strong resistance to rapid cold and heat, is not easy to crack, and has a high-cost performance. According to the size of the bathroom, you can choose pedestal basin, above counter basin, under counter basin or art basin.

Pedestal basin: It is composed of a column and a basin, which usually saves space and is suitable for small bathrooms.

Counter Basin: The choice of the above counter basin is mainly to see the flatness of the glaze, and to see whether the water drain, and the installation of the faucet are standardized.

Art basin: reflects individualism, the choice is to consider the effect of matching with other products.

Bathroom cabinet

In addition to considering the size, style and colour of the bathroom cabinet, the following factors should be considered: moisture-proof, waterproof, and mothproof. Therefore, the quality of the material directly affects the quality of the product, and it is best to use moisture-proof materials. Such as 304 stainless steel and imported rubber wood.

Specific attention should be paid to:

  1. Bathroom cabinets should be wall-mounted, taller legs, or wheels, so that it can effectively isolate the ground moisture from attacking the cabinet.
  2. It is necessary to know whether all the metal parts are made of moisture-proof stainless steel or aluminium products for the bathroom cabinet, so that the moisture resistance will be strong.
  3. Before buying, check the opening degree of the cabinet hinge. The more precise the hinge, the tighter the cabinet door will be closed, and the less likely it will be for dust to enter.
  4. Choose a bathroom cabinet with many drawers, it is very convenient to put small sundries.
  5. When choosing a bathroom cabinet style, pay attention to whether the maintenance of the water pipe and the opening of the valve are guaranteed.
  6. When installing the bathroom cabinet, be careful not to damage the inlet and outlet pipes, otherwise the cabinet will be soaked by water leakage during use.

Shower room

Acrylic sheet: mainly depends on the glossiness of the acrylic sheet and the thickness of the back treatment. Under direct light, a good acrylic sheet has a good light-proof effect, uniform light transmission, and feels by hand. A good material has a thick texture and is not easy to deform.

Pulleys and hinges: The quality of pulleys and hinges directly affects the normal use of the product. Good pulleys and hinges can slide and switch smoothly, have low noise, and are made of copper. Large manufacturers of brands generally have their own patented pulleys and hinges.

Safety: Related to the glass material, it can be divided into ordinary glass and tempered glass. Ordinary glass is cheap and unsafe to use. Use tempered glass, at least 5MM tempered glass, which has strong impact resistance and is not easy to break. The glass with strong safety generally has a toughened identification mark CCC.

Waterproof: the popular dry and wet separation, consider the tightness of the seam. Sealing tape must be used to prevent water seepage.

Practicality: Bathroom products pay attention to matching effects, rather than simply pursuing styles. There will never be the best styles but the most classic styles.


Faucets are the “conductors” of water and are used most frequently. Faucets come in various shapes and models. The following are the factors that need to be considered when choosing a faucet:

Material: Whether copper plating is used or not, copper material is generally heavier.

Valve core: the “heart” of the faucet, it determines the life of the faucet and the effect of water, it is best to use a ceramic valve core.

Water outlet filter: Generally, the outlet of the faucet has a fairing cover. The outlet of a good faucet has a double-layer filter to make the water soft and smooth, without splashing, and accompanied by bubbles, saving 30% of water.

Surface treatment: The plating layer does not require special maintenance and can be maintained for a long time. A good plating layer has 3 layers, and the static surface effect is good, ensuring that it will not fall off for a lifetime.


Material: There are steel bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, and pearlescent bathtubs.

Cast iron bathtub: Durable, high gloss, good acid, and alkali resistance, but heavy and difficult to handle and install.

Acrylic bathtub: The shape is changeable, the weight is light, and the heat preservation effect is good, but the surface is prone to scratches due to the low hardness.

Pearlescent bathtub: Smooth surface, pearl-like luster, sturdiness and durability, good heat preservation, and easy to install in weight.

Drain valve: No matter what material the bathtub is drained, it is equipped separately before leaving the factory. This part is easy to be ignored and the most prone to problems. When buying, you must try to install the drain valve on the spot, operate it several times, and check Whether the switch is sensitive and reliable. If the bathroom area is small, you can choose 1400mm, 1500mm bathtub or shower room; if the bathroom area is large, you can choose 1600mm, 1700mm as the bathtub, if the bathroom area is large enough, you can install high-end massage bathtub and double bathtub, or exposed bathtub.

Finally, when purchasing, although the various products of the bathroom are the last to be installed, if we want our bathroom to be personalized, we must purchase the bathroom products that we are satisfied with before purchasing other materials, so that we can match the bathroom products. Have your own full imagination space, let your bathroom personality fly.

Shower column

Including a top shower set at the top of the shower column, one or more fixed pinhole small showers set in the middle of the shower column, a knob for adjusting water temperature and water flow, and a hand-held shower. The shower column is set to adjust the installation height of the hand-held shower. The fixed guide grooves. The fixed guide groove is arranged on the side of the shower column and beside the decorative surface, and its cross section is T-shaped or C-shaped. A decorative board is arranged on the front of the shower column, and a decorative surface is arranged on the side of the shower column. The manufacturing process of the utility model is simple, and the structure is reasonable. Because a T-shaped or C-shaped fixed guide groove is arranged on the side of the shower column, the installation or taking-in height of the hand-held shower can be adjusted according to the needs of different people; integral aluminium alloy moulding the shower column can be sprayed with various colours of coating and can be made into different lengths according to the different needs of users to meet the needs of different users. The utility model has low cost and is safe and convenient to use.

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories generally refer to products that are installed on the bathroom or bathroom wall to place or hang cleaning supplies and towels. They are generally hardware products, including clothes hooks, single-layer towel bars, double-layer towel bars, single cups Rack, double cup holder, soap dish, soap net, towel ring, towel rack, dressing table clip, toilet brush, bath towel rack, double-layer storage rack, etc. Material classification: The main production materials of bathroom pendant products are pure copper pendants, stainless steel pendants, aluminium alloy pendants, and zinc alloy pendants.

Bathroom handrails

Bathroom handrails are bars or handles installed in the bathroom or bathroom to maintain balance or support the body. It can effectively prevent the elderly and children from falling and slipping on slippery ground.


Rugged and durable, streamlined design, simple and practical.

Strong stability, high density, heavy weight, no peeling, no fading after electroplating and polishing, and it is not easy to rust in a humid environment, not easy to age, and the overall structure is not loose.

Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, strong stability, no fading, anti-wear function, good bonding force.

The surface is plated with bright chrome, the texture is perfect, the coating has strong bonding force, no rust, no peeling. It has high-strength anti-corrosion and anti-wear functions, good bonding force, uniform coating, thick visual perception, and the surface colour is as bright as a mirror.


After using it for a long time, the surface will darken and produce a thin layer of copper oxide. If the copperware is placed in a humid environment, green patina will form on the surface.

After being used for a period, a layer of mist will appear on the surface of the stainless steel, making the surface of the handrail dark.

The hardness is relatively low, and at the same time its wear resistance is relatively poor, and the melting point of aluminium is relatively low.


Mirror cabinets and base cabinets, bathroom furniture is not large, but it can cleverly hide the trivial things commonly used in the bathroom, such as facial cleanser, toothbrush cups, razors, etc. Washing and cleaning products are neatly stored in a small cabinet under the basin. Coupled with the overall mirror design, it can stretch to double the sense of space.

Cheap and good-quality domestic ceramic tiles, the wall and floor decoration of small bathrooms do not need to be too particular. Imported high-end ceramic tiles cost a lot and are not easy to produce a strong aesthetic effect in a small space. It is better to use domestic ceramic tiles that cost tens of yuan per square meter. For example, the glazed and bright colourful tiles with rich and noble glazed colours adopt the internationally popular size of 20×20 cm, and the surface is uneven. There is a layered luster against the light, which makes the space large and bright.

With a small area of ​​a split toilet, the most common toilets on the market are divided into two types: integral and split. Because the water tank and the toilet are formed at one time, the overall toilet has a relatively high scrap rate, and the price is more expensive than the split toilet of the same style, and the floor space is also larger. Therefore, choosing a split toilet in a small space saves both land and money. The absolute “slim” split toilet that is less than 70 cm in length becomes an ideal choice for small-sized toilets.

The washbasin rejects the pedestal basin. Try not to install the pedestal basin in the small bathroom, because the column space below is almost unusable, unless it is wrapped in a specially customized bathroom cabinet. It is better to buy a narrow table for the two costs. Go to the basin and purchase a large under-counter cabinet with the saved money. Add some small cabinets or brackets for storing scattered items, plus hardware such as soap dishes and towel bars, and the super-saving and space-saving bathroom decoration is complete.


First, when using any kind of faucet products, there is no need to use excessive force when switching, just gently twist or toggle. For products equipped with hoses, care should be taken to keep the hoses in a natural stretched state to avoid breaking.

Second, the metal hose of the shower head of the bathtub faucet should be kept in a natural stretched state, and do not coil it on the faucet when not in use. At the same time, when in use or not, be careful not to form a dead angle at the joint between the hose and the valve body to avoid breaking or damaging the hose.

Third, it occurs when the screw steady-lift rubber faucet is not completely closed. It is usually caused by the hard debris stuck in the sealing port. When you just need to remove the handle, unscrew the valve cover and the valve core to remove the impurities and install it as it is. It can be restored to normal use.

Fourth, if the sealing faucet of the ceramic disc valve core is not completely closed, the sealing surface may be scratched by hard debris, or the pre-tightening force applied to the valve core is insufficient.

Fifth, in case of leakage at the connection part of the faucet, it is usually caused by the part not being tightened at the time of assembly, just tighten it. If the amount of dripping water is equivalent to the remaining water in the spout after the water source is closed, it is a normal phenomenon.

There are many reasons for the deformation of ceramic tiles, mainly including: weak formula anti-deformation ability, firing temperature difference, shrinkage rate of upper and lower layers, brick walking, deformation of sticks, post-deformation, polishing, etc. Deformation cannot be completely solved; it can only be reduced!


Current situation

Leisure sanitary ware

The non-uniform bathroom specifications restrict the development of the industry. Due to the inconsistent specifications of domestic housing and toilets, consumer demand for products is different, and mass production is difficult. This is the fundamental reason that restricts the rapid growth of leisure sanitary ware. People in the leisure sanitary ware industry hope that the relevant state departments can issue relevant policies as soon as possible and formulate unified standards for toilet specifications, creating favourable conditions for the development of China’s leisure sanitary ware industry.

Product quality

The lack of uniform industry standards and an industry lacking product quality standard means that it is difficult to form a barrier to entry, and profit-seeking merchants flock to it to seize market share. The healthy development of the sanitary ware industry is inseparable from the formulation and implementation of product quality standards.

Short industry history

Failure to accurately predict market trends and the status quo of small and medium-sized enterprises is related to the short development history of the sanitary ware industry and insufficient industry precipitation. Business owners lack experience, are unfamiliar with brand operations, and cannot accurately predict market trends.

Ceramic sanitary ware

It is difficult to lead the industry with backward core technology. “The sanitary ware industry has core technology, which is manifested in the toilet. China’s sanitary ware industry has failed to break through the core technology, and it is difficult to lead the industry’s development trend and control the industry’s right to speak.” An industry insider It is believed that technology is one of the reasons restricting the development of Chinese sanitary ware brands. Unless the core technology of the toilet flushing system is broken through, the leading position of foreign brands in the industry is beyond the reach of Chinese ceramic sanitary ware companies. As the popular development trend of the household bathroom industry in 2010, experts believe that the public’s choice of bathroom will be based on the consumption principles of health and environmental protection, simple personality, and function first, and the new enjoyment of comfortable bathroom is also highly praised by people.


For a long time, the shape of sanitary ware is monotonous and lacks novelty. Manufacturers are also aware of this problem and began to design and develop novel sanitary ware products. Many new products have begun to be introduced to the market. Multifunctional wash basins, beautiful and practical bathroom cabinets and toilets with more aesthetic styles is also becoming Hot spot sought after by consumers. Many new sanitary ware products with novel shapes have begun to be introduced to the market one after another.

Extremely simplified

The philosophy that many designers promote is to make everything simple, and simplicity equals convenience. This minimalist trend caters to the psychology of many young people, so the bathroom equipment has become straightforward and simple. The sink no longer blindly pursues the luxury of marble countertops; the toilet is no longer bulky and bulky; more and more rational consumers will not ignore the area of their own bathroom but install a large bathtub or shower room with full style. Simplicity equals convenience. This minimalist trend caters to the psychology of many young people, so sanitary ware has become straightforward and “minimalist”. The minimalist style has become popular.


Technology is advancing, and sanitary products are constantly integrating more and more technological content. The appearance of smart bathtubs and smart flush toilets will undoubtedly bring more comfortable and new enjoyment to consumers. Nowadays, in the restrooms of some big hotels, occasionally you don’t know how to let the tap water out. In the home, bathroom products also break the simple cleaning function, and develop the bathroom space into a lifestyle integrating enjoyment, leisure, cleaning, and health care. Nowadays, self-powered induction faucets that integrate constant temperature technology, induction technology, and self-power generation system can be bought in the market, and products such as fully automatic smart toilets that can be opened and closed remotely and automatically flushed. In addition, some sanitary products are also equipped with underwater spotlights, radios, external CD players, and sound systems. With the advancement of science and technology, precision technology and innovative elements have been widely adopted by manufacturers of sanitary equipment, which not only makes the functions of the equipment better and stronger, but also allows you to experience unique bathing pleasure. Technology is advancing, and sanitary products are constantly integrating more and more technological content. The appearance of intelligent temperature-adjusting bathtubs and intelligent flushing toilets will undoubtedly bring more comfort and new enjoyment to consumers. Ceramic products no longer dominate the bathroom world, stone, glass, wood, and other materials have become substitutes for ceramic products. As a result, porcelain glazed tiles will gradually replace traditional clay tiles, with ever-changing colours; wooden bathtubs make petty bourgeois hearts bewitched; glass mosaics are popular in bathrooms. The appearance of these new materials will better reflect their design heritage.

Energy saving

Energy conservation and environmental protection have become a topic of concern in the world today, and almost everyone is paying attention to this. Of course, water resources are also among the ranks of energy conservation and environmental protection. Slogans like “saving water is everyone’s responsibility” and “water is the source of life” are often seen in our lives, and they are also reflected in household appliances. For example, products with the “concept of water saving” in the sanitary ware market are gradually becoming popular stand up.

Water saving plan, benefiting the country and the people, toilets, faucets, these ordinary water-saving products in our lives, which can no longer be ordinary, may be just a small problem of saving a little living expense for each of our families, but for us for the country, water-saving products are a major issue related to the conservation and rational use of water resources.

Today, when water resources are becoming more and more tense, on the one hand, companies need to assume the social responsibility of energy conservation and environmental protection, and vigorously research and develop water-saving products; On the other hand, consumers should also actively learn about water-saving knowledge and develop a good habit of using water-saving products.

Water conservation has been advocated by adults. Saving a drop of water per person per day is also very beneficial to the entire country. Enterprises should pay attention to this point and try to apply the concept of conservation to products to save limited resources for the country and the planet. Consumers should always pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection and return the earth to a “clean”.

We all know that environmental protection is not a slogan, but a major event closely related to everyone’s life. In the bathroom space, its environmental protection is reflected in two aspects, one is the environmental protection of the space design, and the other is the environmental protection of the supplies. Health and water saving have been a theme of the sanitary ware revolution for many years. In the building materials market, we can often see that major sanitary ware brands play such slogans.

From the bathtub to the toilet, to the urinal, all parts and places that can prevent bacteria and pollution and save water are undergoing technological changes. It is believed that such products can better cater to the psychology of consumers, and sanitary products that have both antibacterial and water-saving functions will be more outstanding. Take the faucet, stainless steel will gradually replace copper, which is mainly for environmental protection and health.


In the traditional living concept, the bathroom space is hidden and small. But in the current new decoration design, the boundary between bathroom space and other spaces in the home is beginning to blur. The sink is independent of the bathroom space. Transparent bathroom compartments, or bathing spaces of the same level without thresholds. The emergence of these trendy bathing spaces fills the most common and indispensable living habit of showering. To enjoy the fun, if you adopt it early, it is also very brave to advertise your personality.


There are only a few items in the bathroom, such as bathtubs, basins, sinks, cosmetic mirrors, utility racks, toilets, or urinals, etc. I am afraid that some people will inevitably ask how these items are artistically designed? In fact, sanitary products design can be described as progressive and ever-changing. Some adopt the “square and circle dialogue” approach, some adopt Zen concepts, and some breakthrough inherent concepts in materials. These design explorations continue to make bathroom products appear. The artistic tendency makes people not only produce the happiness of cleansing the body, but also experience the visual impact of beauty in the bathing space.


China is already the world’s largest producer and consumer of building materials. The output of main building materials such as cement, plate glass, building and sanitary ceramics, stone and wall materials has ranked first in the world for many years. At the same time, the quality of building materials continues to improve, the consumption of energy and raw materials is declining year by year, a variety of new building materials are constantly emerging, and building materials are continuously upgraded. The “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” infrastructure investment has reached the mid-range. The explosive growth of investment in infrastructure construction such as highways and railways and the steady growth of investment in ordinary civil construction have put the construction industry in a booming stage. At the same time, in the context of building an energy-saving society and the country’s strengthening of independent innovation capabilities, the theme of energy conservation and technological innovation will be a hot spot for the industry’s development.