Late Wedding – Chapter 14 – Go See Him

Chapter 14 – Go See Him

A week after Jiang Yan left, Du Yu and Chu Xia decided to drift north in advance due to some incidents. The time is set in four days.

Chu Xia discussed with Man Man. Considering that Jiang Yan was in Beijing, Man Man had already wanted to drift north. Anyway, Man Man would follow them to Beijing this time and only stay for a few months. Men and women who have just fallen in love, if they are in a long-distance relationship, it is easy to get cold.

Time is running out. Man Man returned home that night and saw that her mother and Yuan Yuan were not there. She immediately told Wen Shi Xuan about this.

Wen Shixuan heard her say that she was leaving in four days, and he couldn’t bear to say, “Can you? The weather in the north is no better than in the south.”

As a father, he is afraid that his daughter will suffer more than at home when he goes out, and that Man Man is thinner, so he is afraid that her body will not be able to stand it. Wouldn’t it be better if she is fully prepared before leaving?

“The weather is warm now, and Chu Xia and Du Yu are just short of staff, I just can help.” Man Man really wanted to help her friends start the business and chose to go with them. Usually, Chu Xia helps her not only a little bit.

Seeing his daughter’s decision had been made, Wen Shi Xuan said: “Okay. After you go to Beijing, I will talk to your mother again.”

The two father and daughter agreed to act first and report later. After all, Xu Yu’e didn’t give up on Jin Ruo Wen’s proposal, and talked about it at the dinner table every day. Wen Shi Xuan was also afraid if Man Man stays at home, she will be forced to marry by Xu Yu’e sooner or later. This dad doesn’t like his own daughter marrying a rich boss to support her own family.

Man Man was worried about revealing, and while Yuanyuan was not at home, she only secretly packed some of the most used things with her. As for the savings, take them all with her. She worked for a few years and accumulated less than 10,000 yuan because of the large expenses at home. Fortunately, Du Yu and early summer said that she would pay for her food and accommodation and transportation. When she went there, she only needed to buy some daily necessities, and the cost should not be large.

Even so, Wen Shi Xuan secretly stuffed her a sum of money the night she was about to leave. A thick bundle of renminbi frightened Man Man.

“Dad?” Man Man conservatively estimated that there were at least five thousand in it. This amount shocked her heart. She didn’t know the financial situation of the family, and she was going to send it back to Wen Shi Xuan soon.

“Dad kept it from your mother and saved it for you and Yuanyuan. One for you, one for Yuanyuan.” Wen Shi Xuan didn’t allow her to plug it back in, and Qian told Wan, “If you go there and you lack money to spend, call dad. Dad will send it to you when he tightens his pants.”

“Dad–” Man Man said in her voice, meditating in her heart that she would earn a lot of money in Beijing to give back to her father anyway.

Wen Shi Xuan sniffed. At this time, he, the father, must be stronger than his daughter: “Although you are sisters with Chu Xia, you are not family members after all. Remember, if something happens, be sure to call home. No matter how bad the family is, if you have difficulties, the family will definitely not care about you.”

“I remember.” Man Man nodded repeatedly.

Wen Shi Xuan searched for a bowel movement and didn’t explain it yet, and said, “Before you leave tomorrow, go and say hello to your grandma.”

Wen Shi Xuan is a filial son. Although he did not give his mother a wealth of wealth and enjoyment, he did not forget to educate his children to be filial to the elderly.

With a mouthful, Man Man went to her grandma’s house first after sending her luggage to Chu Xia the next morning.

Granny Wen lives alone in the undeveloped Niu Tian Village on the outskirts of the city. This is the former residence of the Wen family. Every Spring Festival, Man Man would go back to her former residence with her grandmother to have a reunion dinner with the Wen family. She heard her father talk about her childhood. What Wen Shi Xuan often said to her was that she was different from Yuan Yuan when she was young. She was born at her grandma’s house. Grandma loved her very much and tied a piece of spiritual treasure to her neck to keep her safe throughout her life.

This piece of jade Man Man has been worn from birth to now, and it is tied with a red string without leaving her body. The father didn’t talk about it in front of others, mainly because he was worried that his little daughter Yuan Yuan would have opinions when she saw it.

Pushing open the batten gate, there is an old locust tree in the old yard. The Wen family reunion dinner during the Spring Festival. If the weather is good, the table will be placed under the locust tree. This spring is warming up, and the branches of the locust tree have more green buds, which looks particularly pleasing.

Grandma Wen sat on the small bench under the locust tree alone, picking wild vegetables in her hand.

Speaking of the Wen family’s temperament, loneliness, and weirdness. She doesn’t like to move to the city to enjoy the good fortune with her children and grandchildren. She just like to guard this old house. Now the grandma’s health is okay, it’s no problem to eat and live alone, and Wen Shi Xuan and her sons and daughters don’t force their mother to live with other people.

If it wasn’t for her father and that piece of jade, Man Man felt that she, like her sister, could not like such a lonely grandmother.

“Grandma.” Man Man shouted affectionately, and she put a bag of apples in her hand on the wooden table.

Grandma Wen looked up slowly, looked at her slowly, and lowered her head again, without saying a word.  

This look of the old man who doesn’t agree with anyone is a memory that Man Man has had since he was a child. The father said it was because grandma was dazzled by the back of her ears. Touching the piece of jade in the placket in the palm of her hand, Man Man believed that his father said that grandma had always loved her very much.

She sat with the old man for a long time, and Grandma Wen never answered. With such a polite and docile temperament to everyone, she also couldn’t hold on until the end, so she had to get up and say awkwardly: “Grandma, I’m going back.”

Grandma Wen was still silent.

Man Man took her small bag and walked out of the Wen family’s former residence. When she went out to pull the door, she suddenly heard a heavy snort from grandma: Damn girl!

This was probably the first thing she had heard from her grandma in her life. She couldn’t figure out the meaning of her grandma’s words, Man Man frowned. However, she remembers that both her mother and second aunt had privately complained from the elderly, saying that Grandma Wen was a typical patriarchal mother-in-law, so the two daughters-in-law who could not give birth to a son were rejected by Grandma Wen.

Man Man knows that patriarchy is still a deep-rooted idea of the older generation in this place. She can only hope that her parents-in-law will not be like Grandma Wen in the future.

So, she thought of Jiang Yan. Probably because thinking of him, she felt that leaving home to go far away, without the anxiety and loneliness of wandering in a foreign land, her heart jumped like a spark of sparks, and she seemed to be able to ignite when she saw him.

She and Chu Xia Du Yu got on the train in the afternoon and sent him a text message. She didn’t know if he could receive it in the army. Since his last text message more than a week ago said he had returned to the team, no news came back.

“When we arrived in Beijing, we asked someone to find out about his army camp and went to the army camp to see him.” Chu Xia gave her an idea.

Man Man smiled: “What’s the hurry? His ring is with me.”

Chu Xia rolled her eyes to her: I don’t believe you are not in a hurry.

Leaning head on the car window, listening to the rumbling train sound, this time, the train is about to bring her to his side, Man Man’s smile fills the corner of her eyes.

CHAPTER 15 – Stop the military vehicle

Your success is defeated by these people!

Don’t spend time with people who make you angry because that person won’t bring you happiness.

Don’t spend time with people who are more mindful because your kindness can’t play with him.

Don’t spend time with people who don’t know how to cherish you, because that person is worthless.

Don’t spend time with people who perfuse you because you can’t get the sincerity from them.

Don’t spend time with people who tell lies because you are always living in his deception.

If you want to live happily, please stay away from such people. People who don’t understand gratitude are more terrible than wolves, and they do and cherish it!

Please stay away from these people:-

Unfilial Type

Don’t respect your parents, even insult, beat and scold your parents. This is the first kind of people who are inferior to beasts!

Beast Type

When such a person opens his mouth to borrow money from a friend, he can’t wait to kneel down, pat his chest, express gratitude and promise to repay the money on time. When it came time to pay the money, he avoided seeing him, shirking for various reasons, even shutting down and avoiding it, refusing to pay back the money.

Unethical Type

He is happy when you help him, he turns back when you don’t help him, and when he involves a little benefit, he will immediately be a black-faced person.

Disaster Type

He doesn’t know how to respect others, he is self-centred. In the past few years, he has been speculative, got some money, and met a few government officials. He feels that everyone is inferior to himself. He is accustomed to people who base their happiness on the suffering of others, and he is annoyed by his own interests that harm everyone’s interests. He wants you get trouble every day! He likes to show off his achievements in front of the weak.

Ungrateful Type

You did 9 things well for him in 10 things, and if one thing was not as good as his intention, he turned his face. When getting along with people, he never remembers what others treat him well, only the things that are not good for him. He has never been grateful for what his friends have helped him or paid for.

If you hand over the above kinds of people, your life will basically be ruined in half.

Be sure to make four friends as below: –

  1. Appreciate your friends: Encourage you and help you when you are down and disappointments.
  2. Friends with positive energy: Accompany you when you are sad and uncomfortable.
  3. Friends who lead you: Willing to lead you selflessly through the mud and fog.
  4. Friends who can criticize you: Always remind you, supervise you, and don’t want your life to stumble.

Life can’t ignore every step

“Even a snail will eventually reach its destination.”
― Gail Tsukiyama ―

God gave a young man a task to take a snail for a walk.

The young man can’t go too fast, the snail has tried his best to crawl, always moving a little bit every time. He urged the snail, frightened it, and blamed it.

Snail looked at him with a sorry look and said, “I have tried my best. I have to go step by step.”

The young man pulls the snail, pulls it, he even wants to kick the snail. The snail was injured, it was sweating, panting, and crawling forward step by step.

“It’s strange, why did God ask me to take a snail for a walk?” He thought, “God! Why?”

The sky is quiet. “Oh! Maybe God went to catch the snail? Well, let go! Anyway, God doesn’t care, what am I going to do? The snail can go wherever he wants.”

The young man allowed the snail to crawl forward, and he sulked behind. Huh? He smelled the scent of flowers, and it turned out that there was a garden by the side of the road. Slowly, he heard the birds sound, he heard the birds are singing, and he saw the sky full of beautiful stars. Huh? Why didn’t he have this experience before? Could it be that he made a mistake? The young man suddenly understood why God told him to take a snail for a walk.

The foreign language of the book: God let the snail take the young man for a walk means that people should take every step of the day.

“People walk step by step, and you can’t ignore every step.”

By Yao Ming

The secret of success—-Two ants

“If an ant carries an object a hundred times its weight, you can carry burdens many times your size.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

The two ants were very unfortunate and strayed into the glass.

They flustered around the bottom of the glass, trying to find a gap to climb out. Soon, they found out that this was impossible.

So, they began to climb up along the wall of the cup. It seems that this is the only path to freedom.

However, the surface of the glass was so smooth that they fell heavily as soon as they climbed two steps.

They rubbed their aching bodies, got up, and climbed up again. Soon, they fell heavily to the bottom of the cup again.

Three times, four times, five times … once, seeing that they were about to climb to the mouth of the cup, unfortunately, the last step failed, and this time it hurt more than any time.  

It took them a long time to catch their breath. An ant rubbed his ass and said: “We can’t take any more risks. Otherwise, it will fall to pieces.” The other ant said, “Just now, are we not only one step away from victory?” Then he started climbing again.

Falling again and again, climbing again and again, he touched the edge of the cup mouth in the end, and with the last bit of strength, he turned over the transparent wall.

Across the glass, the ant in the cup asked both enviously and enviously: “Tell me, what is the secret of your success?”

The ant outside the cup replied: “It may be the most difficult when approaching success, and whoever does not lose confidence in the most difficult time may win.”

The ants in the cup were inspired and encouraged, no longer afraid of being hurt by falling, and they began to climb again. They eventually climbed out of the glass and rendezvoused with another ant.

And the important factor why the little ant cannot give up is that it has the belief that it will win. If it adheres to the belief that it will win in setbacks, it will not lose the power to persist.

Note for girls: 10 kinds of men can’t marry

I often encounter friends asking, what kind of man is worth relying on for a woman, and what kind of man can I choose to make the chances of happiness greater? In fact, this issue is a very grand subject. Different people have different preferences and choices, and the bottom line of acceptance is also different. It is difficult to generalize.

And happiness is a systematic project. It is a variable thing that two people restrain and deduce each other in the process of facing each other day and night. It is by no means like buying something. You can have it for a lifetime if you pay one price at a time. This is also a lot of people. Envy someone else’s partner, but in fact, there may not be a reason for such a result if you really match you.

The key to happiness lies in one’s own hands. A person who knows how to manage and select will do the most suitable things to the most suitable person, so that the situation will have a healthy development, and bad taste and naive way will also cause a person to be very It is difficult to examine and choose the right person in essence, and finally deal with the problem rather confusingly. So this is a two-way question: try to choose someone you can appreciate and accept, and then work hard to manage it.

But in general, when it comes to choosing a relationship, we still need to avoid the other’s obvious defects in personality and quality. Some problems cannot be remedied through our efforts. Some common choices still have a clearer standard. For ordinary people, it is better not to try out some minefields. Let’s talk about men like this.

In order to make it easier for everyone to understand and operate, I have also included suitable and unsuitable people among the various types. Because the world is mysterious and unpredictable, there are no absolutes, so I was named. Men, don’t be discouraged, and don’t blame me for ruining your good deeds. Wild lilies also have spring, and your future direction is still very bright.

Minefields No. 1: Misbehavior

If he is keen to tell you how to use improper means to punish others in the workplace, or relish communicating with you how to go unorthodox, how to make Yin deceive and exclude dissidents, or if you find that he has a strange and cunning, unscrupulous side, good at dealing with fraud, and dismissive of rules such as conscience and morality, then you must be vigilant.

Character is the most foundation of a person. The problem of character is a matter of principle. All his life, he will live with the world and feelings given to him by this kind of thing, and he will never be eluted. Don’t think that he is a manifestation of a man’s ability. A person’s disregard for the rules and lack of moral warmth is a personality defect. He will also have his own characteristics in dealing with emotional issues. Even if he is docile and considerate to you now, in the end, if you put him in a choice and dilemma, he will use his most primitive and familiar means to deal with you, and love will not always have the original restraint and influence.

Don’t use examples such as some men who have the means to be all-powerful and will also be good to their wives to convince themselves that it is always a case of small chances, and some successful men will compromise certain bad habits of society. It may not be that they yearn for cunning in nature and are willing to twist themselves like this. They still have their own measure and kindness in their hearts, so they will return to nature in another place. It is not the same as those men who lack poor character in their nature, and the latter is also difficult to achieve big things.

Not suitable for the crowd: people who have relatively high requirements for human character and quality, have certain principles, hope that the relationship between people and people is more normal and healthier, do not like to secretly calculate and do not appreciate personal fraud.

Suitable for the crowd: familiar with thick black studies, and do not mind learning from another master; appreciate men with means, only care about the results and not about the process; do not feel that there is anything wrong with this way of life, advocating the law of the jungle.

Minefield No. 2: Narrow-minded

His heart and mind are narrow than anyone else’s, and whoever treats him badly or inadvertently offends him is brooding and must find a chance to return it. Where did you offend his old man, he can’t forget it for the first time, always remind you of this. When he quarrelled, he was more like a woman than you. He had to count all your questions, always remember how you were sorry for him, and asked you to pay the price.

If something is unsatisfactory, he will sigh and feel unhappy. He has never forgotten and surpassed the contradictions and the faults of others. He will never forget and compete with himself. He is intolerant and cannot accept some of your dissatisfaction. He will always remind you where there is a problem with you and how he is dissatisfied. He also cares too much about his relatives and colleagues or classmates, and he can’t let go of trivial matters, all of which become the source of depression and harm to others. For such a man, you should start to be vigilant.

A man who lacks the mind will live a very unhappy life. Such a man is even more unable to adapt to society than such a woman. He can neither accomplish great things nor deal with family conflicts and is destined to be a failure.

People who like the need to live are very gloomy. For them, the world is a relationship between the victim and the victim. Any slight damage can be attributed to a complex causal relationship by them. They have a strong vengeance. It is not only a narrow-minded problem, but also a gloomy mentality of not being able to persuade oneself and having to pay the price to others to get satisfaction. For such a person, it’s worth being vigilant that you can’t do not sin against them for the rest of your life. Everyone lives in a mutual run-in, so if you offend him, he can’t use normal methods to resolve it, he can only Be able to add back to you your feelings.

Not suitable for the crowd: people who are easy-going and don’t like to care about themselves and can’t stand the other person’s memory being too good; require men to have a mind, not a mother-in-law; people who are cheerful, careless, and without scheming are easy to be caught by the other person in this issue.

Suitable for the crowd: the style of work is strong, and it can suppress the revenge of men; be submissive, and do not like to violate the new era model of men’s three virtues and four virtues.

Minefield No. 3: Selfishness and Self-Interest

He thinks about himself first in everything, always judges things according to his own standards and imagination, doesn’t listen to the opinions of others, and only cares about his own wishes. He will also be nice to you, but if you don’t act according to his requirements, he will turn his face. He pays more attention to his own interests, often asking you to do something under the banner of being nice to you, and without exception he is the beneficiary. In the two people get along, he will choose the direction that is beneficial to him to determine your direction. He is more concerned about the material, benefits, and reputation you can bring to him, and he doesn’t care much about how you really feel. If you meet such a man, you should be vigilant.

Selfishness is a natural reaction, but extreme selfishness is difficult to provide a woman with the warmth and love she really craves. A person who always thinks about himself is destined that his world and space are only so small, and marriage is mixed with too much mutual understanding and dedication, and without commitment, there can be no happiness at all.

Not suitable for the crowd: people who think that lovers should help each other, pay each other, and have high expectations for their feelings; be shrewd in doing things, and cannot tolerate the other party taking advantage of themselves; people who are strong in character, and have the courage to resist unjust relationships.

Suitable for the crowd: those who love the supreme, believe that love is a complete payment, and do not mind the return; those who are broad-minded and really do not like to care.

Minefield No. 4: Hypocrisy

What he says and what he does are never the same thing. He is very good at hiding what is in his heart, and what he can express is what you like to hear and are willing to listen, but he may not be able to do what you really need. You will find that he will perform well in front of others, but on other unimportant occasions he will be different.

He has no truth in his mouth, big things lie, small things lie, completely unrelated things he is also used to making up an answer he likes to tell you. His psychological quality is super good, even if you catch it and expose it, he laughs like Wei Xiao Bao and begins to organize new lies all over the mountains and fields. He is not bad, but also sincere and kind. It is this habit that drives people crazy. He said he wanted to correct it, but it is difficult to do it.

He will always avoid the truth about anything to you, and when you ask, he will start play Tai chi, and three pushes and two pushes will eventually be over. He never talks about his feelings and future, he closes himself tightly, and you will never know his heart. When you discuss problems with him, he avoids talking about him left and right, and you will not understand any of his clear views and ideas. At this time, you may think that he is very mysterious, very charming, and worth digging like a treasure? No, you should be vigilant.

People who love to lie are a kind of psychological defect. They crave the approval of others and hope to be affirmed by others. Because they have lived in an unsafe environment or learned to observe words and watch people cook dishes to cover up their mistakes, they have become a habit of life.

People often say that it is better to be a real villain than a hypocrite. When a person knows how to hide something disgraceful in his heart, it will be more dangerous. When such a man already uses means to show what he can be accepted by the world, but hides a more complex heart, it will never be difficult for you to know what such a man will do, it is a feeling of staying on top of the dynamite vault.

The first principle of love is sincerity, even if there is no deep love, but with a sincere heart, it is enough for us to be warm. A person is not even willing to open his heart to others at least and reveal his intentions. The depth of his love is doubtful. Moreover, people with flashing words generally have very heavy intentions and cities. Too gloomy schemes make it difficult for you to enter his heart. You may always be excluded from his world, which is unbearable for some people who like to see each other honestly with their loved ones.

Not suitable for the crowd: naive personality, not good at perceiving people’s hearts; people who hate hypocrisy and want their lovers to be sincere; people who hate being blinded by lies.

Suitable for the crowd: People who are sloppy and don’t like to get to the bottom of things; people who like men’s cities, don’t want to worry about figuring out each other, and like to be arranged and manipulated.

Minefield No. 5: Violent Character

He likes to use violence to solve problems, and if you don’t succumb, he doesn’t mind using brute force to suppress. He always has his own reason for hitting you. Every time you provoke an incident, you force him to do it. You must be very obedient and obedient to him to show a gentle side, but if you disobey a little, his anger will be instantly ignited. In short, it is good to be nice to you, and it is really dared to do it when it is bad. You need to be vigilant anytime.

Violent personality is also a personality defect. In fact, they are lonely and incompetent from their hearts. Because they are afraid that others will see it, they use power to protect themselves twice. They don’t know how to deal with the problem correctly, so they will take the most direct and effective way to deal with it. Violence is an addictive thing. Except for occasional conflicts, the violence that has become a habit can only get stronger and stronger. Obedience and submission will never solve the fundamental problem.

Not suitable for the crowd: strong self-esteem; hate violence, strong personality; a smart woman who runs after a dozen and will never look back.

Suitable for the crowd: the personality is weak enough to be able to get rid of the control of others; believe that violence is also love; masochistic patients.

Minefield No. 6: Contempt for Women

He does not think that a woman is a creature of his own kind, and he will be nice to a woman, but this kind of kindness is like a pet, without real understanding and respect from the heart. He doesn’t like to care about women, but the starting point is complete contempt and unwillingness to reason with women. He quarrelled with women thinly, and always regarded women as something like tools and pastimes. Such a man is also worthy of vigilance.

This is not the category of machismo. Machismo just sees women as weak and believes that men should bear more, but those who despise women in their hearts will not be able to respect and be equal at all. His changes to women have been misguided from the beginning, no matter how good they are now, but they always lack the necessary depth and long-term understanding.

Not suitable for the crowd: feminists; new women; sensitive people.

Suitable for the crowd: like-minded people who are willing to rely on men; like-minded people who naturally feel that women are different than men.

Minefield No. 7: Strong desire to control

He pursues the effect that everything is under control, and he must participate in all your action arrangements and life plans and do it exactly according to his heart. He has his own life principles and life order, of course, you must also obey. Your friends, work, career, etc., he will interfere in every detail. He is afraid that you are out of his control, and once you have such signs, he will be very upset or furious until you finally succumb.

He never said what he heard, only the worst. He specifically starts on your most taboo wound, ensuring that it is extremely lethal, and a word will not slow you down for half your life. He is harsh, always seeing others as the worst, always in a posture ready to fight, and never let go of anyone’s negligence and mistakes. He hurt you and talked about your shortcomings. He said that this is for your own good, not a loved one. Who would say your shortcomings? You must realize that you are very humble and incompetent.

This kind of person with a desire to control is an insecure person. Because he is insecure, he needs your cooperation and proof. He doesn’t love you, but this kind of love will make you feel unable to breathe. He will trap you in a cage. You will only have a peaceful life if you obey.

Not suitable for the crowd: those who are relatively independent, do not want others to be restrained, who already lack self-confidence, and need encouragement; those who cannot stand severe criticism and harsh criticism; and those with strong self-esteem.

Suitable for the crowd: the character is more docile and does not mind the other party controlling the situation; the strong and the strong, the style is sharper.

Minefield No. 8: Emotional Pansy

He is particularly compassionate and cherishes jade, and like Brother Bao’s reincarnation, if it is a woman, it belongs to his care. He has a lot of female friends, he is easy to sympathize with others, and he must worry about everyone’s affairs and take care of them. You can’t express dissatisfaction with any of his friends, otherwise he will feel that you are not too careful, so many gentle and considerate women outside are waiting to occupy your position, and you are still picky and simply don’t know whether to die or die.

He is a prodigal son, constantly running between many women, all love ends without disease. His love experience is full of tricks, enough to produce a book, he has read countless people, and his ex-girlfriend is like a neighbour in the neighbourhood. If you go to the street, you can find three or five, and you can’t tell it for three days and three nights. He said that he didn’t know what love was before he met you, and that only meeting you was his destination. At this time, you began to wonder if he had said that to all the women before, and what could prove that you would not be one of them.

In fact, you really have no way to prove it. A person’s behaviour pattern and his attitude towards feelings have long been fixed, and it is extremely difficult to change. He may always live according to the kind of posture he is used to. People who have experienced too much love and whose love objects are too complex tend to deviate from the relatively simple and sacred imagination of their feelings, and they will be more likely to become numb and stylized. To accept such a person, and not care about the past experiences, is indeed a test for some people.

A man with a pansy of feelings will be a good friend for the rest of his life, but being a husband is a test. You always need to struggle to find your place in the circle of his female friends, and you also need to give in to your girlfriends from time to time. He made a good man, but he threw the biggest burden to you.

Not suitable for the crowd: those who taboo their own men from interacting with other women; those who believe that there is no real benefit between men and women; those who hate men and women; those who are jealous and cannot tolerate their lovers having shared feelings with so many people; those who are simple in character and are not suitable for complex emotional ways.

Suitable for the crowd: those who believe that the prodigal son will return and are confident in his feelings; those who are super generous and don’t care about each other’s emotional experiences; those who pursue their own space between men and women; and those who have countless friends of the opposite sex.

Minefield No. 9: Inferior Companions

He has a group of all sorts of friends, like bad companions, complicated background companions etc. You always think that their faces are abomination, their words are boring, and they are all people you can’t appreciate. His friends will not encourage him to work hard and concentrate on his career. They will only find him crazy and ask him to help clean up the mess. They tell him that men can’t spoil women. They are easily introducing his girlfriend to him, encouraging him to have trouble with you. His friends have given him a bad influence, but he just likes them, doesn’t like those who really have connotations, and people who are stronger than themselves.

Maybe he is very good to you now and will not listen to his friends ‘ opinions. You think he is the best one in their group. You don’t believe that your friends have broken him, and hope he draws a line with them.

No, it’s not exactly that simple. A person’s taste in choosing a friend depends on his inner taste. What kind of friends a person has, what kind of life philosophy he has? No matter how different they look now, in fact, they are all a class of people and affect each other. There are too few people who are out of the sludge without dyeing, and those who really have a mind will not choose to stand in the sludge at all.

Not suitable for the crowd: those who have high requirements for the quality of men; those who cannot appreciate the chaos of men’s social relations.

Suitable for the crowd: like many friends, and the three religions are acceptable; the personality is simple and there are no complex requirements.

Minefield No. 10: Mystery Background

You know from a third party or an online platform. Your life before that did not intersect. Your knowledge of him is limited to his own introduction and what you can see. You don’t know anything about his background, past, history, and family. He never talks about the past in front of you, you only have his present, and you can’t understand the past. Whatever he says, you just must believe what he says. You want to conclude a lifetime with him, but a man who suddenly landed to the present day really makes you unable to completely believe it.

At this time, you must know how to protect yourself and learn to observe. In this society, the enhancement of personnel mobility has caused many cross-regional exchanges, and many emotional liars have left dew love in one place after another in this way. Living with a man with a vague background forever is like holding a time bomb, and I can’t be sure when it will erupt.

Not suitable for the crowd: those who want a stable married life and are not willing to take risks.

Suitable for the crowd: bold and careful, who dare to try.

Men are complicated? Wrong! A man’s love and unlove are hidden in what he said!

Love is the best thing in the world. You fall in love with the right person, and you feel that your whole life is shining brightly. Seeing him, you feel like a sunflower blooming in your heart. This unique sunflower will only open to him. Where he goes, your heart will follow him.

Thinking of him, your heart is full of flavors, sweet and sad. You want to know his news anytime, every day, as every three autumns.

If you are left out for a few days, you will worry about whether all possible things have happened to him. The first thing that comes to mind is that he no longer loves. The love of men, deep and introverted, does often make women uncertain about the direction of their feelings.

When he is enthusiastic, he may be preparing to stay away from your prelude. When he is cold, it may be that he feels that your relationship has entered a period of steady development.

Therefore, women often cannot figure out their thoughts, but if a man has said these four sentences to you, it basically means that he does not have you in his heart.

The first sentence: He will always tell you “If you want to think so, I can’t help it”.

You may quarrel often, or you always feel that you are not getting along well, and you always feel that you are not being cherished, so you are always unhappy. You ask him if he loves you, or the answer is more perfunctory or silent.

He always finds you annoying, and he doesn’t want to solve the problem at all. He would say that if you think so, then I can’t help it.

My dear, it’s not that you are always irritating him, but that he knows that he doesn’t love you and chooses you, just because you are small and obedient. His words are to warn you that if you continue to make trouble like this, your relationship will end here.

The Second sentence: In the chat conversation, his answers were “um” and “oh”. He has never thought of letting him start the topic, nor has he thought of continuing the topic with you.

If you happily go to him to share something happy, he will just give you an “Oh” without taking a closer look, and he won’t say anything.

When you are sad and sad, go to him and talk to him in an attempt to comfort him, but the result will not make you as you wish, because he will only answer with the word “um”, which is so concise that you wonder if he has heard you clearly. Something sad happened.

In fact, he saw everything you told him, but he didn’t know how to comfort you, or he didn’t want to comfort you. He just wanted to end the conversation with you quickly, and then he gave you an “um” to indicate that he had read it.

The third sentence: He will always tell you that you have to be “strong” and “work hard.”

Every man always has a little princess in his heart. He loves you and you are his little princess. He doesn’t love you, you are a hardworking maid in his family who can’t complain or be fragile.

He deeply felt how fierce the competition in society was, even a big man of him couldn’t deal with it, and he felt a lot of pressure. He encourages you and tells you to work hard and do your best to compete in a world full of men. Even to spur you from time to time, or you ridicule your inferior girlfriend (wife).

Why would he do that? Just because he didn’t treat you as a woman, let alone treat you as his woman.

Late Wedding – Chapter 13 – Wedding Ring

Chapter 13 – Wedding Ring

A wedding ring is a ring worn by both men and women after marriage to express their love for each other and the determination of their marriage relationship. When a man and a woman get married because of their hot love, they are willing to stay together forever, and the ring is a testimony of this life and death contract, so the wedding ring is also regarded as the guardian of the “marriage”. In this sense, it is necessary to give a wedding ring because it is a tangible guardian of marriage.

When Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother returned to the hotel, they did not see Man Man in person. But, needless to say, just like that kind of mother and aunt. . . . . . . .

“The first offer of 80,000 yuan, 100 tables of banquets.” Mother Jiang felt funnier as she said. “It’s really golden daughter. If she wants to be a rich young lady, our family really can’t afford it.”

“Don’t say it!” Father Jiang was annoyed, and his son and himself were blinded.

Mother Jiang will accept it as soon as she sees it. Regarding how to take her son’s heart back from Man Man, she must negotiate with her husband: “I think you can call the army and ask the leader of the army to give our son the early leave.”

You can only make this move.

Father Jiang sighed. That night, the Jiang family returned to Beijing by plane.

The next day, Jiang Yan received a call from the army and was asked to return to the team early.

Be a soldier, there is no right to disobey this.

Jiang Yan packed up his clothes at the military guest house that day and prepared to take the express train back that afternoon. Time is running out, but he really wants to see Man Man, and he has something to say to her.

The most regrettable thing is that I didn’t let my parents meet her and taste the dishes she cooked in person. He believed that if his parents saw her with their own eyes and ate the food she cooked, they would be satisfied.

He Jiang Yan doesn’t need a beautiful and capable wife, only a gentle-tempered wife who can manage the house.

What you need most as a military wife is to be able to endure loneliness.

Man Man is the most suitable.

Before going to Man Man’s company, he called Chu Xia first.

He ran out of the company in a hurry, and when Chu Xia’ saw him, he asked, “you said on the phone that you are leaving? Didn’t you say you want to propose a marriage?”

“My parents are not here.” Jiang Yan also felt sorry, “Time is too tight, I can only wait for the next time.”

“When is the next time?” Chu Xia was faintly disturbed, not knowing how to fly again like this, right?

The cracked white teeth smiled cheerfully and brightly: “Don’t think about it. ——where is Man Man?”

Chu Xia put the ugly words on the front said: “I really have to say it. Man Man was too old to wait for someone who didn’t show up. As long as you are serious, I’ll call her out again.”

“Hey. I asked for marriage. Grandma Chu Xia.” Jiang Yan begged for Chu Xia with his grandparent. For fear that Chu Xia would not agree, he took out a black brocade box from his pocket, “Look, my wedding ring It’s all ready.”

Seeing this, Chu Xia stopped being suspicious, and went in and called Man Man, without telling Man Man that he was leaving, only that he was looking for something urgent.

Upon hearing the urgent matter, Man Man’s heart hung up and walked out wearing with a working apron.

The spring was bright, he stood under a peach blossom branch, with a long and elevated body, a natural clothes hanger, and his long light gray windbreaker only reached his knees. Looking at it this way, I think he is taller. Today, he put one hand in his trouser pocket, his thumb was exposed in the pocket, and the other hand was slightly close to the windbreaker. He is still handsome, and has more of a mature man’s charm than before.

“Man Man.” He smiled handsomely when he saw her coming.

Beauty is in the eyes of the lover.

In his eyes, she had a white and tender face and small glasses with big eyes. Not only was she not ugly, but she was also calm and gentle on the corners of her rose-red lips, and her slender posture inherently had an ancient beauty.

The slender legs stepped away, and two strides stood in front of her. The big hands couldn’t wait to grab one of her small hands and put the ring with the palm of the other hand on her ring finger.

Man Man is embarrassing, what is this? Did not say anything.

Immediately, and even more embarrassing, the size is obviously wrong. The silver ring hung up on her ring finger and immediately slid down again. The size is a full circle. It can be seen how small and tender her finger bones are.

The rough fingertips kneaded her watery fingers, and her heart was rippling for a moment, and she couldn’t bear to let go of anything, and her Adam’s apple was tumbling for two consecutive weeks.

“Jiang-Yan -” was the first time she called him by his name. Man Man blushed like a bright sun. “This is the company. Someone sees it.”

“What can they do if they see it? Last time I said I wanted to marry you in front of so many people.” The slightly tilted corner of his mouth has a hint of childish innocence and playfulness. He is still him and has not changed.

Ashamed, she lowered her head straight: “This ring is not suitable.”

“who said it’s inappropriate. I’ll go over and change it right away.” Jiang Yan tugged her fingers and the ring in his palm. He wouldn’t let go of anything she said.

“Hey. I’m at work.” Seeing him about to pull himself away, Man Man stopped and shouted.

By now, he had to tell the truth, his long eyebrows frowned and frowned, and he was helpless: “The troops called me, and I have to leave for Beijing in the afternoon.”

The heart was shaken, and the ripples that appeared circle after circle. It turned out to be so, so he rushed to buy her a ring.

Seeing her suddenly silent, he became anxious and frightened: “Don’t worry. After I go back, I will come back to pick you up as soon as I find a chance to ask for leave. This time I will bring my parents to see you. Anyway, I have a marriage proposal and give you the ring and the ring was worn by you, and they couldn’t do anything to us.”

To be honest, she had never doubted his sincerity, only looking at his bright and moving eyes, everything was clearly written in his eyes. The eyes are the window of the soul. She can trust every word of him.

It’s time to summon up your courage.

The little hand broke his fingers and grabbed the ring back into his palm. Warm little lips smiled into a bright arc: “Okay. I’ll wait for you.”

Excited, it seemed to stretch from his heart to his limbs in circles, his fingertips trembled, and his lips licked and licked: “Man Man, I want to hug you.”

Hug? Subconsciously looking left and right, I didn’t see anyone, and my little head nodded.

He had been waiting for too long at this moment. She just nodded, and his two big arms went up, and one of his long arms was only half-length, which could encircle her small body into his own arms.

He was too strong, she was caught off guard, her head hit his chest in a straight line, her eyes flashed for a while, and when she remembered that she was still wearing a dirty apron, she whispered: “Dirty–“

“What’s dirty! You are full of incense.“ To prove this, he drew on her hair and sucked it.

As a result, her face was stuck to his chest, under the silk shirt, and his strong and warm muscles made her skin thinner and tender. It was the most embarrassing thing to touch her two little hands where she didn’t know where to touch.

The wind blew warmly, she accompanied herself like a heartbeat that was about to sprout, Man Man thought, she will remember today for the rest of her life.

Jiang Yan regretted it when he left. He knew he didn’t ask for a hug, he should have asked for a kiss. Looking back, seeing her standing at the door, his heart ached and itchy, he wanted to go back, but the phone rang.

Watching him walk away, disappearing into the crowd little by little. Man Man’s eyes didn’t move, really wanting to freeze time at this moment.

“Man Man.” Chu Xia appeared on time, squeezing her hand.

“It’s okay. I believe him.” Man Man smiled, turned around, and went back to work neatly. As for the oversized silver ring, she treasured it in a cloth bag she sewed and carried it with her every day.

That night, he texted her on the train: I’m going back, remember to wait for me!

The rumbling train took away her lover…


Some moods are written to myself, so I can only write to myself.

Be the truest self. You are unique in this world. No one can replace you, and you don’t need to replace anyone. Do your own protagonist on the stage of life. These feelings are written to ourselves, and can only be written to ourselves.

The happiest thing in the world is to be able to watch the flowers bloom and fall with you, watch the vicissitudes of life together, and walk towards our future with you and me together.

When I am fine at night, I like to go out and walk alone, walking alone in the night, looking at the long shadows from the streetlights, I feel so lonely.  

Impossibility implies impossibility, and impossibility implies possibility. Everything is unknown, everything is illusory… What am I looking forward to?  

Go your own way, listen to your own songs, and write your own stories.  

Some moods are only suitable for yourself, and only for yourself!

What we are looking for in our whole life is just a home, a place where we can rest assured!

We may have docked countless times in our life, and the only thing that can really be anchored for a lifetime is home.

Passing, passing, and missing is a lifetime.

Accept the harm this world has done to you, and then face everything with a smile.

I like to walk in the rain, and I like the feeling of being cold when it rains on my body.

I am imperfect and I need you who are also imperfect, to join hands in creating a perfect future.  

Being tortured by life is a kind of enjoyment, a kind of happiness, but more of a kind of helplessness.  

Only with the truest self can you meet the person who should be the most.

In the journey of life, there will always be a light to light up for you and guide you in the future.  

Find a simple love and live that kind of plain life.

To live too clearly is a kind of sorrow, so you should live happily and confusedly!  

In this life, don’t make the day and night, don’t be rich and glorious, I only need a copy of Jane Eyre to accompany me in my heart, with me in the vicissitudes of life.  

No matter how beautiful the story is, it is a drama after all. ------This is dedicated to the children who love to watch “drama”.  

Find someone I love and love me, and then grow old together until the end of life.   

The best is not necessarily suitable for you, but the one that suits you must be the best.

Sometimes I feel tired, proving that we really paid, and there will really be gains.   

The purest love in this world is the love of parents. That kind of love is from the heart, it is a unilateral payment, and it does not ask for return.   

Watching the friends around me leave one by one, I don’t know who the next one will be and who the last one will be. I just know that we will all leave this land in the end. This land has given us too many memories. There are people and things we miss. We have left the most beautiful part of our lives here.

Late Wedding – Chapter 12 – I won’t wrong myself for getting married

Chapter 12 – I won’t wrong myself for getting married

“Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision about your own life that upsets other people. You are not responsible for their happiness. You’re responsible for your own happiness. Anyone who wants you to live in misery for their happiness should not be in your life anyway.”
― Isaiah Hankel ―

Hearing Wen Shi Xuan’s scolding, Zhang Qiu Yan didn’t get angry at all, she just said to Xu Yu’e: “Sister-in-law, if you think it’s OK, persuade Man Man. Next time everyone dresses better and eats at Hua Sheng. I’m leaving now.”

Speaking of Hua Sheng, Xu Yu’e came back and pushed her husband’s shoulder: “You persuade Man Man.”

“How can I persuade?!” Wen Shi Xuan wanted to get angry, met his wife’s fierce eyes, and lost his voice, so he went into the kitchen to be an ostrich.

“Why is Dad like this? You don’t think about it for sister.” Yuan Yuan raised her eyebrows and said to her father’s back.

Man Man sat in the room, and she could hear everything outside. When the stepmother of a girl of the same age as her younger sister, she felt ashamed of herself.

The second aunt is vicious enough to make such a move.

Regardless of whether Man Man accepts it or not, Zhang Qiu Yan has done enough to be an auntie: You blame me and my husband for not contributing to the marriage of my niece, and now I introduce a good person with money, it is Man Man and you who do not want it.

Whether a girl is married well or not depends not on the other man’s appearance, but on the other’s man’s abilities. As for character, no one can guarantee the two things before and after marriage.

Secularity is a double-edged sword, which can strangle people to death like a rope.

Man Man was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling. Her forehead was hot, her cheeks were hot, and her heart was cold. She finally realized that no matter how she struggled, she and her father would have no status in this family after all, because of a reality-no money!

Just like her mother said, can you get rid of yourself by marrying a rich man? Man Man saw it clearly and didn’t think so at all. The money belongs to the man, and the other party can even use the money to humiliate you. The maiden family has no money and power, so you can only treat you as the water poured out, how can the maiden family protect you.

The daughter’s home is cheap, especially the poor and incapable daughter’s home.

“Man Man, it’s time to eat.” Xu Yu’e’s call to her eldest daughter at the door was not much softer than usual.

Man Man got up, she tidied her clothes, combed her hair with a comb, and tidyed herself up before going out.

The door opened, and the family sat at the dinner table waiting for her.

Xu Yu’e had too many expectations in her eyes.

Yuan Yuan smiled happily. If there is a rich brother-in-law, she won’t have to worry about tuition in the future.

Wen Shi Xuan frowned.

Man Man sat down at the table and picked up the bowls and chopsticks: “Let’s eat. Let’s talk about it after dinner.”

Xu Yu’e forbearance, now Man Man is a hen who can lay golden eggs, she can’t be a tutor at every turn like before.

A family of four ate this meal silently, and the undercurrent was raging.

Just after dinner, Xu Yu’e couldn’t help it, urging her younger daughter to clean up the dinner table, and caught the elder daughter and asked, “Man Man, you give mom an answer, and mom has to rush to promise people.”

“Mom, Hua Sheng can’t fly. Besides, if Hua Sheng is gone, there are other better restaurants.” It is rare for Man Man not to close the table today and give his father tea after dinner.

For a while, she couldn’t hear the meaning of Man Man, and Xu Yu’e was stunned.

“Sister, there is no such store in this village after this. When are you going to drag it? Yuan Yuan received the bowl and chopsticks sonorously, worrying for herself and her mother.

After the little daughter reminded her, Xu Yu’e held Man Man: “What? Are you dissatisfied?”

“Mom, I’m not going to marry.” Man Man held her feet firmly.

“Why?” Xu Yu’e simply wanted to admire that she could still ask calmly at this moment.

“I will not wrong myself for getting married.”

Xu Yu’e instantly changed from a high-spirited hen to a piece of ice: “Okay. Do what you want. You have grown up, and Mom can’t control you so much.”

Yuanyuan raised her head when she heard her mother surrender easily, unbelievable: “Mom——”

“You talk less, quickly clean up the dinner table and go to study. Don’t be like your sister. After all, mom will go one step ahead of you. In the future, you will be alone in your next life, and there is no one to accompany you. Mom can’t help it. Mom did my best for you! “Xu Yu’e didn’t growl, a word seemed to bite out of the hate, and threw the door out.

She was implicated. Yuanyuan received all the bowls and chopsticks in her hand before throwing them back on the table and rushed up to the small attic in rocket style with Xu Yu’e.

“Man Man!”  Seeing that the family was torn apart, Wen Shi Xuan couldn’t smoke this cigarette anymore.

“Dad.” Man Man knelt down and asked, holding a cup of tea to her father, “Do you blame me too?”

Wen Shi Xuan faced her big and bright eyes, as if seeing her begging him to buy a lollipop when she was a child, and shook his head: “Dad doesn’t blame you.”

“Dad. I don’t think I can stay in this home. I want to go to Beijing with Chu Xia and Du Yu.”

After a while of speechlessness, Wen Shi Xuan coughed twice: “Do what you want to do. Dad has no other ability, so dad can only not oppose you to do what you like.”

With the words of her father, Man Man felt at ease in her heart. She told her father honestly: “If Yuan Yuan is going to the Academy of Fine Arts, and the arts are going to spend more money, I want to make and earn more money. In this way, dad and mom will not have to ask others. Other people naturally won’t talk about our family, won’t talk about mom and dad, and won’t talk about me.”

“Man Man, don’t think too much. Yuan Yuan’s study fund is Dad’s business.” Wen Shi Xuan said.

“Dad–“ Man Man was touched by her father’s words, Jiang Yan’s words appeared before her eyes, and she bit her lip lightly, “If I see a man, can I make my own decision?”

“Do you mean you have a match for yourself?” Wen Shi Xuan almost slid off the chair excitedly, “You should say it earlier. Your mother and your sister don’t have to make trouble and make noice.”

She wanted to say, but didn’t everyone at home express their opposition last time.

Man Man’s silence made Wen Shi Xuan realize that a cold sweat fell from his face: “It won’t be the last time–“

“Dad. Don’t tell anyone about this in advance.” Man Man hurriedly interrupted his father.

Wen Shi Xuan nodded dumbly. He really has no idea. He only knows one thing. He can’t keep his wife out of trouble, but he won’t prevent his daughter from finding his own happiness.

In the hotel

Father Jiang insisted on meeting the woman and her parents in person. Jiang’s mother was not good enough for Jiang’s father, but she was afraid of losing face, so she decided to avoid Mo Ba Mo Ma and others, and asked Man Man’s address to pass by secretly.

That evening, Man Man was going to work overtime, and Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother didn’t know, and went straight to Wen’s grocery store.

Wen Shi Xuan went to restock temporarily. Xu Yu’e stayed at the shop, Zhang Qiu Yan was urged by Jin Ruo Wen and hurried over to ask Man Man’s answer. Xu Yu’e was annoyed, she couldn’t convince Man Man, and worried that this marriage really fell through. She couldn’t show Zhang Qiu Yan a cold face, and could only greet Zhang Qiu Yan coldly.

Zhang Qiu Yan shouted loudly: “Mr. Jin called me again last night, because he was afraid that calling Man Man directly would scare her. He himself was very satisfied with Man Man. You probably don’t know that his ex-wife cuckolded him. She ran away with people, so he wanted to find a girl who was innocent. He didn’t care about her appearance or family background. As for the betrothal gifts, he can give you enough.”

Seeing the eight fingers raised by Zhang Qiu Yan, Xu Yu’e asked, “Eight thousand?”

“People are the boss, how can it be eight thousand, at least eighty thousand. This 80,000 li does not include a brand-new set of bridal gold and silver jewellery, a hundred tables of banquets, wedding dresses, wedding travel and other expenses.” Zhang Qiu Yan smiled from ear to ear, as if all the money was pocketed into her pocket, “Sister-in-law, if Man Man can marry him, she will be the rich young lady. That is the blessing of several years of cultivation.”

Xu Yu’e also thought, if this money can be put into her pocket, and she can use the money from her son-in-law every month, she will be half a young grandmother.

The two concubines were sitting in the shop facing the wealthy benefactor and were talking very happily. They did not notice a middle-aged couple standing at the fruit stand in front of the shop. While trying to pick fruits, Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother took all their conversations into their ears.


Late Wedding – Chapter 11 – Another proposal

Chapter 11 – Another proposal

“You don’t belong to someone who considers you as an option!”
― Aanu

Mother Jiang returned to the hotel and said to Father Jiang: “I don’t think this marriage will happen.”

“Why not?” Father Jiang asked.

“Our son has a naive disposition and doesn’t understand. This marriage has to be well-matched in social and economic status.”

Speaking of being right, Father Jiang understood: “In what era do you still need to be well-matched in social and economic status.”

Father Jiang is a carefree person. He used to be a soldier by himself and pursued his mother. His family background was worse than that of Jiang’s mother. Why didn’t Jiang’s mother dislike him?

“This is the age of the Phoenix man. Most of the rich women marry the poor men. If the rich men marry the poor women, the second-married men are picky. Our son is not the one who lacks arms and legs. He has a successful career and has a future. No matter how bright you choose, you don’t need to pick this old and poor girl who nobody wants.” A passage from Jiang’s mother clarified the current trend of marriage.

Man Man has three fatal points: Fist, she is not successful in her career, second her family background are poor and third she is old.

“Have you seen the woman?” Father Jiang heard what Jiang’s mother said and thought he had investigated it carefully.

“I’ve already asked clearly. She works in a small advertising company with a monthly salary of less than two thousand. She only a junior executive but not in supervisor or manager post. I don’t understand what my son likes about her. We put aside about her family background, at least she able to excels in housework and social life. Our son is now a school officer and is going to be an officer at the National Defence University. Can he marry such a woman? You will have to be laughed at if you take her out.” Mother Jiang said.

These words have entered the heart of Jiang’s father. Being rich and poor is one thing, but whether the cultural level and social level are worthy of it is another matter. Who said that soldiers don’t need to socialize, especially those who are officers, they must get involved in society?

Comparing heart to heart. Father Jiang hesitated. On the one hand, like Jiang’s mother, he didn’t want his son to regret marrying the wrong wife, on the other hand, he didn’t want to use the old-time concepts to restrict his son’s marriage.

Parents who understand the righteousness are selfish, same go to Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother.

At Wen’s house, Zhang Qiu Yan came to find Xu Yu’e, saying that she had found a suitable marriage for Man Man.

Man Man was at the company that day, and after finishing her daytime work as usual, she came out to wash her hands and opened the mobile phone in her bag to check incoming calls and text messages. There were several densely packed text messages, basically one text per hour, and the letter was from the same person—-Jiang Yan.

Chu Xia who sneaked over, looked at her phone screen and snickered: “Is it a love letter?”

“I haven’t read.” Man Man didn’t dare to open it, and the house was like that, she was not sure about it now.

“Let’s open it to see. Maybe there is any surprise?” Chu Xia grabbed the phone in her hand and pressed it.

A series of sub-messages unfolded. Although there was no such thing as the hope of Chu Xia, Jiang Yan could point out his identity, but they were all sentimental truths, which made people feel warm when they saw it.

“Reply to him.” Chu Xia feels so indifferent to others, and persuades Man Man, “It doesn’t matter what you say.”

Man Man turned his back and pressed a few buttons on the phone. Chu Xia on my toes, couldn’t see what she had written. However, it doesn’t matter, she asked Du Yu to ask Jiang Yan later.

Jiang Yan was staying at Du Yu’s house. He didn’t see him for a day, like every other autumn. After sending a text message for a day, he couldn’t reply. He was already anxious like an ant on a hot pot, and he couldn’t stop for a moment.

Du Yu said: Man Man’s temper is that she won’t look at her mobile phone until she has finished her work.  

Finally wait until the time to get off work, wow-the text message is here!

He unfolded a glance and wrote: Let’s get along for more time.

In any case, it is a good thing to have a reply. Send a few more text messages in a row.

On the way home, Man Man kept receiving text messages and writing text messages, and almost tripped on his feet when getting off the bus, and said annoyed: Mr. Jiang, how will you be responsible if I fall?

Wow, less than a few seconds to reply——-I will take care of you for the rest of my life.

Man Man hurriedly shut down the text message, and covered her hot cheek with her hand.

“Sister—” Yuan Yuan just came back from school and ran into her at the door.

Fortunately, talking with him back to her, Man Man took a deep breath and had nothing to say, “Have dad & mum home?”

“Oh. Sister Hao Xue told me on the phone. She said that the second aunt came to see her mother today.” Yuanyuan was excited and tightened the arm of Man Man.

Pulled by her younger sister, Man Man stepped into her house unsuspectingly and into the living room. Suddenly she saw her second aunt, parents, and a man, who looked a little older, in a suit and tie, sitting on the best long sofa in the house, especially in the sitting position, the typical middle-aged man sits down and immediately spread his legs. For an instant, Man Man thought he was a friend of his father and called out: “Uncle.”

In the living room, Xu Yu’e and Zhang Qiu Yan, who were originally smiling, both stiffened their faces.

Wen Shi Xuan, who lowered his head to smoke, raised his head and said to his wife: “I’ll just say, this man is not suitable.”

“Please talk less!” Xu Yu’e squinted.

Wen Shixuan lowered his head again.

Man Man didn’t know what was going on.

Yuanyuan heard Wen Hao Xue say on the phone, and pushed her affectionately to ask her to sit next to the man, and said, “This is the new boyfriend introduced by the second aunt to Sister Man.”

Ears buzzed. Man Man’s eyes were fixed on the three smiling faces of Xu Yu’e, Zhang Qiu Yan, and Yuan Yuan. She holding her mobile phone bag, and her breathing was almost stopped.

“Man Man, this is Mr. Jin, and your second aunt’s colleague is a friend.” Xu Yu’e was shy when she was the eldest daughter and pushed her daughter to sit on the couch.

But for a long time, Man Man refused to move an inch.

Seeing that something was wrong, Zhang Qiu Yan quickly told Xu Yu’e to stop pushing. This was so conspicuous that Jin Ruo Wen, who was sitting on the couch also felt embarrassed.

As soon as Man Man broke away from her mother’s hand, she immediately flashed into the room. Leaning on the door panel, her heartbeat so hard that it shook her tympanic membrane.

“Man Man. Man Man.” After knocking for a few times, she didn’t see her daughter opening the door. If the man was not there, Xu Yu’e would have started cursing.

Zhang Qiuyan came out to make a round and said to Jin Ruowen: “I’m sorry, she is shy.”

“I can see that she is a good girl.” Jin Ruo Wen said, he didn’t care at all in his tone, and wearing a smile on his face didn’t seem to be a deliberate lie.

Is he satisfied?  

Xu Yu’e and Zhang Qiu Yan looked at each other.  

“Let’s do this. Next time I make an appointment to the restaurant outside, it’s my treat and go to Hua Sheng Restaurant.” Jin Ruo Wen stood up and said, in a tone that he was used to not giving anyone a rejection.

Hua Sheng Restaurant, a famous five-star restaurant in the city, abalone and shark fin are not a problem. Xu Yu’e’s eyes twinkled, and she felt dreaming.

 Zhang Qiu Yan sent Jin Ruo Wen to the door and came back to ask Xu Yu’e for credit: “You see, I’m right. He is the owner of the company himself. Although he is a little older, he is only in his 40s. His daughter is about the same age as Yuanyuan. His ex-wife has gone abroad early and has nothing to do with him at all. Among men, he is one of the best men.”

“What is the best?” Wen Shi Xuan got up and stepped on the cigarette butts hard, “Let Man Man go to be a stepmother, and be a stepmother of a girl the same age as her sister, is there someone like you as an aunt?”


25 interesting facts that make men and women different

Men are not from Mars, and women are not from Venus. They are all from the same species on the same planet. But the sexes are definitely not exactly the same, the differences between men and women do exist and are important.

These differences are mainly manifested in biological functions, and can help you better understand your health needs. These differences give both sexes unique advantages and help you achieve your most important task-survival.

But let’s talk about the similarities first, and then return to what makes men and women different.

There are two things you may not know: genetically, 98.5% of the DNA of men and women are identical, and they even have the same hormones. But the ratio of these hormones explains some of the differences between men and women.

Let’s first dive into these 25 interesting facts and explore the important physiological, biological, and nutritional differences between men and women.

  1. Men usually have thicker skin, about 25% thicker than women, and have a higher density of collagen.
  2. The difference in density is not limited to the skin; generally, men have denser and stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments than women.
  3. From the age of 14 to 51, women usually need more iron than men. This is because women lose blood during menstruation, which usually lasts from 28 to 40 days.
  4. On average, men’s muscle mass is usually higher than women’s, and their skeletal muscles move faster and more powerfully. But women’s muscles are better able to resist fatigue and recover faster.
  5. For most women, the second longest finger is the index finger next to the thumb. Men are the opposite. Their ring finger (the one next to the little finger) is usually longer than their index finger.
  6. Folic acid is an essential vitamin, men and women need it. But folic acid is particularly important for women of childbearing age. During pregnancy, women need enough folic acid to support the baby’s neurodevelopment.
  7. Male and female brains differ in structure, the way they process information, and the process of interacting with chemical signals. For example: men have more information-containing gray matter structures, but women have more white matter, which are connected to different parts of the brain. Moreover, women have larger memory centers than men.
  8. Women’s day and night patterns may be shorter than 24 hours. (Usually there are 6 minutes short in a day.) Men are more likely to be night owls. But in the case of insufficient sleep, women’s overall performance will be better than men.
  9. During exercise, women’s bodies mainly burn fat; men burn carbohydrates.
  10. The average testosterone concentration in adult women is about 15-70 nanograms per male (ng/dL), and the average adult male is about 270-1070 nanograms per male. After the age of 30, the concentration of testosterone in men will drop by about one percent every year, but this phenomenon does not occur in women. However, after menopause, the concentration of estrogen decreases.
  11. Men have an Adam’s apple because their throat is larger, which makes the surrounding cartilage more prominent.
  12. The bone mass of men and women will peak around the age of 30. At the age of 40, both men and women begin to lose bone, and menopause accelerates bone loss in women. Therefore, women aged 51-70 need to consume 200 milligrams (mg) more calcium than men of the same age. Therefore, women need 1,200 mg per day and men 1,000 mg per day.
  13. Men’s daily calorie needs are higher than women. There are several reasons for this: higher muscle mass, height, and basal metabolic rate; and the same weight of muscle burns more than twice the calories of fat.
  14. Men and women have different body fat levels. Women have more body fat (about 10%), which is mainly used to maintain the functioning of the reproductive system. The best example is that when a woman’s body fat is too low, menstruation will stop.
  15. Women’s body fat usually accumulates in the buttocks and thighs, while men’s fat is mostly accumulated around the stomach.
  16. The difference in body size, muscle mass, and calorie requirements between men and women shows that men generally require a diet with a higher protein content.
  17. A study found that men’s resting heart rate is lower than women’s, but women’s peak heart rate is lower. During exercise, the heartbeat of men usually increases faster, and then slows down more quickly.
  18. Men usually have more red blood cells (4.7-6.1 million red blood cells per microliter, while women have 4.2-5.4 million red blood cells per microliter).
  19. Women’s blood pressure is usually lower than that of men, regardless of race or ethnicity.
  20. For most of their lives, men and women have the same vitamin D requirements; but elderly women need to increase their vitamin D intake to promote calcium absorption.
  21. Men seldom have regular physical examinations. When going to the doctor, they are more likely to hide or lie about their symptoms.
  22. Men and women have similar needs for zinc. But pregnant women and postmenopausal women need more zinc. Both men and women store zinc in the bones, but men also store zinc in the prostate.
  23. Men are not very sensitive to cold temperatures.
  24. Women have better sense of smell and taste. There are more than 50 cells (neurons) in their olfactory bulb, which is the part of the brain responsible for processing smell. Women also usually have more taste buds than men.
  25. Part of the difference between the way men and women look at the world is partly due to physiological reactions. On average, men are more likely to become colour-blind, but their eyes are also more able to perceive movement; women are more able to distinguish small colour differences.

This is fun, then?

When you know these phenomena that make men and women different, you can bring up these interesting facts in daily conversations whenever you want. Now you can also use these differences to make personal decisions about your health. If you are a woman, you know that you need more folic acid and will burn fat during exercise. If you are a male, you know that you need more calories and fat will accumulate around your stomach. These are important considerations when planning a healthy lifestyle.

What you should not do is to use the differences between men and women to emphasize gender advantages. All the differences listed above have very good biological or physiological reasons. Through human history, these differences have helped men and women survive, and most of them have come from cooperation.

These gender differences should not be regarded as limitations in all aspects. These are just averages and typical situations. Not all men are stronger, and not all women have a better sense of taste. Don’t let the differences between men and women prevent you from achieving your health or life goals.

Do you really know men? Why do men love “bad women” more?

They all say that men are not bad, and women are not loved. Do you think only women like “bad”? In fact, men love “bad women” more, good women can get the respect of men, but bad women make men love to die and live. Bad women are like drugs, and they exude a dangerous atmosphere. Either they are afraid to touch, or they are addictive. The characteristics of bad women are dangerous and charming, but men are born creatures who like adventure. For men, “bad women” have irresistible attraction. So why do men love “bad women” more?

Bad women know how to hold men

Bad women often have some “carefulness”, not as simple as good women. They know how to understand men and grasp the psychology of men, and then act like my wayward and selfish cousin. Before they went to see his man for the first time, she knows that this man likes a gentle lady type, so she dressed herself up as a lady before setting off, and her speech and behaviour are also very gentle. Sure enough, the man really fell in love with her at first sight, but the cousin did not immediately accept his confession, Instead, he continued to show a very reserved and shy appearance “ladyly”, making the man’s idea of pursuing her even stronger. Even if the two later found out her true character after being together, the man also paid emotional energy and couldn’t bear to leave. Bad women know to use “little tricks”, they know how to use strategy to subtly capture the heart of a man.

Bad women dare to be themselves

For men, the words and deeds of bad women are very reasonable, bad women will never yell hysterically, nor sulking for no reason. Compared with a woman who always cares about trivial matters, loves to get along with each other and is emotional, the bad woman’s clear and courageous expression of her attitude makes men a lot easier. Men really don’t like to play the game of “guess”, and they hate being scolded by women for guessing wrong. Keep guessing make man feel annoying, and man believe only God knows what is thinking in the heads of fickle women.

Bad women are full of confidence and know how to enrich themselves

The big difference between good women and bad women is that good women are always humble, and bad women are always full of confidence. A good woman always thinks about what I need to do to love me more, whether I am not doing good enough, and a bad woman always knows that she is the best woman in the world and the woman who is most worthy of having a good man. They also know very well that no man wants to stick to you 24 hours a day, bad women will not let men monopolize her time, she will arrange her life according to her own needs, she will be more quality, they are also confident that they will become better and better , They will make men think that they are the best woman, only she is the most suitable pair, no woman is qualified to be compared with her. Men like confident women. Bad women are more attractive to good men because they are confident enough.

Bad women know how to punish men

Men make mistakes. Many good women choose to be patient or compromise when men make mistakes because of their soft heart or begged by men. They think that their tolerance and kindness will make men love themselves more and cannot bear to make mistakes. But this is often not the case. Men are very cheap, women’s tolerance and tolerance will indulge them more arrogantly, and men will not take it seriously. And once those bad women know that a man has made a mistake, they will go crazy, and will teach them violently and set rules. Men feel that women are not easy to provoke, and when they see their beloved woman so angry, they will feel pity, next time those men will remember deeply that they shouldn’t make a mistake.

“Men are not bad, women don’t love”, in fact, the same is true for men. What other “bad women” do you think make men irresistible?

Why do men like “VIXEN”? What are the characteristics of “VIXEN”?

In the vision of men, women are divided into several types, lady type, intelligent type, good wife and good mother type… and the most special is the maverick vixen, this type of woman is loved by men.

Men like VIXENs, do you know why?

  1. The Vixen can desperate for love, even if she can only be an underground lover and bears the notoriety of a mistress, she doesn’t care. But when love is not there, she will also leave without hesitation, will not be nostalgic, will not look back, they will let go of their hands, and will not make life and death.
  2. The Vixen is very sentimental to love, and they often fall in love with men and cannot extricate themselves from it. Although she is not very dedicated, she is a monograph, which makes men have an inexplicable impulse towards her.
  3. The Vixen is by no means a timid and lovable little woman. In fact, no man can truly own her, and she will not cultivate herself according to the aesthetic standards of a man. She knew that if she fully met the standards of men, such a woman would have no lethal power for men.
  4. The Vixen don’t like lying. She can make you hurt and make you desperate, but she doesn’t lie. Even if she is very outstanding and extremely excellent, she can still bloom flowers for the man she loves as low as the dust.
  5. Although the vixen has many styles, she has a sensitive heart. She knows what kind of man needs what kind of woman, knows which kind of man needs which kind of comfort, and she has a precious soul echo with men.
  6. The Vixen understand that men make money is for women to spend it, so that men have a sense of accomplishment in front of women, so vixen still like to spend men’s money even if they are very rich, and always dress up flirtatious, stylish and sexy at any cost.
  7. The Vixen has an innate sexy, and completely from the heart. Through her every move, she can show her personal taste incisively and vividly, with irresistible personal charm.
  8. The Vixen never pursues perfection, she is a little bit bad, she has a little flaw, she likes to be cool, can smoke, sometimes looks a little pitiful, she doesn’t be a lady, because a lady can’t express her personality. Only in this way will a man fall into her world without knowing it。
  9. The biggest characteristic of a vixen is that she is very good in household work and even sosial life. The Vixen knows how to love and how to live. She will create a warm and romantic atmosphere. She can make men young, marvel men, make men crazy, burn men, and make men surging!
  10. Although the vixen are very strong in their hearts, when they encounter powerful men, they will become delicate and weak, as if they are weak, and men are often obsessed with heroes to save beauty. Such women can give men the dignity of a big man and make men more figurative.

19 characteristics of “vix spirits”———women must learn

  1. Wearing a magic bra and girdle, she shows off her proud and sexy figure all the time.
  2. Changing hair styles and dyeing hair constantly attract men’s attention.
  3. She pays great attention to skin care, and she wants to have a crystal clear, bullet-proof skin at any cost.
  4. She pays great attention to popular makeup and ensures that every time she goes out, her outfit is impeccable.
  5. When shopping, what makes her linger most is the underwear and sexy pajamas department.
  6. When she is intolerable and lonely, she always likes to call someone to accompany her to go out to play or calm down her mind.
  7. As long as it can make her look more beautiful, fashionable, and sexy, no matter how expensive the clothes are, she will take it for herself.
  8. She doesn’t bother to tidy up her boudoir, it doesn’t matter if she is in a mess, but once she goes out, she always dresses herself beautifully.
  9. Others always see her chatting with men, laughing or eating, but never seen her get along so happily and harmoniously with the same sex.
  10. She became more and more impatient with her other half, shouting and drinking all day, on the contrary, whispering softly to other people’s boyfriends.
  11. She likes to wear low-cut, off-the-shoulder and legless clothes the most. Otherwise, it is the looming lace and chiffon costumes.
  12. She is very concerned about other people criticizing her clothing taste or figure.
  13. She often analyzes her past love history with friends.
  14. She is absolutely unbearable loneliness and lonesome.
  15. The more occasions when there are many men,the more excited she will be,and she will be completely immersed in the game of discharge.
  16. She pays great attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of her nails, and must apply nail polish to make them look sexier and more attractive.
  17. She often flips through popular magazines and buys new fashion outfits for herself.
  18. She also likes to watch sexy photo albums and compare her figure with models.
  19. When she watched a literary film or a thriller film,her reaction was particularly exaggerated and moved.

The four behaviors that men hate women the most, women should never do it.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
― Stephen Chbosky ―


Every woman in love hopes that her lover can hold herself in the palm of her hand as a treasure. However, in real life, many women have a basic IQ of zero in love.

Because they care about men too much, they will be concerned about gains and losses. In their minds, men are everything to her, the most important person in her life, and they even regard men as her male gods.

However, a woman must understand that even if she loves a man again and cares about him, don’t have these four behaviours. That will only make him farther and farther away from you, until he leaves you.

Keep giving gifts to men, thinking that doing so will make him love women more.

Many women like to express their love to men by giving gifts to men. They think that men will like them, and they will be moved because of the expensive gifts she gave him, and they will love themselves even more.

In fact, there is a big difference between the thinking of men and women. In the perception of men, high-value women are disdainful of giving gifts to men. Only low-value women will please men with gifts.

A woman’s approach will only make men feel that you are bad, so they will ask for love by giving gifts. He will think you are cheap, and will look down on you.

When a woman quarrels, she thinks that a man will leave, worrying about gains and losses.

“You can be right and still lose the fight.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana ―

Many women despise themselves because they love men so much that they are afraid of men leaving. Such a woman seems particularly inferior and unconfident.

Because of this, every time she takes the normal quarrel between lovers as a signal that a man wants to break up. Such a woman has an extremely unstable mentality, and sometimes chooses to leave decisively after quarrelling with her relationship.

Sometimes they would walk back and beg the man not to break up with her. Such a different way of behaviour makes a man unbearable and will think she is a very strange and emotionally unstable woman, and eventually choose to break up firmly.

Not self-reliant, clinging to men all day long

“If she is to love life and freedom and be brave then she must learn to let go. To see beauty without clinging to it, to feel pain without holding it hostage, and to feel love without worry of losing it.”
― G.G. Renee Hil ―

There is such a woman who is born insecure. When they look for men, they just want to find a support for themselves. Such a woman is extremely self-reliant, and counts on a man to help her solve everything. With such a woman, men will feel mentally exhausted.

The most notable feature of insecure women is that they like to stick to men. They tried to prevent men from getting in touch with other women by guarding against them, so as to prevent him from changing his mind.

With such a woman, a man will feel very aggrieved and bound, and will continue to find ways to break free, until he can’t bear it, and eventually the man will choose to leave.

When a woman gets angry, she disappears and blocks all the contact information of a man.

Playing with the disappearing woman at every turn makes the man feel particularly weak. The kind of fist hitting cotton and the helplessness of looking for a woman to tell but no one can only be understood by men who have experienced it.

For the first time a woman “does”, to keep her a man will look for her everywhere until she is coaxed. But if a woman “does” like this at every turn, a man’s tolerance is also limited.

People’s hearts are chilled by this “work” repeatedly. When the woman once again ran away and blocked her contact information, but he was indifferent and treated her as if nothing, then congratulations, he has been hurt by her a long time ago, and he will never talk to her again.

Concluding remarks:

As women, they all want their men to pamper and love themselves unconditionally. However, women need to know that everything needs to be controlled. It’s like “doing” once, which is joyful, “doing” a hundred times, then it is boring and hateful.

Women want men to always respect themselves, love themselves, and be more tolerant of themselves, so they must manage themselves well and know what to do and what not to do. When you have done yourself well, he will love you who is sensible and knows how to advance and retreat.

Late Wedding – Chapter 10 – Future in-laws

Chapter 10 – Future in-laws

“I suddenly remember being very little and being embraced by my father. I would try to put my arms around my father’s waist, hug him back. I could never reach the whole way around the equator of his body; he was that much larger than life. Then one day, I could do it. I held him, instead of him holding me, and all I wanted at that moment was to have it back the other way.”
― Jodi Picoult ―

“Are you upset or out of your mind? You don’t pick any good man, but you pick a boy who doesn’t have money. You will have to eat the pain yourself.”Xu Yu’e spat these words, feeling that she was scolding herself. When she thought about it, she just didn’t know why she picked Wen Shi Xuan, who had no money. After so many years of marriage, having children has been bear hardships and stand hard work, and has not enjoyed a day of happiness.

Man Man knows her mother’s temper very well. If she speaks to her, she is afraid that her mother will be angrier. For safety reasons, she can only wait for Xu Yu’e to finish her fire.

After she scolded her eldest daughter, she still didn’t see the slightest movement of her eldest daughter. Xu Yu’e should also be tired of scolding, so she had to sit back in her chair to rest. She held her forehead, and after thinking about it for a long time, she couldn’t understand why she had an indefatigable daughter. If it would be nice to have a son, would the Wen family be afraid that the second family would climb on their own head?

Yuanyuan saw that Man Man was silent for a long time and was boring. She chewed her rice and said, “Sister, it’s okay or not, you can say something back to mom anyway.”

Fortunately, the little daughter is still intimate. Xu Yu’e grabbed the chopsticks and added another piece of meat to her little daughter’s bowl: “You have to be full to eat. You must use your brain to study hard every day, and you can’t be like your sister. Your sister is too thin, I introduced a few people before, just to see your sister thin like this, they all think she is not blessed.”

Hearing this, Wen Shi Xuan couldn’t eat a mouthful of rice. The wife made him understand, understand that the wife is not targeting Man Man, it is targeting him at all.

Xu Yu’e and Yuan Yuan raised their heads together and looked at Wen Shi Xuan who stood up.

“Dad?” Yuan Yuan asked.

“You guys continue to eat. I’m going to cook a bowl of noodles.” Wen Shi Xuan left the dinner table and kept his head down to avoid seeing his wife’s eyes.  

As he expected, as soon as Wen Shi Xuan walked away, Xu Yu’e grumbled at the dinner table again: “Ignore your dad. Does he think the family is very rich now? He still wants to smack things at every meal. If your dad had the ability, he wouldn’t have eaten this meal at home. He would have taken his wife and children to the restaurant to eat abalone shark fins.”

It was Man Man’s turn and couldn’t stand it anymore. While her mother and sister were eating happily, she quietly walked away and got into the kitchen.

Wen Shi Xuan, who was sitting on the kitchen threshold, lit a cigarette and smoked it. His two eyes looked like wood, and he couldn’t move.

“Dad. Let me cook noodles for you. Do you want to add eggs? Or I remember there is a tomato in the refrigerator.” Man Man walked in, opened the refrigerator door, took out the tomato, and washed it in the vegetable bowl then use a knife to cut into eight pieces.

When the fire of the gas stove ignited, Wen Shi Xuan regained his senses and said, “You are not full too, then take two eggs and cook two bowls of noodles by the way.”

“No. If Mom finds a few eggs missing, she will say it.”

“What can she say? She wants to ask; you just say that I ate two eggs and two bowls of noodles.” Wen Shi Xuan only dared to speak so hard when his wife couldn’t see or hear.

Man Man did not make a sound, put the noodles into the pot and boiled, took a long chopsticks and stirred the noodles neatly in it, and the noodles formed the appearance of blooming flowers. Seeing people’s appetites, it was pleasing to the eye.

The eldest daughter is not bad at all. Just talking about her gentle and quiet temperament, Wen Shi Xuan feels that as long as it is a man, he can be hooked on her. Therefore, he said the following not on his wife’s side, but felt that it was not worth it for his daughter: “Man Man, listen to Dad. You are very good. Dad thinks that you are much better than Yuan Yuan and Hao Xue. It doesn’t matter if you can’t find someone for the time being dad will help you find better people everywhere again. Dad doesn’t believe that you will marry badly. Therefore, we don’t need to wrong ourselves. If you simply marry, you will definitely make yourself suffer in the future.”

“Dad–“ Man Man is glad that the steam on the pot has covered her own little face with fog, which can hide her two red eyes at the moment.  

“Don’t blame your mother either.” Wen Shi Xuan said it back, as the head of the family, he naturally hopes that everything will be happy at home. “Your mother is like me, I am afraid that you are like her, married to someone like me who has no ability, and you will eventually suffer on your own.”

“I know, I understand.” Man Man Ying said, no matter what the parents are, they are their own parents. The grace of having children and the grace of raising children is what she wants to return. Therefore, no matter how angry and angry her mother is, she will not talk back. she understands that mother is also forced by life.

Two bowls of noodles were picked up, and the father and daughter ate one bowl at each end next to each other. The stuffy air in their hearts finally left the table and dispersed.

At night, she grabbed a broom to clean the broken bowls on the ground, and Jiang Yan’s oath suddenly appeared in front of Man Man’s eyes.

There will be no problem.

He was categorical, full of confidence, as if he had won the ticket.


She only felt he is like a child.

“Top 15 Things Money Can’t Buy
Time. Happiness. Inner Peace. Integrity. Love. Character. Manners. Health. Respect. Morals. Trust. Patience. Class. Common sense. Dignity.”
― Roy T. Bennett ―

Father Jiang and Mother Jiang got off the plane and didn’t tell their son they were here. They secretly stayed in the hotel first and recruited Mo Wen Yang’s parents to come over and ask questions.  

The youngest son was on vacation for a few days, and immediately said that he fell in love with a girl at first sight and would not marry anyone except her. After hearing this in the hearts of parents, on the one hand they are happy that their son is planning to get married, on the other hand they are naturally worried about what kind of woman she is. She can make a man fall in love at first sight, is she a vixen??

Father Jiang and Mother Jiang, especially Mother Jiang, are in such a state of mind at this moment.

Fortunately, Mo’s father and mother also heard their son Mo Wen Yang say about this matter. As one of the initiators of the blind date party, Mo’s father answered the Jiangs’ questions like this: “Wen Shi Rong is a colleague of mine in the municipal government, I’m not very familiar with it. In fact, Wen Shi Rong invited my son over that day, just to see the new car at his home. Unexpectedly, Wen Shi Rong called so many girls over. Jiang Yan just went to play with Wen Yang and met that girl like this.”

“That girl is your colleague’s daughter?” When Mother Jiang heard that it was the woman’s parents who might be working in the city government, they were officials’ children, Jiang’s mother felt at ease.

But how dare Mo dad lie about this and clarify: “No. It is the eldest daughter of my colleague’s big brother, but she is about the same age as Jiang Yan, one year younger than Jiang Yan.”

That being the case, Jiang’s mother asked: “What does your colleague’s eldest brother do?”

“I don’t know this, so I have to ask my colleague.” Dad Mo said.

Mother Jiang thought, since the brothers are all work in the city government, the elder brother’s family background shouldn’t be bad. Anxious, he immediately begged Mo Dad to bring himself to the city government to ask Wen Shi Rong.

When she walked to the office building of the city government, Dad Mo took her for a walk, and walked to the door of the office where the sign was posted. Mother Jiang looked up and wrote Security Section, and immediately pulled Mo Dad: “What is your colleague position again?”

“He is the head of the team. Now that he is old, he has a clerical job and let him sit in the office.” Dad Mo said.

As soon as Mother Jiang heard it, she thought how big an official the woman’s uncle was, and he turned out to be a driver.

Seeing that Mother Jiang’s face was not good, Father Mo dared not step into Wen Shi Rong’s office at will, and hesitated: “This–”

“Go back.” Mother Jiang said a word lightly, but the steps did not hesitate to go back.


Late Wedding – Chapter 9 – Let’s get married

Chapter 9 – Let’s get married

“I promise to stand by you, to hold you up when you’re about to fall, and to always keep you safe. I never believed there was a girl out there for me. Until I met you. You changed everything. And I never want to live without you. I love you more than I ever thought possible.”
― J. Sterling ―

It’s not that he is poor, but he can be heard joking all the time. She doesn’t have this time to play affection with a man, and she can’t afford it either.

“Man Man.” Seeing her stand up, he stretched out his hand to pull her small wrist, clasping her wrist like some pliers.

Turning her head, the big spectacle lens of Gu looked at him: “Let me go.”

“No.” Definitely.

Is it possible that Miss Man Man wants to make a scene?

Man Man slowly said, “Why don’t you let me go?”

“You must have misunderstood me again.” Once again categorically.

Chu Xia and Du Yu looked anxious when they were there. You said that these two people haven’t started yet, how come they become awkward?

“Man Man.” Chu Xia came to persuade, “Don’t worry, listen to him to finish.”

“I want to listen to what he said.” Man Man is such a person, and things are very clear. “He is full of lies. Can she live with a man who is good at lying?”

Chu Xia was defeated, and it was a terrible defeat.

Man Man either doesn’t speak, or makes people feel complacent.

Du Yu blinked at Jiang Yan.

However, Jiang Yan’s actions still surprised him.

Standing in front of her, with a head raised, a tall and loose figure covering her small face. The corners of her arrogant mouth flattened, her eyebrows were drawn into her temples, her eyes like a star fell, almost as low as her white forehead. The strong breath fell on her ears, as if holding her earlobes, a short and powerful sentence:

“Let’s get married.”

The people and things around them are as hazy as smoke, and they are floating away. Man Man couldn’t see Du Yu and early summer. She stared at her big eyes. There were only his long eyebrows in her pupils. His starry eyes, and the dead heart in her chest was ignited, jumping again and again.

Between the rough palms, she held down along her soft little finger, then clasped one of her fingers, and made an action like an oath: “Wait for me. I am a soldier, and I must make a report if I wanna get married, but don’t worry, I should be able to approve it in about two months. I know you don’t believe me now, but I am sincere to you and really want to be with you.”

A man’s lingering love word.

Even if Man Man did not blush in the public, Chu Xia and Du Yu blushed.

The heart in his heart seemed to be supported by the palm of his stretched-out palm, too fast, so fast that he wanted to escape, because it was not real.

If he is not shabby, how can she get into his eyes?

Man Man is always practical. When the people around him blushed and their hearts were beating, his calm voice floated out with a desolation: “I need to think about it first.”

“What do you need to consider?” Chu Xia was in front of Jiang Yan, rushing to help Jiang Yan ask the question first. That group is anxious, who knows that the emperor is not in a hurry to die the eunuch.

No matter how good he is, can this marriage be done casually? Unlike foreign countries, Chinese marriage is a union of two families. You love me, not only for both men and women, but there must also be a family of both men and women.

“When she reports to his parents, let’s talk about it after agreeing.” Man Man wanted to minimize the damage between the two.

Speaking of the family hurdle, the two fires that Chu Xia and Du Yu burned for Jiang Yan’s marriage proposal were also extinguished.

“No problem.” Jiang Yan vowed, “I will call my parents to come over today.”

With a small face lifted, the corners of his arrogant mouth were full of confidence and flying, which made her confused again.

“Come here, it’s time for lunch.” Chu Xia hurriedly greeted everyone to come over to eat, how to say that Man Man was proposed to marry him is a gratifying thing.

The picnic basket was opened, and the neatly cut fruits and vegetables were cleaned piece by piece. The rice dumplings placed in the crisper were wrapped in seaweed and filled with meat, and the fragrance was overflowing. Jiang Yan only needs to see this delicious food: he must abduct this daughter-in-law home if he says anything.

He went back and immediately called his parents and said that he had found a wife who was satisfactory to them. Good character and better cooking skills.

So, when it comes to the Jiang family, Jiang Yan is the youngest, but he has passed the thirty marks. Because he was the youngest son, he was pampered by Jiang’s mother since he was a child and indulged in everything. Her son said he wanted to be a soldier when he was admitted to college, and he said he wanted to start a career and study abroad. Mother Jiang was anxious. She didn’t take advantage of her son’s holiday. She wanted to take her son to see the daughters of some old comrades-in-arms to urge the marriage. As a result, as soon as the holiday was off, his son followed Mo Wen Yang to the south for vacation. Mother Jiang thought this was over, how long the marriage would have to be. She didn’t expect to receive such an urgent call from her son. She responded with a hello from her son that night and discussed with her husband. The next day, the two hurriedly boarded the plane and rushed to see the future daughter-in-law.

Man Man had no idea that his in-laws would come so soon in the future. She saw Jiang Yan’s childishness in her eyes, and she felt that he could only believe three points. Moreover, no matter what his parents are like, she thinks her mother’s level is already quite troublesome.

Xu Yu’e hated Jiang Yan’s affairs on the first day, and the family is well known.

After returning home from the picnic that day, Wen’s family of four had dinner in the evening, which of course was prepared by Man Man.

Wen Yuan only scanned the four dishes and one soup on the table, frowning and asked: “Sister, when did you buy this dish? You bought it yesterday, right? It’s not fresh anymore.”

“I went to the market at five or six o’clock in the morning to buy it.” Man Man used the chopsticks in her hand to hold the rice grains in the bowl, still speaking slowly, not stunned by any provocations.

Wen Yuan felt annoyed every time she heard her sister’s soft but still unable to grasp a handle. “Bang” put her chopsticks and said, “Sister, Sister Hao Xue said she met you on the mountain today. You. How can I go shopping in the mountains at five or six o’clock?”

“I came back from buying vegetables at five or six o’clock, and after borrowing a car from someone, we set off at about eight or nine o’clock.” Manman said.

“Did you go to play?” Xu Yu’e knows what the little girl is angry about. Doesn’t this angry sister go out to play by herself without bringing her own sister? In other words, she has hide it from her parents, which is strange.

“Mom, I’m an adult. Do I need to talk about where I want to go?” Man Man would be strange if he couldn’t hear his mother helping his sister to be angry, and just talked about reason.

“But Yuanyuan is now in a stressful period. As an elder sister, you have to be considerate of your sister.” Xu Yu’e now has only one little daughter, Yuanyuan, who will become a phoenix in the future, and she doesn’t put any hope on Manman.

“Okay. Let’s continue eating.” Wen Shi Xuan, who has always been hardworking in front of his wife and daughter, can’t help but feel that the eldest daughter has done nothing wrong.

Wen Yuan was unhappy when she heard her father say to help her sister: “Dad, don’t you know that the man who lost the face of you and mom last time, sister went to play with that man today.”

“What?” Wen’s father and Wen’s mother threw the chopsticks together.

“Sister Hao Xue saw it with her own eyes, and the man personally said she wanted Sister Man Man to raise him. Sister Hao Xue lost her face in front of a group of friends and died of embarrassment on the spot. I think if I were there, I would want to hit the tree. Come on, why do I have such a spineless sister?” Wen Yuan said this, confident and relieved. The dishes she picked up were stuffed in her mouth, but she completely forgot that these dishes are all. Her sister cooked it according to her favourite taste.

Man Man eat the rice in small bites.

“You unfilial daughter, can you still eat?!” Xu Yu’e slapped her angrily, and the bowl in Man Man’s hand fell to the ground and fell into eight pieces.


Late Wedding – Chapter 8 – I only want her

Chapter 8 – I only want her

“Sometimes, you are the only one seeing what you want to see.”
― Emmanuel Apetsi

At that time, Man Man had no time to realize the meaning of his words. When she came back to her senses, she had already been dragged by him for a while.

The little face was red from the sun, and the lower shadow overlapped with his tall figure, and the light was so mottled that she dazzled her eyes.

The group reached halfway up the mountain. Chu Xia was the first to find a stone bench and greet others to sit on it. Seeing Man Man being dragged by Jiang Yan’s elbow to slowly walk up the stairs, Chu Xia smiled crookedly, and said, “You guys are pulling carts.”

Du Yu who was drinking water spouted out.

Man Man raised her eyelids, never knowing that Chu Xia was so eloquent, staring dryly.

Chu Xia afraid that she would really be angry on her, she sat down first, handed her a bottle of mineral water, and quietly approached her ear and said: “We hardly to come out and play together, just relax and enjoy the happy moment will do.”

She squeezed the lid of the mineral water bottle with her fingers, but she couldn’t unscrew it yet, and Man Man was sweating all over her body. She didn’t know if it was because of what Chu Xia had just said or was thinking about what he had just said.

Jiang Yan and Du Yu sat shoulder to shoulder under the tree to enjoy the shade.

“Has Man Man never had a boyfriend before?” Jiang Yan asked eloquently. Man Man looked like he had never been in contact with a man.

It stands to reason that Man Man is twenty-nine this year, it is impossible that he has never talked about a relationship.

When Du Yu talked about this, he felt sad for Man Man: “Don’t mention it. You should know the environment of her home? Just her mother who likes to make trouble without reason, how many good men have to be discouraged.”

Jiang Yan, who unscrewed the lid, suddenly had no intention of drinking water.

“If it’s her mother, let’s forget it, mainly her group of younger sisters.” Du Yu said this, real anger, “Everyone thinks they are royal descent. If Man Man makes a good love partner, they feel wronged. If Man Man makes a bad love partner, they feel that Man Man shames them. “

If it is a man with a normal mind and a good life, he will not want to approach Man Man when he hears Du Yu say this.

Du Yu dared to say that he was also betting on Jiang Yan’s sincere interest in Man Man: “Man Man is a mediocre person, her job is not good, and her family background is not very good too.” Du Yu put his hand on Jiang Yan’s shoulders: “By the way, buddy, what do you like about Man Man, I will give you a reference.”

“I like Man Man, but I like her It’s really unreasonable.” Jiang Yan said that he was embarrassed, and the corner of his eyes couldn’t help looking at Man Man.

Man Man has been struggling with the mineral water lid, her face tight.

The spontaneously clear temperament from the inside cannot be concealed, like a ray of clear light that stunned his eyes for a moment.

Jiang Yan thought: For such a good and innocent girl, there must be a good man to cherish and take care of.

The rustling, rustling, and wind rustled, feeling that his two beams of sight passed through the gap between the branches and fell on his face like a condensing light, and Man Man gently turned her face to another side.

How long hasn’t she been in contact with boys?

As far as I know, when the boys close to her know who is in her family, she can’t even compare to Yuanyuan who is not short-sighted in appearance. Her family is the worst in her family.

Because it didn’t happen at the beginning, she didn’t even have a boy ever told her to like her.

Man Man’s heart gradually became colder with this matter, and occasionally thought that it would be good to live a lifetime by oneself. However, why has a man suddenly appeared and said he likes her?

Man Man’s heart was beating again and again.

Looking at the sky, there is no cloud, the air in the mountains is fresh, and the breeze is breezy. There are more and more tourists going up the mountain, most of the tourists are getting younger and younger, and there are many groups of age tourist go to the mountain.

A group of about ten young people climbed up.

The bottle cap in Man Man’s hand could not be unscrewed, but when she raised her head, she ran into the face with Wen Hao Xue in the crowd.

It’s too late to hide.

“Sister Man Man?” Wen Hao Xue’s round face has always had a rich expression, and she was surprised to see the smile of her loved ones. It was only three seconds in the middle, and the camera couldn’t take a picture of her transition expression. “Sister Man Man, are you here alone? It’s boring to play alone. If you said it earlier, we could come together.”

Who wants to come with her?  

Chu Xia, who sat next to her and hugged her friend, immediately said: “Man Man didn’t come alone.”

Not alone?

Seeing Du Yu and Jiang Yan sitting under the big tree, Wen Hao Xue’s eyes smiled into two brackets.

Not to mention that Jiang Yan broke down, according to Wen Hao Xue’s understanding, Du Yu and Chu Xia also belong to white-collar workers such as the moonlight clan and have no money. So, Man Man, you should be careful when making friends. You made two friends who didn’t have money to help you match up. Didn’t you get caught? Reading this, Wen Hao Xue really “sympathized” with Man Man.

Standing there, motionless, and eager to stop, Wen Hao Xue really attracted the attention of his companions.

“Hao Xue, is it your sister?”

“Yes. My cousin sister.”

“Are you alone? If you are alone, let’s play with us. It’s fun if there are many people.”

“I think too, but my sister is not willing.” Wen Hao Xue said with infinite regret.

“How could it be unwilling?”

One or two eyes looked at Man Man, and then she saw Chu Xia, Du Yu, and Jiang Yan not without surprise. Now many girls’ eyes brightened when saw Jiang Yan Handsome face.

The handsome guy with red lips and white teeth is the most precious of non-sissy, and his slightly provocative long eyebrows are full of masculine temperament.

Seeing that everyone’s reaction was the same as she thought, Wen Hao Xue released a bomb: “Don’t look at him like this, he actually has other abilities.”

Carefully, everyone can imagine it.

Toy boy?

Those sugar baby who specializes in eating soft rice.

The girls giggled, no longer restrained, picked up their fingers and pointed at the handsome guy.

Du Yu was annoyed and wanted to stand up, but Jiang Yan held his shoulders.

“Don’t be angry, Brother Yu. I’m not angry.” Jiang Yan tilted his mouth and raised his eyebrows, showing his hostile arrogance, making a group of little girls’ blush.

Didn’t you say that you have broken down?

Proud like this?

Wen Hao Xue couldn’t resist it anymore: This man, who expression or gaze, would look like a shameless settlement? It’s not that she and my family have made a mistake.

Seeing that even the little cousin was suspicious, Man Man had even greater doubts about it in her heart.

A group of little girls whispered in exclamation.

Jiang Yan, who stepped on his long legs, suddenly sat next to Man Man, swept Man Man in his arms like a bird, Man Man’s small face was too late to turn red, and suddenly he heard a gentle sentence from the corner of his mouth:

“You are right, I only want her to support me.”


Man Man’s brain was blown to a blank.

Wen Hao Xue and a group of girls retreated at full speed.

“I said, Hao Xue, your sister is so pitiful, she actually put on a shameless sugar baby who stated that wanted to eat soft rice.”

Little finger hooked into the ear hole, Jiang Yan only cared about Du Yu and Chu Xia who were leaning forward and backward with a smile, and he could leak his details at any time.

The petite body in his arms moved, and Jiang Yan realized that he had gone wrong and hurriedly released his hand.

But Man Man’s face is not red and her heart is not beating, and her voice is calm and natural: “Mr. Jiang, we really are not suitable.”

Huh—Jiang Yan took a breath.

“Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future. Jobs, family, employers, and friends can exist one day without any one of us, and if our egos permit us to confess, they could exist eternally in our absence. Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.”
― Maya Angelou ―

Late Wedding – Chapter 7 – Love letter

Chapter 7 – Love letter

“The more I write about us, the more our love feels like art.”
― Laura Chouette ―

At night, turning on the flashlight in the bed, Wen Man lay on the bed and quietly pulled out the letter paper from the cowhide envelope.

On the dark stripes of the red bars, the free and easy pen and ink marks are like his character:

“Hi Man Man, dear Man Man,

What to do?

Because of your bowl of instant noodles, I think about it day and night, and think about your bowl of instant noodles every day.

I think I, Jiang Yan myself, have never missed something like this for thirty years. I was afraid that I was poisoned or ill. I ran to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed me: You are miserable. You are poisoned. If there is no antidote for this poison, it will invade the internal organs.

I thought about how this doctor’s words resembled the poisonous symptoms of martial arts masters in the Eight Divisions of Heavenly Dragon, which was clearly not credible.

However, when thinking of you, my heart hurts.

Even if I was in pain, I never thought that I would die. This may be the place I am most proud of, Jiang Yan himself. However, I will be afraid, you hate me——

I Jiang Yan has not tasted the taste of being hated by people, but if the taste of being hated by people I like, I Jiang Yan has tasted it for the first time, it is you, Man Man.  

Man Man, I like you.

Will you blush over this sentence?

I fantasize about this question every day, fascinated, and I am afraid that if I ask you this question in person, will you say to me annoyingly:

Mr. Jiang, how I hate your handsome face.”

Seeing this sentence, Wen Man’s mouth grinned.

Wen Yuan, who was sleeping on the lower bunk, turned over.

Wen Man hurriedly covered her mouth with her hands, and involuntarily swept down the letter paper, reading word by word:

“Actually you don’t know me.

Man Man.

There is a scar on the back of my neck, which is very ugly.

Man Man

Don’t hate me so much, okay?

I like you so much.

I Jiang Yan swore to heaven

I confess to women

This is the first time in life




So, it’s not difficult to get to know me, Man Man, let’s meet again … N times.

When the time comes, maybe you will tell me

Mr. Jiang, of course your handsome face can make me angry, but I don’t hate you.”

Looking at the complete letter, the smile in the corner of her mouth smiled into her heart, warmly.

If he wanted her to laugh and want her to be happy, he did it.

After folding the letter and putting it back in the cowhide envelope, Wen Yuan below suddenly said: “Sister, are you asleep?”

As soon as the flashlight was pressed, it was turned off immediately.

However, Wen Yuan has found out that she is not sleeping, and the exit is a series of unforgiving complaints: “You go to work at nine o’clock every day, and I have to go to class at 7: 30, do you know? !”

Wen Man wrinkled those two long and supple eyebrows slightly, looked at the dark ceiling and said: “I’m sorry, Yuanyuan, I just couldn’t sleep.”

With a bang, Wen Yuan turned over violently on the lower bunk. The shock caused the entire duck bunk to shake up and down, accompanied by an angry roar: “It’s better if you can’t get into a good university. Do you think I can’t get into a good university?” !”

The lower lip bites the mark tightly, Wen Man suppressed the ups and downs of her chest: “Yuanyuan, if you are really capable, you will be admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts and then you will say this to your sister!”

After waiting for a long time, Wen Yuan below did not dare to make a sound anymore.

The smile on the corner of Wen Man’s mouth fell off little by little and sank into the darkness. Thinking of his letter, she suddenly thought in her heart:

“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for a moment.”
― Georgia O’Keefe ―

Mr. Jiang, if you know our home is like this, would you still like me?

After Jiang Yan sent out the love letter he wrote for the first time in his life, his heart was as happy as a flying bird. He had insomnia that night, so he called Du Yu and asked if he could ask Man Man out again.

“We only met today, and we will meet again tomorrow?” Chu Xia was surprised.

“I think he is so enthusiastic, but he is a bit sincere.” Du Yu is very confident in Jiang Yan.

Chu Xia recalled and said, “You are not wrong in what you said. So far, I have never seen such a person chasing Man Man like this.”

“I think…” Du Yu turned to his side and discussed with his wife face to face, “It’s better to find a time for four of us to go out in the countryside. On the one hand, the two of us have not been romantic for a long time, and the other in terms of giving them a chance for intimacy.”

“Okay.” Chu Xia really thinks this suggestion is very good, so Man Man should be allowed to walk around and breathe fresh air, and stay in that Wen’s house, and sooner or later will be pissed off.

Wen Man heard that Chu Xia asked him to come out on the weekend again, and became a little wary: “Who else is there besides you and me?”

“You are responsible for preparing the picnic in the suburbs, and I will arrange the rest.” Chu Xia shamelessly.

Wen Man really didn’t know how to say it, maybe that letter had taken root in her heart. When she saw Jiang Yan appear as expected, she did not reject it in her heart.

Jiang Yan borrowed Mo Wen Yang’s vehicle. Du Yu was going to drive, and Chu Xia had to sit in the front seat with her husband, and the remaining two had to sit in the back seat.

The luggage was picked up on the car, and it was converged and set off at the door of the company.

Wen Man, who was sitting in the back seat against the car window, almost put her face on the cold window.

The first time she was so close to a man, her heart was dry and her face was dry.

Seeing her cramped and cautious, Jiang Yan kept smiling in his heart, surreptitiously stretched out his hand, and touched the end of her white fingers with his fingertips.

Wen Man was startled, and was about to retract her fingers, but was clamped by his fingers.

Immediately afterwards, his fingers were inserted between her five fingers along the gap between them, twisted like vines, and the warm heat flowed through the fingertips into the mouth of her heart.

The tea-coloured glass in the car window reflected the smile on the corner of his mouth, and Wen Man saw that he felt as if he had knocked over the jar in his heart.

“What are you thinking about?” Jiang Yan found the suspiciousness on her face and leaned involuntarily.

Wen Man’s small heart thumped several times again, and the smell on his body spread a little bit into her nose. It was a fresh and clean soap fragrance, like a freshly cut lemon. Her little face, smoked by this lemon, was flushed like a tide of water.  

In Jiang Yan’s eyes, the beautiful beauty in front of him was like a delicious red apple, causing his throat to itch and his lower abdomen to heat up. He licked his lips thirsty, but when he saw the beauty so shy, he dared not deviate.

These ten wrapped fingers were wrapped all the way to the end.  

The breath of spring is strong, the weather is not cold or hot, and the outing is just right.  

Along the road, I saw a lot of young people who travelled together, and there were many couples.

When going up the mountain, Du Yu and early summer shook hands.

Man Man followed behind, very nervous in her heart.

Such a scene reminded her of college.

Too young and too wanton, she felt dreamy and unreal, thinking she was still at home this morning and how to save money if really want go to Beijing.

“Man Man?”

A voice wrapped around her ears and lowered her ears, a thick warm breath teasing people.

Man Man jumped aside like a frightened bird.

Jiang Yan has never seen such a restrained girl. The smile in his heart couldn’t help but the corner of his mouth, pointing to the flower beside the road: “Do you like it?”

“Like—” Seeing him doing something to pick, he hurriedly “Hey”, stop it, “It’s not good to pick flowers.”

The shy show hand is quite courageous now, grabbing his half-sleeved arm.

When I realized it, Xiao Shou suddenly retracted it again, and the electric shock was not so fast.

Can’t help it, I can’t help it anymore.

He grabbed her little elbow, and he raised Ying Ting eyebrows to her, his eyes lit up like stars: “Miss Man Man, you have to believe that this beautiful man of me can’t be a hooligan.”


Late Wedding – Chapter 6 – Little satisfaction

Chapter 6 – Little satisfaction

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.”
― Seneca ―

Don’t look at Wen Man’s usual warmth. Once it’s true like this, the two crescent eyes behind the big black glasses can bluff the place of life.

Jiang Yan didn’t dare to say a little at this moment anyway. The burning smell from the pot made him realize how many mistakes he had made. But before going out, he didn’t forget to find a pair of gloves everywhere, handed them to her, and said cautiously: “Wear them, be careful not to burn your hands again.”

So, Wen Man raised his pretty eyebrows and finally recognized him. Without taking over the gloves, she just asked: “Why are you here, Mr. Jiang?”

“I am Du Yu’s friend.” Jiang Yan heard her read Mr. Jiang, knowing that she remembered himself, and smiled handsomely, “I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“How did you meet Du Yu?” Wen Man’s eyes were pointed.

“I knew Du Yu before.” Jiang Yan was about to poke a hole in her face as she stared at him, keeping his style, and smiling.

Wen Man didn’t know how to describe him, saying that he was a shabby man, but the courage of this kind of gesture was nothing like an ordinary family member. So, she twisted her eyebrows a little, and whispered: “If you are really friends with my senior, then I really misunderstood you. After all, the last time you went back to the Wen family, it seemed that your friends were all rich people.”

“How is it possible that my friends are all rich people? Especially with income like mine.” Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows slightly unhappy when she heard her say this.

Wen Man thought for a long time, but couldn’t catch any suspicious points in his words, and said with a long sigh: “So, are you really Du Yu’s friend?”

Seeing that she believed in himself, Jiang Yan nodded: “Since we are all friends of Du Yu, then we are also friends.”

If Wen Man can’t hear the meaning of this, that’s weird. Therefore, the white and tender skin of her pointed little face was slightly red, and it dimmed again when she thought of her mother Xu Yu’e’s reprimand that night.

Although she herself is so old, she shouldn’t marry herself casually. Of course, it doesn’t depend on whether the other party has money, but the character of a man is ultimately the most important thing. But this person is not going to mention it. The worst thing is that it seems that only good looks are desirable.

Jiang Yan saw her face red and white, and asked in a low voice: “What’s the matter?”

“Mr. Jiang, I have to clarify if there is something. I don’t think I and you are suitable. I believe your world is better than mine. You should have had many girlfriends.”

“Who said that I have many girlfriends?” Jiang Yan seemed to be a little angry when she interrupted her, his brows frowned, and his face turned to one side and said in a deep voice, “I thought you and your family People are different, and they don’t look at me with colored eyes.”

Wen Man should have been blocked by the slightly heavier sentence behind him, and seeing the look in front of him, he was not at all frivolous, and today he is not as fashionable as he was at the dinner gathering that night, just like Du Yu. Wearing a normal shirt and blue and black pants, showing some elegant student spirit.

Jiang Yan reached into his trouser pocket. After moving a little his eyebrows, he took out a simple cowhide envelope, slapped it into her hand, and turned around and walked out of the kitchen.

In the living room, Du Yu saw him come out and asked, “What’s wrong, aren’t you helping in the kitchen?”

“I accidentally burnt the vegetables.”

“Burning! You burnt the vegetables?”

Du Yu’s voice suddenly increased, and Jiang Yan was slightly surprised.

“Oh. The dishes cooked by Man Man are exquisite and very delicious.” Du Yu touched his chest somewhere, distressed that the delicacy at noon was missing one dish.

Jiang Yan saw someone feel distressed because of the food for the first time, and was slightly surprised again: “Is it delicious?”

“Very delicious.” Du Yu raised a finger mysteriously, “As long as you have eaten it once, you are sure to be infatuated.”

Speaking of being very delicious, Jiang Yan licked his tongue to the corner of his mouth, looking back at the instant noodles Wen Man had made for him that night, the taste was unparalleled.

But Du Yu put his hand on his shoulder and asked, “Are you making Man Man angry?”

Jiang Yan mumbled, thinking that when Wen Man was angry, those eyes were quite scary.

“How did you make her angry?” Du Yu comforted him on the one hand and asked carefully about the whole process on the other.

“I’m worried about her hand.” Jiang Yan slowly explained the reason.

Du Yu understood what was going on and smiled and asked him not to worry at all, “Man Man knows better than us when it comes to kitchen work. She has never been burnt for so many years. She knows exactly how hot it is. By the way, she will not be burned.”

Jiang Yan listened to him repeatedly assuring that his handsome eyes still looked at the kitchen door again and again.

Seeing him like this, Du Yu couldn’t help but recalled himself when he fell in love with his wife Chu Xia, so he believed a little bit about what he said.

After half an hour, the meal was officially opened.

Four people are sitting around a small square table. After Chu Xia placing the last dish in the middle, she patted her hands and said, “Come on everyone, let’s start to enjoy our wonderful lunch.”

That’s what I said, Du Yu and Chu Xia had a good heart, and they didn’t move their chopsticks immediately. Du Yu spooned a bowl of soup and put it in front of Jiang Yan, and said, “Try it.”

Wen Man tufted her eyebrows, touched her hand down, and she could touch the cowhide envelope in her pocket.

Jiang Yan, who was sitting across from her, picked up the small soup bowl, and after taking a sip slowly, a pair of clear eyes looked over through the mist from the mouth of the bowl.

The moment Wen Man received his gaze, she yanked her head down, put her hand in her jacket pocket and grabbed the envelope, and frowned sharply.

Chu Xia and Du Yu looked at them peacefully as if they were looking at each other, smiled at each other, and raised their chopsticks.

“Where does Jiang Yan work?” Chu Xia was a substitute for the buddies to inquire about each other’s situation.

“I go to school and work in Beijing.” Jiang Yan replied, “So if you are going to Beijing this time, I can be a tour guide.”

“What about the specific job?”

“For the time being in the unit of the army, doing jerseys.” Jiang Yan said, “Because it is an unstable public office, so I don’t have as much money as other friends.”

“But not afraid. At least you have a job now. My first request of my husband is also, don’t be lazy.” Chu Xia smiled.

Wen Man raised her eyebrows when she heard this. Who even told her a few days ago that she couldn’t find a man without three things, now?

Moreover, don’t look at the three people talking and laughing, the chopsticks never stopped for a moment, and the whole eight dishes and one soup had been swept by these three people in ten minutes. Of course, Chu Xia and Du Yu ate a lot every time it was her turn to cook. Today is no exception. However, this newcomer is like that night, as if he has been hungry for eight lifetimes, after the first bite, immediately drank three bowls of soup in one breath.

To this end, she bent her crescent-shaped eyes contentedly, pushed the big black glasses on the bridge of her nose, and covered herself.


Late Wedding – Chapter 5 – Intentional encounter

Chapter 5 – Intentional encounter

“Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together,but do so with all your heart.”
― Marcus Aurelius ―

Wen Man didn’t know about Jiang Yan’s visit. Every time she works, even if the sky is thunder, she will not be distracted.  

When she got off work, Wen Man washed her hands at the sink. Chu Xia came over and said to her, “Man Man, are you free this weekend?”

“Anything that I can help you?” Wen Man asked.  

“My husband came back from a business trip and wanted to eat a big meal.” When Chu Xia said this, her eyelids kept blinking.  

Wen Man looked at her with her head tilted: “Chu Xia, what’s wrong with your eyes?”

“It’s okay! Maybe I just ran back from the outside and got into a little sand, and it was okay with a blink of an eye.” Chu Xia Forte pretended to rub her eyes and spoke.

“Okay. Since your husband is back, if you want to reward him, I suggest you still engage in a few dishes of home-cooked food in this season. Because in the spring, it is better to have a lighter diet.” Wen Man knew exactly why her good friend said this, and she planned it for her good friend.

“Man Man. You know, I’m not familiar with cooking or something, otherwise you come and help me.” Chu Xia pulled her hand and asked sincerely.  

 Wen Man smiled and said, “Okay, my dear Chu Xia.”

Chu Xia is Wen Man’s best friend. I remember that when Wen Man was in college, she suddenly fell ill and didn’t dare to tell her family that it was Chu Xia who took care of her day and night in the hospital for a week. She also used her own scholarship to help Wen Man, who had no money to pay a large amount of medical expenses. From that time on, Wen Man determined that no matter what request Chu Xia had, she would never refuse it. As for the husband of Chu Xia, Du Yu, he was a senior they met in college. He is two years older than them. Although he doesn’t look very good, he is generous and honest. The most important thing is that he loves his wife’s Chu Xia very much. He advocates that all family expenses should be paid by men. Therefore, the wages received by Chu Xia never need to be paid to the family and used by oneself. If the husband is like this, what can the wife ask for? Therefore, Wen Man’s goal to find a man is this kind of good temperament, and everything else is secondary. Unfortunately, she never met one.

On the weekend, Wen Man took a bag of apples and went to Chu Xia’s home.

Chu Xia lived with her husband and rented a house of tens of square meters. It’s not that Chu Xia and her husband don’t want to buy a house, but they just don’t know where they want to officially settle down. This city cannot be said to be bad, but the hometowns of Chu Xia and Du Yu are not in this city. The two couples are still young and want to work together for a better world. So long ago, the two of them had the idea to go to Beijing to build their own universe. Today, Du Yu has found a better job in Beijing, and wants to take his wife to the north soon. Chu Xia has also agreed and inform the company that she might leave at any time.

On the way to Chu Xia’s home, Wen Man thought about Beijing. She also wanted to follow Chu Xia to Beijing. Beijing is the national cultural centre. As an artist, she naturally thinks of Beijing. As Chu Xia said, Wen’s family is full of things, and she can’t get married at home anyway. Being seen will only embarrass her parents. It’s better to go abroad to avoid suspicion.

If she wants to go, it’s best to go with Chu Xia and have a care.

“Cooking is at once child’s play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love.”
― Craig Claiborne

Wen Man rang the doorbell, and Chu Xia came over to open the door for her and said, “Come in. My husband is going to bring a friend home by the way.”

“Four people?” Wen Man asked.


Put the picked apples into the refrigerator. After Wen Man washed her hands, she went into the kitchen to help Chu Xia prepare lunch. With Man Man’s help’, Chu Xia only helped in the kitchen for a while then walked out, set the table and chairs, put the tableware, and cleaned around the house by the way. After all, there were guests who wanted to come over.

When it was almost time, Chu Xia heard the click of the door lock, and Chu Xia immediately walked to the door. After the door opened, facing the two men standing in front of the door, she put her finger to her lips and said, “Man Man doesn’t know yet. I didn’t tell her.”

“What are you afraid of?” Du Yu grabbed his wife’s hand and smiled heartily in a manly style. “Jiang Yan is indeed our friend now.”

So, the person following Du Yu is Jiang Yan.

Speaking of Jiang Yan met Chu Xia in Wen Man’s company that day, and after expressing his intentions, he asked Chu Xia about Wen Man. Chu Xia learned that this man was not a real shabby prince, and that she was very concerned about her buddies, so she revealed a little bit of Man Man’s hobby and so on. After seeing what happened to Wen’s house that night, Jiang Yan knew that Wen Man was not a frivolous woman who could get an appointment or date casually, so he asked for Chu Xia some trick. Chu Xia immediately said, “Let’s have a meal together.”

The idea of Chu Xia is: If this man can really taste the goodness of Wen Man from Wen Man’s meal, then there is absolutely no problem entrusting Wen Man to this man. At the beginning, because of Wen Man’s meal, she became Wen Man’s most dedicated best friend. Wen Man really good in cooking, most of the food she cooked like drugs, always make us miss her cook. It is also because Wen Man’s family is usually constantly picky about her cooking, which leads to her continuous improvement and continuous progress, so that she has today’s cooking skills.

After the two men entered the door, they asked, “Do you need any help?”

Chu Xia thought about it, and said, “Do you want to drink? There is a bottle of red wine left in the house. Let’s open it.”

Because there is no special corkscrew for red wine, the two men delved into using other tools to pry open the corks of wine bottles.

Wen Man suddenly shouted in the kitchen: “Chu Xia, come and help!”

It just so happened that Chu Xia entered the room, looking for something, but couldn’t hear it. Du Yu thought about it carefully, pouted his lips toward Jiang Yan and motioned. Jiang Yan accepted this kind offer with a smile and walked into the kitchen alone.

The kitchen of Chu Xia is a long strip, and the passage is a bit narrow, so two people can barely stand side by side. When Jiang Yan walked in, he saw the ponytail on the back of Wen Man’s head turned into a small bun, clamped by a green hairpin, and the little woman was full of charm. He stagnated and paused at the door. The rich aroma of the soup rushed toward him to make him energetic, and the beautiful woman in front of him seemed to be surrounded by clouds.

“Chu Xia!” Wen Man was the ear of the soup pot on the stove with two hands, and cried, “bring over the raw onions on my scratching board, hurry up!”

Waking up by the sound, Jiang Yan took a closer look at this moment and found that her two hands holding the soup pot were burnt red. This frightened him. After a stride, he grabbed the soup pot in her hand and put it back on the stove, then took her two wrists and pulled it under the faucet.

Splashing———–the water hit the shrimp red skin, and it turned white after a short while.

He exhaled deeply: Fortunately, nothing happened. However, soon, his spine swished into coldness, seeing Wen Man’s crescent eyes fixed on his face. Those cold sober eyes seemed to have caught the thief. Perhaps he was guilty of the thief. He thought so, and his hair stood up, and he hurriedly let go of her hand and explained: “I, I didn’t mean to—”

However, Wen Man ignored him. Instead, she immediately turned off the stove as soon as she smelled the scorching smell. After opening the lid and seeing the burnt vegetables, she suddenly turned to face him: “Get out! Don’t enter my kitchen in the future!”

Late Wedding - Chapter 5 - Intentional encounter