Why do men like “VIXEN”? What are the characteristics of “VIXEN”?

In the vision of men, women are divided into several types, lady type, intelligent type, good wife and good mother type… and the most special is the maverick vixen, this type of woman is loved by men.

Men like VIXENs, do you know why?

  1. The Vixen can desperate for love, even if she can only be an underground lover and bears the notoriety of a mistress, she doesn’t care. But when love is not there, she will also leave without hesitation, will not be nostalgic, will not look back, they will let go of their hands, and will not make life and death.
  2. The Vixen is very sentimental to love, and they often fall in love with men and cannot extricate themselves from it. Although she is not very dedicated, she is a monograph, which makes men have an inexplicable impulse towards her.
  3. The Vixen is by no means a timid and lovable little woman. In fact, no man can truly own her, and she will not cultivate herself according to the aesthetic standards of a man. She knew that if she fully met the standards of men, such a woman would have no lethal power for men.
  4. The Vixen don’t like lying. She can make you hurt and make you desperate, but she doesn’t lie. Even if she is very outstanding and extremely excellent, she can still bloom flowers for the man she loves as low as the dust.
  5. Although the vixen has many styles, she has a sensitive heart. She knows what kind of man needs what kind of woman, knows which kind of man needs which kind of comfort, and she has a precious soul echo with men.
  6. The Vixen understand that men make money is for women to spend it, so that men have a sense of accomplishment in front of women, so vixen still like to spend men’s money even if they are very rich, and always dress up flirtatious, stylish and sexy at any cost.
  7. The Vixen has an innate sexy, and completely from the heart. Through her every move, she can show her personal taste incisively and vividly, with irresistible personal charm.
  8. The Vixen never pursues perfection, she is a little bit bad, she has a little flaw, she likes to be cool, can smoke, sometimes looks a little pitiful, she doesn’t be a lady, because a lady can’t express her personality. Only in this way will a man fall into her world without knowing it。
  9. The biggest characteristic of a vixen is that she is very good in household work and even sosial life. The Vixen knows how to love and how to live. She will create a warm and romantic atmosphere. She can make men young, marvel men, make men crazy, burn men, and make men surging!
  10. Although the vixen are very strong in their hearts, when they encounter powerful men, they will become delicate and weak, as if they are weak, and men are often obsessed with heroes to save beauty. Such women can give men the dignity of a big man and make men more figurative.

19 characteristics of “vix spirits”———women must learn

  1. Wearing a magic bra and girdle, she shows off her proud and sexy figure all the time.
  2. Changing hair styles and dyeing hair constantly attract men’s attention.
  3. She pays great attention to skin care, and she wants to have a crystal clear, bullet-proof skin at any cost.
  4. She pays great attention to popular makeup and ensures that every time she goes out, her outfit is impeccable.
  5. When shopping, what makes her linger most is the underwear and sexy pajamas department.
  6. When she is intolerable and lonely, she always likes to call someone to accompany her to go out to play or calm down her mind.
  7. As long as it can make her look more beautiful, fashionable, and sexy, no matter how expensive the clothes are, she will take it for herself.
  8. She doesn’t bother to tidy up her boudoir, it doesn’t matter if she is in a mess, but once she goes out, she always dresses herself beautifully.
  9. Others always see her chatting with men, laughing or eating, but never seen her get along so happily and harmoniously with the same sex.
  10. She became more and more impatient with her other half, shouting and drinking all day, on the contrary, whispering softly to other people’s boyfriends.
  11. She likes to wear low-cut, off-the-shoulder and legless clothes the most. Otherwise, it is the looming lace and chiffon costumes.
  12. She is very concerned about other people criticizing her clothing taste or figure.
  13. She often analyzes her past love history with friends.
  14. She is absolutely unbearable loneliness and lonesome.
  15. The more occasions when there are many men,the more excited she will be,and she will be completely immersed in the game of discharge.
  16. She pays great attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of her nails, and must apply nail polish to make them look sexier and more attractive.
  17. She often flips through popular magazines and buys new fashion outfits for herself.
  18. She also likes to watch sexy photo albums and compare her figure with models.
  19. When she watched a literary film or a thriller film,her reaction was particularly exaggerated and moved.

The four behaviors that men hate women the most, women should never do it.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
― Stephen Chbosky ―


Every woman in love hopes that her lover can hold herself in the palm of her hand as a treasure. However, in real life, many women have a basic IQ of zero in love.

Because they care about men too much, they will be concerned about gains and losses. In their minds, men are everything to her, the most important person in her life, and they even regard men as her male gods.

However, a woman must understand that even if she loves a man again and cares about him, don’t have these four behaviours. That will only make him farther and farther away from you, until he leaves you.

Keep giving gifts to men, thinking that doing so will make him love women more.

Many women like to express their love to men by giving gifts to men. They think that men will like them, and they will be moved because of the expensive gifts she gave him, and they will love themselves even more.

In fact, there is a big difference between the thinking of men and women. In the perception of men, high-value women are disdainful of giving gifts to men. Only low-value women will please men with gifts.

A woman’s approach will only make men feel that you are bad, so they will ask for love by giving gifts. He will think you are cheap, and will look down on you.

When a woman quarrels, she thinks that a man will leave, worrying about gains and losses.

“You can be right and still lose the fight.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana ―

Many women despise themselves because they love men so much that they are afraid of men leaving. Such a woman seems particularly inferior and unconfident.

Because of this, every time she takes the normal quarrel between lovers as a signal that a man wants to break up. Such a woman has an extremely unstable mentality, and sometimes chooses to leave decisively after quarrelling with her relationship.

Sometimes they would walk back and beg the man not to break up with her. Such a different way of behaviour makes a man unbearable and will think she is a very strange and emotionally unstable woman, and eventually choose to break up firmly.

Not self-reliant, clinging to men all day long

“If she is to love life and freedom and be brave then she must learn to let go. To see beauty without clinging to it, to feel pain without holding it hostage, and to feel love without worry of losing it.”
― G.G. Renee Hil ―

There is such a woman who is born insecure. When they look for men, they just want to find a support for themselves. Such a woman is extremely self-reliant, and counts on a man to help her solve everything. With such a woman, men will feel mentally exhausted.

The most notable feature of insecure women is that they like to stick to men. They tried to prevent men from getting in touch with other women by guarding against them, so as to prevent him from changing his mind.

With such a woman, a man will feel very aggrieved and bound, and will continue to find ways to break free, until he can’t bear it, and eventually the man will choose to leave.

When a woman gets angry, she disappears and blocks all the contact information of a man.

Playing with the disappearing woman at every turn makes the man feel particularly weak. The kind of fist hitting cotton and the helplessness of looking for a woman to tell but no one can only be understood by men who have experienced it.

For the first time a woman “does”, to keep her a man will look for her everywhere until she is coaxed. But if a woman “does” like this at every turn, a man’s tolerance is also limited.

People’s hearts are chilled by this “work” repeatedly. When the woman once again ran away and blocked her contact information, but he was indifferent and treated her as if nothing, then congratulations, he has been hurt by her a long time ago, and he will never talk to her again.

Concluding remarks:

As women, they all want their men to pamper and love themselves unconditionally. However, women need to know that everything needs to be controlled. It’s like “doing” once, which is joyful, “doing” a hundred times, then it is boring and hateful.

Women want men to always respect themselves, love themselves, and be more tolerant of themselves, so they must manage themselves well and know what to do and what not to do. When you have done yourself well, he will love you who is sensible and knows how to advance and retreat.

Late Wedding – Chapter 6 – Little satisfaction

Chapter 6 – Little satisfaction

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future, not to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing. The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach. A wise man is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for what he has not.”
― Seneca ―

Don’t look at Wen Man’s usual warmth. Once it’s true like this, the two crescent eyes behind the big black glasses can bluff the place of life.

Jiang Yan didn’t dare to say a little at this moment anyway. The burning smell from the pot made him realize how many mistakes he had made. But before going out, he didn’t forget to find a pair of gloves everywhere, handed them to her, and said cautiously: “Wear them, be careful not to burn your hands again.”

So, Wen Man raised his pretty eyebrows and finally recognized him. Without taking over the gloves, she just asked: “Why are you here, Mr. Jiang?”

“I am Du Yu’s friend.” Jiang Yan heard her read Mr. Jiang, knowing that she remembered himself, and smiled handsomely, “I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“How did you meet Du Yu?” Wen Man’s eyes were pointed.

“I knew Du Yu before.” Jiang Yan was about to poke a hole in her face as she stared at him, keeping his style, and smiling.

Wen Man didn’t know how to describe him, saying that he was a shabby man, but the courage of this kind of gesture was nothing like an ordinary family member. So, she twisted her eyebrows a little, and whispered: “If you are really friends with my senior, then I really misunderstood you. After all, the last time you went back to the Wen family, it seemed that your friends were all rich people.”

“How is it possible that my friends are all rich people? Especially with income like mine.” Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows slightly unhappy when she heard her say this.

Wen Man thought for a long time, but couldn’t catch any suspicious points in his words, and said with a long sigh: “So, are you really Du Yu’s friend?”

Seeing that she believed in himself, Jiang Yan nodded: “Since we are all friends of Du Yu, then we are also friends.”

If Wen Man can’t hear the meaning of this, that’s weird. Therefore, the white and tender skin of her pointed little face was slightly red, and it dimmed again when she thought of her mother Xu Yu’e’s reprimand that night.

Although she herself is so old, she shouldn’t marry herself casually. Of course, it doesn’t depend on whether the other party has money, but the character of a man is ultimately the most important thing. But this person is not going to mention it. The worst thing is that it seems that only good looks are desirable.

Jiang Yan saw her face red and white, and asked in a low voice: “What’s the matter?”

“Mr. Jiang, I have to clarify if there is something. I don’t think I and you are suitable. I believe your world is better than mine. You should have had many girlfriends.”

“Who said that I have many girlfriends?” Jiang Yan seemed to be a little angry when she interrupted her, his brows frowned, and his face turned to one side and said in a deep voice, “I thought you and your family People are different, and they don’t look at me with colored eyes.”

Wen Man should have been blocked by the slightly heavier sentence behind him, and seeing the look in front of him, he was not at all frivolous, and today he is not as fashionable as he was at the dinner gathering that night, just like Du Yu. Wearing a normal shirt and blue and black pants, showing some elegant student spirit.

Jiang Yan reached into his trouser pocket. After moving a little his eyebrows, he took out a simple cowhide envelope, slapped it into her hand, and turned around and walked out of the kitchen.

In the living room, Du Yu saw him come out and asked, “What’s wrong, aren’t you helping in the kitchen?”

“I accidentally burnt the vegetables.”

“Burning! You burnt the vegetables?”

Du Yu’s voice suddenly increased, and Jiang Yan was slightly surprised.

“Oh. The dishes cooked by Man Man are exquisite and very delicious.” Du Yu touched his chest somewhere, distressed that the delicacy at noon was missing one dish.

Jiang Yan saw someone feel distressed because of the food for the first time, and was slightly surprised again: “Is it delicious?”

“Very delicious.” Du Yu raised a finger mysteriously, “As long as you have eaten it once, you are sure to be infatuated.”

Speaking of being very delicious, Jiang Yan licked his tongue to the corner of his mouth, looking back at the instant noodles Wen Man had made for him that night, the taste was unparalleled.

But Du Yu put his hand on his shoulder and asked, “Are you making Man Man angry?”

Jiang Yan mumbled, thinking that when Wen Man was angry, those eyes were quite scary.

“How did you make her angry?” Du Yu comforted him on the one hand and asked carefully about the whole process on the other.

“I’m worried about her hand.” Jiang Yan slowly explained the reason.

Du Yu understood what was going on and smiled and asked him not to worry at all, “Man Man knows better than us when it comes to kitchen work. She has never been burnt for so many years. She knows exactly how hot it is. By the way, she will not be burned.”

Jiang Yan listened to him repeatedly assuring that his handsome eyes still looked at the kitchen door again and again.

Seeing him like this, Du Yu couldn’t help but recalled himself when he fell in love with his wife Chu Xia, so he believed a little bit about what he said.

After half an hour, the meal was officially opened.

Four people are sitting around a small square table. After Chu Xia placing the last dish in the middle, she patted her hands and said, “Come on everyone, let’s start to enjoy our wonderful lunch.”

That’s what I said, Du Yu and Chu Xia had a good heart, and they didn’t move their chopsticks immediately. Du Yu spooned a bowl of soup and put it in front of Jiang Yan, and said, “Try it.”

Wen Man tufted her eyebrows, touched her hand down, and she could touch the cowhide envelope in her pocket.

Jiang Yan, who was sitting across from her, picked up the small soup bowl, and after taking a sip slowly, a pair of clear eyes looked over through the mist from the mouth of the bowl.

The moment Wen Man received his gaze, she yanked her head down, put her hand in her jacket pocket and grabbed the envelope, and frowned sharply.

Chu Xia and Du Yu looked at them peacefully as if they were looking at each other, smiled at each other, and raised their chopsticks.

“Where does Jiang Yan work?” Chu Xia was a substitute for the buddies to inquire about each other’s situation.

“I go to school and work in Beijing.” Jiang Yan replied, “So if you are going to Beijing this time, I can be a tour guide.”

“What about the specific job?”

“For the time being in the unit of the army, doing jerseys.” Jiang Yan said, “Because it is an unstable public office, so I don’t have as much money as other friends.”

“But not afraid. At least you have a job now. My first request of my husband is also, don’t be lazy.” Chu Xia smiled.

Wen Man raised her eyebrows when she heard this. Who even told her a few days ago that she couldn’t find a man without three things, now?

Moreover, don’t look at the three people talking and laughing, the chopsticks never stopped for a moment, and the whole eight dishes and one soup had been swept by these three people in ten minutes. Of course, Chu Xia and Du Yu ate a lot every time it was her turn to cook. Today is no exception. However, this newcomer is like that night, as if he has been hungry for eight lifetimes, after the first bite, immediately drank three bowls of soup in one breath.

To this end, she bent her crescent-shaped eyes contentedly, pushed the big black glasses on the bridge of her nose, and covered herself.


A man does these things to prove that he really loves you

“The first step to be a good man is this: You must deeply feel the burden of the stones someone else carrying.”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Most women often say that men can’t believe what they say, anyone can rely on it, that is, men can’t rely on things like that. It’s sad, it can only be said that you haven’t met a good man, or that women don’t understand men at all. If a man really loves you, he will do the following things:  

A man does these things to prove that he really loves you

Willing to pay for you

Money is not the most important thing in romantic life, but it is necessary. If a man really loves you, he will not calculate money for you. As long as you need reasonable and able to pay, he will certainly not fail to agree. Because in his heart, even you are his, why can’t he spend money for you?

Willing to listen to you

Women often have a lot of unhappy things. In the eyes of men, many are just small things, and they are not even worth caring about. A man who loves you will want to know what you are thinking, and will be willing to listen to your complaints. After hearing a lot of your words, he will comment and comfort you.

Willing to suffer for you

Most young men are hard-working, and it doesn’t matter if they suffer. People with limited financial resources will reduce their expenses and pay for them emotionally. A capable person will think about your future when doing everything. When a man eats himself, he will think about whether you have eaten or not. When he is entertaining, he will always think if he can take you there. When he is happy, he will always think of how you feel at this time. , In short, no matter what state you are in, men will think of you.

Willing to end for you

When two people eat together, often girls will end up saying that they can’t eat anymore. A man who loves you will be willing to help you with the rest. Most men of this age are raised in the presence of a baby at home. They have always been paid by their family members and enjoyed themselves. If he really loves someone, he will let go of himself and go for the one he loves.

At critical times, he will always protect you

“Rain with an umbrella while holding hands with your lover is damned sure nice.”
― Carew Papritz ―

When two people are shopping together, the man who loves you will walk on the side of the road, and you will be on the side of the road, so you will be safe. When climbing, the man who loves you will always be behind you and can protect you from climbing. When it rains, he will always tilt the umbrella a little more towards you, even if he gets wet, he doesn’t want you to get a little bit of rain. When there is a strong wind, he will hug you tightly and prevent you from being blown by the wind… No matter what the situation, he is willing to minimize the harm to you.

A good man needs a good woman to take good care of. Maybe the man next to you is not perfect, not the prince-like man you have always dreamed of, but as long as he treats you sincerely, you should To cherish, a woman’s greatest cherishment for a man is to love him well, there is only him in her heart, and she is willing to work with him to endure what she has to face in life.
Finally, I hope that all people in the world who truly love each other will stay together, cherish each other, and face it together.

“A man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her.”

By Oscar Wilde

What do you mean by open marriage in life?

What is open marriage?

“Open marriage thus can be defined as a relationship in which the partners are committed to their own and to each other’s growth. It is an honest and open relationship of intimacy and self-disclosure based on the equal freedom and identity of both partners.
By Tristan Taormino

Open marriage is a casual lifestyle adopted by both spouses in dealing with sexual life after they get married, that is, their sexual life is arbitrary and does not restrict each other. This kind of marriage is similar to dancing between men and women. If you feel good, you will dance, and if you feel bad, you will go to different things and find your own.


Before deciding on a more fixed partner, this kind of person usually skips with a few people. Where can they not practice their personal feelings? How to identify who is best without comparison? Such people generally don’t take marriage too seriously, let alone see it as immutable. Since they can get married, if they feel unhappy, they can of course get divorced.


“Open marriage” or “partner marriage”——It is to break the exclusive rights of “monogamy” to the body and spirit, so that both body and spirit can be “shared”.

Open marriage is very popular nowadays. Many young people say that they can accept this form of marriage. It is a very avant-garde form of marriage. However, many small partners don’t know what open marriage is. Next, let me tell you.

First of all, open marriage refers to the spouses adopting a casual lifestyle in their sexual life after they get married. In simple terms, their sexual life is casual and not restricting each other. In vulgar terms, it means playing their own ways.

This kind of people generally don’t care much about marriage. They have a mentality of getting along and leaving if they can’t, and they are very casual. Strictly speaking, this is a sign of immaturity. Since two people have chosen to get married, they still have to take responsibility.

Open marriage, spiritually and emotionally, has enough freedom to develop one’s own personality. It can only be said that there are advantages and disadvantages. Under this new principle, everyone can freely develop their individuality and benefit from it.

But traditionally, it is better not to do this now. Because no matter from the family or morality, it is not certain. Especially in China, marriage is a matter for two families, and we cannot be too casual.

A psychologist told me that his experience of open marriage.

“What do the Chinese think about open marriage?”

When I went to a foreign country for professional training, a psychotherapist Peter suddenly asked me.

In a hotel in San Francisco, we were sitting by the pool, passing by young girls in bikinis from time to time.

He said: “My wife and I have an open marriage, and we have a ‘date night’ every week——I spend the night with my lover, and I will come back to communicate with each other the next day. But recently I have some troubles: a Chinese girl is with me. The time together is a bit longer.”

Peter is white, in his 50s, and still maintains an enviable figure.

“Where is the trouble?”

“I have changed several girls, and I can’t forget her. Are Chinese girls very infatuated?”

“Are you infatuated, or is she infatuated?”

“What do you think I should do?”

“We all learn psychology, maybe you should understand how to do it.”

“No, no, no!” He lifted his head in pain, waved to me, and walked to the girl across from the pool.

Which of the three types of open marriages has a good ending?

After so many years of consulting, I have met many fans of “open marriage”.

The results of it?

I haven’t heard of a good ending.


You will know by analyzing it.

Active “open marriage”

“An open marriage is nature’s way of telling you that you need a divorce”
By Ann Landers

Peter and his wife are both players in love. When they were 35 years old, they met and found that they were in love with each other, so they wanted to try marriage.

It’s 5 years to try it, but Peter can’t try it now.

After he talked to me that day, he tried to hook up with a girl, and the other party had already thrown his arms, but he was suddenly dim, and he still wanted to chat with me.

“What do you mean, try marriage?” I asked him.

He said: “I can’t really love only one person, and I can’t be with one person for a long time. After I love, it’s all daily trivial and boring. I want a lot of fun, a lot of joy, a lot of exciting games, but marriage will be like circling a mustang … ”

“So, you agreed that although you are married, you don’t have to be loyal?”

“Our understanding of loyalty is more advanced: if we like other people, we will tell each other the first time and be transparent to each other.”

Peter’s wife comes from a family with a particularly strong religious tradition. When she was a child, she had to recite the Bible with her father for half an hour every night. Only if she memorized it word for word, she could go to bed.

When Peter was 3 years old, his parents divorced, and he grew up with his father. His first impression as a child was that in a smoke-filled room, his father and a group of people played guitar and sang all night long. Less than 10 years old, he was broken by one of his father’s girlfriends.

A person who hates a rigid life, a person who always lives in a high concentration of emotional stimulation, they all have their own demons.

Peter’s father died of drugs in the end, so he absolutely doesn’t touch it, but sex takes its place and can help him maintain this highly exciting life.

“You know, I’m so tired of these love games, but I don’t know how to stop. We have nothing to say now, and I long for someone to let me stop, take a break, and make me feel safe. So, I love more and more That Chinese girl, but I’m scared.”

“What are you afraid of?” I asked him.

“I’m afraid that if I need this person too much, she will completely control me.”

In fact, we have been working hard to do two things all our lives:

  1. Fight against the demons.
  2. Self-integration.

Peter’s life revolves around trauma. As a child, how can he not need a quiet and warm home?

But he didn’t have such a home, and he had to accept his father’s life, which was always high to the extreme, and only in this way would his father not despise him.

On the one hand, he agrees with happiness, but deep down in his heart, what he needs more is happiness.

What he needs most is a maternal environment, so that he can relax and perch, without so much stimulation to cover his sadness: I want to have a home, a small place, let me shelter, let me be myself.

Those who declared that they wanted an “open marriage” at the beginning were just afraid of deeper emotional links, so they used the development of “superficial” relationships as a fig leaf.

 Because they can’t face the demons, they will constantly put themselves in the game and self-anaesthesia.

Until one day, they can’t play anymore, and the other side of life will flip over——-they have to face a major choice:

Is it to start waking up, or to increase the dose of anaesthesia?

Passive ” Open Marriage”

Such a relationship is very common in Chinese-style marriage.

The general standard is like this:

  • The couple belong to the “model couple” in the eyes of everyone.
  • The two people talked about nothing and were very close.
  • Only have no sexual desire for each other. (Maybe there was at first, and then it got lighter and lighter)
  • Both parties and unilateral lovers outside marriage can satisfy their sexual desires, but they have no feelings.

Such a relationship can be maintained for a long time, but in the end, there will be a day of “breaking work”.

I asked one of the couples to imagine: in bed, how old are they?

The man said: “I am in bed, it seems that I am only 8 years old, and she seems to be my mother.”

The woman said: “I seem to be 18 years old in bed, and he seems to be a child.”

In short, in sex, they all have very depressive parts.

Unlike the first type of “sex game” “open marriage”, their approach is to put all the fear of intimacy in the “sex” world.

What are they afraid of?

The fear is the encounter of water and fire.

A man who had never been able to have sex with his wife told me that when he was 12 years old, once he was bullied by his classmates, he threw himself into his mother’s arms and instinctively sucked her breasts.

Suddenly, he heard his mother’s groan, and since then he has always hated her mother, and their relationship has ceased.

What is he afraid of?

Fear of his own desires, fear of having a relationship with his mother.

Because he couldn’t accept desire and wanted to connect with his mother at the same time, he had always contradicted himself in the intimate relationship, so he could only throw desire and intimacy to two people.

The wife he was looking for also happened to be a virgin woman. She had always been dressed very plainly, and it was almost impossible to realize that she was a charming woman.

Why “hide yourself”?

Because she deeply understands that as a child, after the mother’s derailment, it is shame to be blocked by the “enemy” and yelling at the door.

So they have all become victims of “sexual depression”.

They want to exclude the “dirty” of sex from intimacy, so that their world can not be destroyed and can always be safe.

But this separation of “sex” and “love” must be like a rubber band, and one day it will break if it is tight.

Once one of them has an “emotional link” with an extramarital lover, their relationship based on “fear” will fall apart.

“Fake” open marriage

“The husband cheated. He suggested that we have an ‘open marriage’.”

Many people will face such a scene.

The result?

There may be three types:

  1. The woman also tried to cheat, just to retaliate against her husband and try to see if her husband would be jealous.
  2. The woman also tried and found that the talent is the best, but in 80% of the cases, the other party is just playing, so the woman will lose love again.
  3. The woman also tried, but she wanted to transfer her emotions in this way, but found that it was a futile effort, and her heart still couldn’t tolerate others.

In fact, this kind of “open marriage” is just a repetition of the ancient “polygamy” system. It is difficult for the woman to be as “chic” as the man. The reason for accepting this “big house system” is only because she cannot do without this man and cannot give up. Marriage.

And after they tried, men often had the following three reactions:

  1. It doesn’t matter: He likes this kind of relationship with a very indifferent boundary.
  2. Be jealous: I can cheat, you can’t! The relationship gets worse.
  3. Happy: I finally caught your pigtail, so that my divorce will be easier.

What we need to open is our heart, not marriage.

In summary, we can draw a conclusion: “Open marriage” is not the “final version” of marriage, because its essence is the “low-match version” of intimacy.

There are two levels of marriage

The first level is “protective marriage”: protection marriage tries to adopt various “conservative treatments.”

  1. “Rationalization”: Marriage is all family affection at the end, so you can “bear hard”.
  2. “Drugization”: Since life is too dull, let derailment become our aphrodisiac.
  3. “Defensive”: Since the heart is really dangerous, dilute the relationship, even if the injury is not too deep.

The advantage is immediate results.

The disadvantage is the “marginal effect“. Although these temporary measures can save a moment, they cannot save the entire life.

Because no one wants hemiplegia, no one wants to contradict himself, no one wants to be chased by fear.

We all need inner peace and balance in life.

The second level is the “healing level marriage”.

  1. A truly powerful marriage can help us grow, let us repair the wounds of the past, and have a stronger self.

Many people settle down to realize self-growth only when “love is at an end.”

Some people are not so lucky, “walk all the way to the dark”.

The so-called “change your fate against the sky” is nothing more than whether you really have such a consciousness, stop and stop hitting the same stone.