Why do men like “VIXEN”? What are the characteristics of “VIXEN”?

In the vision of men, women are divided into several types, lady type, intelligent type, good wife and good mother type… and the most special is the maverick vixen, this type of woman is loved by men.

Men like VIXENs, do you know why?

  1. The Vixen can desperate for love, even if she can only be an underground lover and bears the notoriety of a mistress, she doesn’t care. But when love is not there, she will also leave without hesitation, will not be nostalgic, will not look back, they will let go of their hands, and will not make life and death.
  2. The Vixen is very sentimental to love, and they often fall in love with men and cannot extricate themselves from it. Although she is not very dedicated, she is a monograph, which makes men have an inexplicable impulse towards her.
  3. The Vixen is by no means a timid and lovable little woman. In fact, no man can truly own her, and she will not cultivate herself according to the aesthetic standards of a man. She knew that if she fully met the standards of men, such a woman would have no lethal power for men.
  4. The Vixen don’t like lying. She can make you hurt and make you desperate, but she doesn’t lie. Even if she is very outstanding and extremely excellent, she can still bloom flowers for the man she loves as low as the dust.
  5. Although the vixen has many styles, she has a sensitive heart. She knows what kind of man needs what kind of woman, knows which kind of man needs which kind of comfort, and she has a precious soul echo with men.
  6. The Vixen understand that men make money is for women to spend it, so that men have a sense of accomplishment in front of women, so vixen still like to spend men’s money even if they are very rich, and always dress up flirtatious, stylish and sexy at any cost.
  7. The Vixen has an innate sexy, and completely from the heart. Through her every move, she can show her personal taste incisively and vividly, with irresistible personal charm.
  8. The Vixen never pursues perfection, she is a little bit bad, she has a little flaw, she likes to be cool, can smoke, sometimes looks a little pitiful, she doesn’t be a lady, because a lady can’t express her personality. Only in this way will a man fall into her world without knowing it。
  9. The biggest characteristic of a vixen is that she is very good in household work and even sosial life. The Vixen knows how to love and how to live. She will create a warm and romantic atmosphere. She can make men young, marvel men, make men crazy, burn men, and make men surging!
  10. Although the vixen are very strong in their hearts, when they encounter powerful men, they will become delicate and weak, as if they are weak, and men are often obsessed with heroes to save beauty. Such women can give men the dignity of a big man and make men more figurative.

19 characteristics of “vix spirits”———women must learn

  1. Wearing a magic bra and girdle, she shows off her proud and sexy figure all the time.
  2. Changing hair styles and dyeing hair constantly attract men’s attention.
  3. She pays great attention to skin care, and she wants to have a crystal clear, bullet-proof skin at any cost.
  4. She pays great attention to popular makeup and ensures that every time she goes out, her outfit is impeccable.
  5. When shopping, what makes her linger most is the underwear and sexy pajamas department.
  6. When she is intolerable and lonely, she always likes to call someone to accompany her to go out to play or calm down her mind.
  7. As long as it can make her look more beautiful, fashionable, and sexy, no matter how expensive the clothes are, she will take it for herself.
  8. She doesn’t bother to tidy up her boudoir, it doesn’t matter if she is in a mess, but once she goes out, she always dresses herself beautifully.
  9. Others always see her chatting with men, laughing or eating, but never seen her get along so happily and harmoniously with the same sex.
  10. She became more and more impatient with her other half, shouting and drinking all day, on the contrary, whispering softly to other people’s boyfriends.
  11. She likes to wear low-cut, off-the-shoulder and legless clothes the most. Otherwise, it is the looming lace and chiffon costumes.
  12. She is very concerned about other people criticizing her clothing taste or figure.
  13. She often analyzes her past love history with friends.
  14. She is absolutely unbearable loneliness and lonesome.
  15. The more occasions when there are many men,the more excited she will be,and she will be completely immersed in the game of discharge.
  16. She pays great attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of her nails, and must apply nail polish to make them look sexier and more attractive.
  17. She often flips through popular magazines and buys new fashion outfits for herself.
  18. She also likes to watch sexy photo albums and compare her figure with models.
  19. When she watched a literary film or a thriller film,her reaction was particularly exaggerated and moved.

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