The four behaviors that men hate women the most, women should never do it.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
― Stephen Chbosky ―


Every woman in love hopes that her lover can hold herself in the palm of her hand as a treasure. However, in real life, many women have a basic IQ of zero in love.

Because they care about men too much, they will be concerned about gains and losses. In their minds, men are everything to her, the most important person in her life, and they even regard men as her male gods.

However, a woman must understand that even if she loves a man again and cares about him, don’t have these four behaviours. That will only make him farther and farther away from you, until he leaves you.

Keep giving gifts to men, thinking that doing so will make him love women more.

Many women like to express their love to men by giving gifts to men. They think that men will like them, and they will be moved because of the expensive gifts she gave him, and they will love themselves even more.

In fact, there is a big difference between the thinking of men and women. In the perception of men, high-value women are disdainful of giving gifts to men. Only low-value women will please men with gifts.

A woman’s approach will only make men feel that you are bad, so they will ask for love by giving gifts. He will think you are cheap, and will look down on you.

When a woman quarrels, she thinks that a man will leave, worrying about gains and losses.

“You can be right and still lose the fight.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana ―

Many women despise themselves because they love men so much that they are afraid of men leaving. Such a woman seems particularly inferior and unconfident.

Because of this, every time she takes the normal quarrel between lovers as a signal that a man wants to break up. Such a woman has an extremely unstable mentality, and sometimes chooses to leave decisively after quarrelling with her relationship.

Sometimes they would walk back and beg the man not to break up with her. Such a different way of behaviour makes a man unbearable and will think she is a very strange and emotionally unstable woman, and eventually choose to break up firmly.

Not self-reliant, clinging to men all day long

“If she is to love life and freedom and be brave then she must learn to let go. To see beauty without clinging to it, to feel pain without holding it hostage, and to feel love without worry of losing it.”
― G.G. Renee Hil ―

There is such a woman who is born insecure. When they look for men, they just want to find a support for themselves. Such a woman is extremely self-reliant, and counts on a man to help her solve everything. With such a woman, men will feel mentally exhausted.

The most notable feature of insecure women is that they like to stick to men. They tried to prevent men from getting in touch with other women by guarding against them, so as to prevent him from changing his mind.

With such a woman, a man will feel very aggrieved and bound, and will continue to find ways to break free, until he can’t bear it, and eventually the man will choose to leave.

When a woman gets angry, she disappears and blocks all the contact information of a man.

Playing with the disappearing woman at every turn makes the man feel particularly weak. The kind of fist hitting cotton and the helplessness of looking for a woman to tell but no one can only be understood by men who have experienced it.

For the first time a woman “does”, to keep her a man will look for her everywhere until she is coaxed. But if a woman “does” like this at every turn, a man’s tolerance is also limited.

People’s hearts are chilled by this “work” repeatedly. When the woman once again ran away and blocked her contact information, but he was indifferent and treated her as if nothing, then congratulations, he has been hurt by her a long time ago, and he will never talk to her again.

Concluding remarks:

As women, they all want their men to pamper and love themselves unconditionally. However, women need to know that everything needs to be controlled. It’s like “doing” once, which is joyful, “doing” a hundred times, then it is boring and hateful.

Women want men to always respect themselves, love themselves, and be more tolerant of themselves, so they must manage themselves well and know what to do and what not to do. When you have done yourself well, he will love you who is sensible and knows how to advance and retreat.

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