Late Wedding – Chapter 12 – I won’t wrong myself for getting married

Chapter 12 – I won’t wrong myself for getting married

“Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision about your own life that upsets other people. You are not responsible for their happiness. You’re responsible for your own happiness. Anyone who wants you to live in misery for their happiness should not be in your life anyway.”
― Isaiah Hankel ―

Hearing Wen Shi Xuan’s scolding, Zhang Qiu Yan didn’t get angry at all, she just said to Xu Yu’e: “Sister-in-law, if you think it’s OK, persuade Man Man. Next time everyone dresses better and eats at Hua Sheng. I’m leaving now.”

Speaking of Hua Sheng, Xu Yu’e came back and pushed her husband’s shoulder: “You persuade Man Man.”

“How can I persuade?!” Wen Shi Xuan wanted to get angry, met his wife’s fierce eyes, and lost his voice, so he went into the kitchen to be an ostrich.

“Why is Dad like this? You don’t think about it for sister.” Yuan Yuan raised her eyebrows and said to her father’s back.

Man Man sat in the room, and she could hear everything outside. When the stepmother of a girl of the same age as her younger sister, she felt ashamed of herself.

The second aunt is vicious enough to make such a move.

Regardless of whether Man Man accepts it or not, Zhang Qiu Yan has done enough to be an auntie: You blame me and my husband for not contributing to the marriage of my niece, and now I introduce a good person with money, it is Man Man and you who do not want it.

Whether a girl is married well or not depends not on the other man’s appearance, but on the other’s man’s abilities. As for character, no one can guarantee the two things before and after marriage.

Secularity is a double-edged sword, which can strangle people to death like a rope.

Man Man was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling. Her forehead was hot, her cheeks were hot, and her heart was cold. She finally realized that no matter how she struggled, she and her father would have no status in this family after all, because of a reality-no money!

Just like her mother said, can you get rid of yourself by marrying a rich man? Man Man saw it clearly and didn’t think so at all. The money belongs to the man, and the other party can even use the money to humiliate you. The maiden family has no money and power, so you can only treat you as the water poured out, how can the maiden family protect you.

The daughter’s home is cheap, especially the poor and incapable daughter’s home.

“Man Man, it’s time to eat.” Xu Yu’e’s call to her eldest daughter at the door was not much softer than usual.

Man Man got up, she tidied her clothes, combed her hair with a comb, and tidyed herself up before going out.

The door opened, and the family sat at the dinner table waiting for her.

Xu Yu’e had too many expectations in her eyes.

Yuan Yuan smiled happily. If there is a rich brother-in-law, she won’t have to worry about tuition in the future.

Wen Shi Xuan frowned.

Man Man sat down at the table and picked up the bowls and chopsticks: “Let’s eat. Let’s talk about it after dinner.”

Xu Yu’e forbearance, now Man Man is a hen who can lay golden eggs, she can’t be a tutor at every turn like before.

A family of four ate this meal silently, and the undercurrent was raging.

Just after dinner, Xu Yu’e couldn’t help it, urging her younger daughter to clean up the dinner table, and caught the elder daughter and asked, “Man Man, you give mom an answer, and mom has to rush to promise people.”

“Mom, Hua Sheng can’t fly. Besides, if Hua Sheng is gone, there are other better restaurants.” It is rare for Man Man not to close the table today and give his father tea after dinner.

For a while, she couldn’t hear the meaning of Man Man, and Xu Yu’e was stunned.

“Sister, there is no such store in this village after this. When are you going to drag it? Yuan Yuan received the bowl and chopsticks sonorously, worrying for herself and her mother.

After the little daughter reminded her, Xu Yu’e held Man Man: “What? Are you dissatisfied?”

“Mom, I’m not going to marry.” Man Man held her feet firmly.

“Why?” Xu Yu’e simply wanted to admire that she could still ask calmly at this moment.

“I will not wrong myself for getting married.”

Xu Yu’e instantly changed from a high-spirited hen to a piece of ice: “Okay. Do what you want. You have grown up, and Mom can’t control you so much.”

Yuanyuan raised her head when she heard her mother surrender easily, unbelievable: “Mom——”

“You talk less, quickly clean up the dinner table and go to study. Don’t be like your sister. After all, mom will go one step ahead of you. In the future, you will be alone in your next life, and there is no one to accompany you. Mom can’t help it. Mom did my best for you! “Xu Yu’e didn’t growl, a word seemed to bite out of the hate, and threw the door out.

She was implicated. Yuanyuan received all the bowls and chopsticks in her hand before throwing them back on the table and rushed up to the small attic in rocket style with Xu Yu’e.

“Man Man!”  Seeing that the family was torn apart, Wen Shi Xuan couldn’t smoke this cigarette anymore.

“Dad.” Man Man knelt down and asked, holding a cup of tea to her father, “Do you blame me too?”

Wen Shi Xuan faced her big and bright eyes, as if seeing her begging him to buy a lollipop when she was a child, and shook his head: “Dad doesn’t blame you.”

“Dad. I don’t think I can stay in this home. I want to go to Beijing with Chu Xia and Du Yu.”

After a while of speechlessness, Wen Shi Xuan coughed twice: “Do what you want to do. Dad has no other ability, so dad can only not oppose you to do what you like.”

With the words of her father, Man Man felt at ease in her heart. She told her father honestly: “If Yuan Yuan is going to the Academy of Fine Arts, and the arts are going to spend more money, I want to make and earn more money. In this way, dad and mom will not have to ask others. Other people naturally won’t talk about our family, won’t talk about mom and dad, and won’t talk about me.”

“Man Man, don’t think too much. Yuan Yuan’s study fund is Dad’s business.” Wen Shi Xuan said.

“Dad–“ Man Man was touched by her father’s words, Jiang Yan’s words appeared before her eyes, and she bit her lip lightly, “If I see a man, can I make my own decision?”

“Do you mean you have a match for yourself?” Wen Shi Xuan almost slid off the chair excitedly, “You should say it earlier. Your mother and your sister don’t have to make trouble and make noice.”

She wanted to say, but didn’t everyone at home express their opposition last time.

Man Man’s silence made Wen Shi Xuan realize that a cold sweat fell from his face: “It won’t be the last time–“

“Dad. Don’t tell anyone about this in advance.” Man Man hurriedly interrupted his father.

Wen Shi Xuan nodded dumbly. He really has no idea. He only knows one thing. He can’t keep his wife out of trouble, but he won’t prevent his daughter from finding his own happiness.

In the hotel

Father Jiang insisted on meeting the woman and her parents in person. Jiang’s mother was not good enough for Jiang’s father, but she was afraid of losing face, so she decided to avoid Mo Ba Mo Ma and others, and asked Man Man’s address to pass by secretly.

That evening, Man Man was going to work overtime, and Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother didn’t know, and went straight to Wen’s grocery store.

Wen Shi Xuan went to restock temporarily. Xu Yu’e stayed at the shop, Zhang Qiu Yan was urged by Jin Ruo Wen and hurried over to ask Man Man’s answer. Xu Yu’e was annoyed, she couldn’t convince Man Man, and worried that this marriage really fell through. She couldn’t show Zhang Qiu Yan a cold face, and could only greet Zhang Qiu Yan coldly.

Zhang Qiu Yan shouted loudly: “Mr. Jin called me again last night, because he was afraid that calling Man Man directly would scare her. He himself was very satisfied with Man Man. You probably don’t know that his ex-wife cuckolded him. She ran away with people, so he wanted to find a girl who was innocent. He didn’t care about her appearance or family background. As for the betrothal gifts, he can give you enough.”

Seeing the eight fingers raised by Zhang Qiu Yan, Xu Yu’e asked, “Eight thousand?”

“People are the boss, how can it be eight thousand, at least eighty thousand. This 80,000 li does not include a brand-new set of bridal gold and silver jewellery, a hundred tables of banquets, wedding dresses, wedding travel and other expenses.” Zhang Qiu Yan smiled from ear to ear, as if all the money was pocketed into her pocket, “Sister-in-law, if Man Man can marry him, she will be the rich young lady. That is the blessing of several years of cultivation.”

Xu Yu’e also thought, if this money can be put into her pocket, and she can use the money from her son-in-law every month, she will be half a young grandmother.

The two concubines were sitting in the shop facing the wealthy benefactor and were talking very happily. They did not notice a middle-aged couple standing at the fruit stand in front of the shop. While trying to pick fruits, Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother took all their conversations into their ears.


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