Late Wedding – Chapter 11 – Another proposal

Chapter 11 – Another proposal

“You don’t belong to someone who considers you as an option!”
― Aanu

Mother Jiang returned to the hotel and said to Father Jiang: “I don’t think this marriage will happen.”

“Why not?” Father Jiang asked.

“Our son has a naive disposition and doesn’t understand. This marriage has to be well-matched in social and economic status.”

Speaking of being right, Father Jiang understood: “In what era do you still need to be well-matched in social and economic status.”

Father Jiang is a carefree person. He used to be a soldier by himself and pursued his mother. His family background was worse than that of Jiang’s mother. Why didn’t Jiang’s mother dislike him?

“This is the age of the Phoenix man. Most of the rich women marry the poor men. If the rich men marry the poor women, the second-married men are picky. Our son is not the one who lacks arms and legs. He has a successful career and has a future. No matter how bright you choose, you don’t need to pick this old and poor girl who nobody wants.” A passage from Jiang’s mother clarified the current trend of marriage.

Man Man has three fatal points: Fist, she is not successful in her career, second her family background are poor and third she is old.

“Have you seen the woman?” Father Jiang heard what Jiang’s mother said and thought he had investigated it carefully.

“I’ve already asked clearly. She works in a small advertising company with a monthly salary of less than two thousand. She only a junior executive but not in supervisor or manager post. I don’t understand what my son likes about her. We put aside about her family background, at least she able to excels in housework and social life. Our son is now a school officer and is going to be an officer at the National Defence University. Can he marry such a woman? You will have to be laughed at if you take her out.” Mother Jiang said.

These words have entered the heart of Jiang’s father. Being rich and poor is one thing, but whether the cultural level and social level are worthy of it is another matter. Who said that soldiers don’t need to socialize, especially those who are officers, they must get involved in society?

Comparing heart to heart. Father Jiang hesitated. On the one hand, like Jiang’s mother, he didn’t want his son to regret marrying the wrong wife, on the other hand, he didn’t want to use the old-time concepts to restrict his son’s marriage.

Parents who understand the righteousness are selfish, same go to Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother.

At Wen’s house, Zhang Qiu Yan came to find Xu Yu’e, saying that she had found a suitable marriage for Man Man.

Man Man was at the company that day, and after finishing her daytime work as usual, she came out to wash her hands and opened the mobile phone in her bag to check incoming calls and text messages. There were several densely packed text messages, basically one text per hour, and the letter was from the same person—-Jiang Yan.

Chu Xia who sneaked over, looked at her phone screen and snickered: “Is it a love letter?”

“I haven’t read.” Man Man didn’t dare to open it, and the house was like that, she was not sure about it now.

“Let’s open it to see. Maybe there is any surprise?” Chu Xia grabbed the phone in her hand and pressed it.

A series of sub-messages unfolded. Although there was no such thing as the hope of Chu Xia, Jiang Yan could point out his identity, but they were all sentimental truths, which made people feel warm when they saw it.

“Reply to him.” Chu Xia feels so indifferent to others, and persuades Man Man, “It doesn’t matter what you say.”

Man Man turned his back and pressed a few buttons on the phone. Chu Xia on my toes, couldn’t see what she had written. However, it doesn’t matter, she asked Du Yu to ask Jiang Yan later.

Jiang Yan was staying at Du Yu’s house. He didn’t see him for a day, like every other autumn. After sending a text message for a day, he couldn’t reply. He was already anxious like an ant on a hot pot, and he couldn’t stop for a moment.

Du Yu said: Man Man’s temper is that she won’t look at her mobile phone until she has finished her work.  

Finally wait until the time to get off work, wow-the text message is here!

He unfolded a glance and wrote: Let’s get along for more time.

In any case, it is a good thing to have a reply. Send a few more text messages in a row.

On the way home, Man Man kept receiving text messages and writing text messages, and almost tripped on his feet when getting off the bus, and said annoyed: Mr. Jiang, how will you be responsible if I fall?

Wow, less than a few seconds to reply——-I will take care of you for the rest of my life.

Man Man hurriedly shut down the text message, and covered her hot cheek with her hand.

“Sister—” Yuan Yuan just came back from school and ran into her at the door.

Fortunately, talking with him back to her, Man Man took a deep breath and had nothing to say, “Have dad & mum home?”

“Oh. Sister Hao Xue told me on the phone. She said that the second aunt came to see her mother today.” Yuanyuan was excited and tightened the arm of Man Man.

Pulled by her younger sister, Man Man stepped into her house unsuspectingly and into the living room. Suddenly she saw her second aunt, parents, and a man, who looked a little older, in a suit and tie, sitting on the best long sofa in the house, especially in the sitting position, the typical middle-aged man sits down and immediately spread his legs. For an instant, Man Man thought he was a friend of his father and called out: “Uncle.”

In the living room, Xu Yu’e and Zhang Qiu Yan, who were originally smiling, both stiffened their faces.

Wen Shi Xuan, who lowered his head to smoke, raised his head and said to his wife: “I’ll just say, this man is not suitable.”

“Please talk less!” Xu Yu’e squinted.

Wen Shixuan lowered his head again.

Man Man didn’t know what was going on.

Yuanyuan heard Wen Hao Xue say on the phone, and pushed her affectionately to ask her to sit next to the man, and said, “This is the new boyfriend introduced by the second aunt to Sister Man.”

Ears buzzed. Man Man’s eyes were fixed on the three smiling faces of Xu Yu’e, Zhang Qiu Yan, and Yuan Yuan. She holding her mobile phone bag, and her breathing was almost stopped.

“Man Man, this is Mr. Jin, and your second aunt’s colleague is a friend.” Xu Yu’e was shy when she was the eldest daughter and pushed her daughter to sit on the couch.

But for a long time, Man Man refused to move an inch.

Seeing that something was wrong, Zhang Qiu Yan quickly told Xu Yu’e to stop pushing. This was so conspicuous that Jin Ruo Wen, who was sitting on the couch also felt embarrassed.

As soon as Man Man broke away from her mother’s hand, she immediately flashed into the room. Leaning on the door panel, her heartbeat so hard that it shook her tympanic membrane.

“Man Man. Man Man.” After knocking for a few times, she didn’t see her daughter opening the door. If the man was not there, Xu Yu’e would have started cursing.

Zhang Qiuyan came out to make a round and said to Jin Ruowen: “I’m sorry, she is shy.”

“I can see that she is a good girl.” Jin Ruo Wen said, he didn’t care at all in his tone, and wearing a smile on his face didn’t seem to be a deliberate lie.

Is he satisfied?  

Xu Yu’e and Zhang Qiu Yan looked at each other.  

“Let’s do this. Next time I make an appointment to the restaurant outside, it’s my treat and go to Hua Sheng Restaurant.” Jin Ruo Wen stood up and said, in a tone that he was used to not giving anyone a rejection.

Hua Sheng Restaurant, a famous five-star restaurant in the city, abalone and shark fin are not a problem. Xu Yu’e’s eyes twinkled, and she felt dreaming.

 Zhang Qiu Yan sent Jin Ruo Wen to the door and came back to ask Xu Yu’e for credit: “You see, I’m right. He is the owner of the company himself. Although he is a little older, he is only in his 40s. His daughter is about the same age as Yuanyuan. His ex-wife has gone abroad early and has nothing to do with him at all. Among men, he is one of the best men.”

“What is the best?” Wen Shi Xuan got up and stepped on the cigarette butts hard, “Let Man Man go to be a stepmother, and be a stepmother of a girl the same age as her sister, is there someone like you as an aunt?”


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