Do you really know men? Why do men love “bad women” more?

They all say that men are not bad, and women are not loved. Do you think only women like “bad”? In fact, men love “bad women” more, good women can get the respect of men, but bad women make men love to die and live. Bad women are like drugs, and they exude a dangerous atmosphere. Either they are afraid to touch, or they are addictive. The characteristics of bad women are dangerous and charming, but men are born creatures who like adventure. For men, “bad women” have irresistible attraction. So why do men love “bad women” more?

Bad women know how to hold men

Bad women often have some “carefulness”, not as simple as good women. They know how to understand men and grasp the psychology of men, and then act like my wayward and selfish cousin. Before they went to see his man for the first time, she knows that this man likes a gentle lady type, so she dressed herself up as a lady before setting off, and her speech and behaviour are also very gentle. Sure enough, the man really fell in love with her at first sight, but the cousin did not immediately accept his confession, Instead, he continued to show a very reserved and shy appearance “ladyly”, making the man’s idea of pursuing her even stronger. Even if the two later found out her true character after being together, the man also paid emotional energy and couldn’t bear to leave. Bad women know to use “little tricks”, they know how to use strategy to subtly capture the heart of a man.

Bad women dare to be themselves

For men, the words and deeds of bad women are very reasonable, bad women will never yell hysterically, nor sulking for no reason. Compared with a woman who always cares about trivial matters, loves to get along with each other and is emotional, the bad woman’s clear and courageous expression of her attitude makes men a lot easier. Men really don’t like to play the game of “guess”, and they hate being scolded by women for guessing wrong. Keep guessing make man feel annoying, and man believe only God knows what is thinking in the heads of fickle women.

Bad women are full of confidence and know how to enrich themselves

The big difference between good women and bad women is that good women are always humble, and bad women are always full of confidence. A good woman always thinks about what I need to do to love me more, whether I am not doing good enough, and a bad woman always knows that she is the best woman in the world and the woman who is most worthy of having a good man. They also know very well that no man wants to stick to you 24 hours a day, bad women will not let men monopolize her time, she will arrange her life according to her own needs, she will be more quality, they are also confident that they will become better and better , They will make men think that they are the best woman, only she is the most suitable pair, no woman is qualified to be compared with her. Men like confident women. Bad women are more attractive to good men because they are confident enough.

Bad women know how to punish men

Men make mistakes. Many good women choose to be patient or compromise when men make mistakes because of their soft heart or begged by men. They think that their tolerance and kindness will make men love themselves more and cannot bear to make mistakes. But this is often not the case. Men are very cheap, women’s tolerance and tolerance will indulge them more arrogantly, and men will not take it seriously. And once those bad women know that a man has made a mistake, they will go crazy, and will teach them violently and set rules. Men feel that women are not easy to provoke, and when they see their beloved woman so angry, they will feel pity, next time those men will remember deeply that they shouldn’t make a mistake.

“Men are not bad, women don’t love”, in fact, the same is true for men. What other “bad women” do you think make men irresistible?

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