Late Wedding – Chapter 12 – I won’t wrong myself for getting married

Chapter 12 – I won’t wrong myself for getting married

“Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision about your own life that upsets other people. You are not responsible for their happiness. You’re responsible for your own happiness. Anyone who wants you to live in misery for their happiness should not be in your life anyway.”
― Isaiah Hankel ―

Hearing Wen Shi Xuan’s scolding, Zhang Qiu Yan didn’t get angry at all, she just said to Xu Yu’e: “Sister-in-law, if you think it’s OK, persuade Man Man. Next time everyone dresses better and eats at Hua Sheng. I’m leaving now.”

Speaking of Hua Sheng, Xu Yu’e came back and pushed her husband’s shoulder: “You persuade Man Man.”

“How can I persuade?!” Wen Shi Xuan wanted to get angry, met his wife’s fierce eyes, and lost his voice, so he went into the kitchen to be an ostrich.

“Why is Dad like this? You don’t think about it for sister.” Yuan Yuan raised her eyebrows and said to her father’s back.

Man Man sat in the room, and she could hear everything outside. When the stepmother of a girl of the same age as her younger sister, she felt ashamed of herself.

The second aunt is vicious enough to make such a move.

Regardless of whether Man Man accepts it or not, Zhang Qiu Yan has done enough to be an auntie: You blame me and my husband for not contributing to the marriage of my niece, and now I introduce a good person with money, it is Man Man and you who do not want it.

Whether a girl is married well or not depends not on the other man’s appearance, but on the other’s man’s abilities. As for character, no one can guarantee the two things before and after marriage.

Secularity is a double-edged sword, which can strangle people to death like a rope.

Man Man was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling. Her forehead was hot, her cheeks were hot, and her heart was cold. She finally realized that no matter how she struggled, she and her father would have no status in this family after all, because of a reality-no money!

Just like her mother said, can you get rid of yourself by marrying a rich man? Man Man saw it clearly and didn’t think so at all. The money belongs to the man, and the other party can even use the money to humiliate you. The maiden family has no money and power, so you can only treat you as the water poured out, how can the maiden family protect you.

The daughter’s home is cheap, especially the poor and incapable daughter’s home.

“Man Man, it’s time to eat.” Xu Yu’e’s call to her eldest daughter at the door was not much softer than usual.

Man Man got up, she tidied her clothes, combed her hair with a comb, and tidyed herself up before going out.

The door opened, and the family sat at the dinner table waiting for her.

Xu Yu’e had too many expectations in her eyes.

Yuan Yuan smiled happily. If there is a rich brother-in-law, she won’t have to worry about tuition in the future.

Wen Shi Xuan frowned.

Man Man sat down at the table and picked up the bowls and chopsticks: “Let’s eat. Let’s talk about it after dinner.”

Xu Yu’e forbearance, now Man Man is a hen who can lay golden eggs, she can’t be a tutor at every turn like before.

A family of four ate this meal silently, and the undercurrent was raging.

Just after dinner, Xu Yu’e couldn’t help it, urging her younger daughter to clean up the dinner table, and caught the elder daughter and asked, “Man Man, you give mom an answer, and mom has to rush to promise people.”

“Mom, Hua Sheng can’t fly. Besides, if Hua Sheng is gone, there are other better restaurants.” It is rare for Man Man not to close the table today and give his father tea after dinner.

For a while, she couldn’t hear the meaning of Man Man, and Xu Yu’e was stunned.

“Sister, there is no such store in this village after this. When are you going to drag it? Yuan Yuan received the bowl and chopsticks sonorously, worrying for herself and her mother.

After the little daughter reminded her, Xu Yu’e held Man Man: “What? Are you dissatisfied?”

“Mom, I’m not going to marry.” Man Man held her feet firmly.

“Why?” Xu Yu’e simply wanted to admire that she could still ask calmly at this moment.

“I will not wrong myself for getting married.”

Xu Yu’e instantly changed from a high-spirited hen to a piece of ice: “Okay. Do what you want. You have grown up, and Mom can’t control you so much.”

Yuanyuan raised her head when she heard her mother surrender easily, unbelievable: “Mom——”

“You talk less, quickly clean up the dinner table and go to study. Don’t be like your sister. After all, mom will go one step ahead of you. In the future, you will be alone in your next life, and there is no one to accompany you. Mom can’t help it. Mom did my best for you! “Xu Yu’e didn’t growl, a word seemed to bite out of the hate, and threw the door out.

She was implicated. Yuanyuan received all the bowls and chopsticks in her hand before throwing them back on the table and rushed up to the small attic in rocket style with Xu Yu’e.

“Man Man!”  Seeing that the family was torn apart, Wen Shi Xuan couldn’t smoke this cigarette anymore.

“Dad.” Man Man knelt down and asked, holding a cup of tea to her father, “Do you blame me too?”

Wen Shi Xuan faced her big and bright eyes, as if seeing her begging him to buy a lollipop when she was a child, and shook his head: “Dad doesn’t blame you.”

“Dad. I don’t think I can stay in this home. I want to go to Beijing with Chu Xia and Du Yu.”

After a while of speechlessness, Wen Shi Xuan coughed twice: “Do what you want to do. Dad has no other ability, so dad can only not oppose you to do what you like.”

With the words of her father, Man Man felt at ease in her heart. She told her father honestly: “If Yuan Yuan is going to the Academy of Fine Arts, and the arts are going to spend more money, I want to make and earn more money. In this way, dad and mom will not have to ask others. Other people naturally won’t talk about our family, won’t talk about mom and dad, and won’t talk about me.”

“Man Man, don’t think too much. Yuan Yuan’s study fund is Dad’s business.” Wen Shi Xuan said.

“Dad–“ Man Man was touched by her father’s words, Jiang Yan’s words appeared before her eyes, and she bit her lip lightly, “If I see a man, can I make my own decision?”

“Do you mean you have a match for yourself?” Wen Shi Xuan almost slid off the chair excitedly, “You should say it earlier. Your mother and your sister don’t have to make trouble and make noice.”

She wanted to say, but didn’t everyone at home express their opposition last time.

Man Man’s silence made Wen Shi Xuan realize that a cold sweat fell from his face: “It won’t be the last time–“

“Dad. Don’t tell anyone about this in advance.” Man Man hurriedly interrupted his father.

Wen Shi Xuan nodded dumbly. He really has no idea. He only knows one thing. He can’t keep his wife out of trouble, but he won’t prevent his daughter from finding his own happiness.

In the hotel

Father Jiang insisted on meeting the woman and her parents in person. Jiang’s mother was not good enough for Jiang’s father, but she was afraid of losing face, so she decided to avoid Mo Ba Mo Ma and others, and asked Man Man’s address to pass by secretly.

That evening, Man Man was going to work overtime, and Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother didn’t know, and went straight to Wen’s grocery store.

Wen Shi Xuan went to restock temporarily. Xu Yu’e stayed at the shop, Zhang Qiu Yan was urged by Jin Ruo Wen and hurried over to ask Man Man’s answer. Xu Yu’e was annoyed, she couldn’t convince Man Man, and worried that this marriage really fell through. She couldn’t show Zhang Qiu Yan a cold face, and could only greet Zhang Qiu Yan coldly.

Zhang Qiu Yan shouted loudly: “Mr. Jin called me again last night, because he was afraid that calling Man Man directly would scare her. He himself was very satisfied with Man Man. You probably don’t know that his ex-wife cuckolded him. She ran away with people, so he wanted to find a girl who was innocent. He didn’t care about her appearance or family background. As for the betrothal gifts, he can give you enough.”

Seeing the eight fingers raised by Zhang Qiu Yan, Xu Yu’e asked, “Eight thousand?”

“People are the boss, how can it be eight thousand, at least eighty thousand. This 80,000 li does not include a brand-new set of bridal gold and silver jewellery, a hundred tables of banquets, wedding dresses, wedding travel and other expenses.” Zhang Qiu Yan smiled from ear to ear, as if all the money was pocketed into her pocket, “Sister-in-law, if Man Man can marry him, she will be the rich young lady. That is the blessing of several years of cultivation.”

Xu Yu’e also thought, if this money can be put into her pocket, and she can use the money from her son-in-law every month, she will be half a young grandmother.

The two concubines were sitting in the shop facing the wealthy benefactor and were talking very happily. They did not notice a middle-aged couple standing at the fruit stand in front of the shop. While trying to pick fruits, Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother took all their conversations into their ears.


Late Wedding – Chapter 11 – Another proposal

Chapter 11 – Another proposal

“You don’t belong to someone who considers you as an option!”
― Aanu

Mother Jiang returned to the hotel and said to Father Jiang: “I don’t think this marriage will happen.”

“Why not?” Father Jiang asked.

“Our son has a naive disposition and doesn’t understand. This marriage has to be well-matched in social and economic status.”

Speaking of being right, Father Jiang understood: “In what era do you still need to be well-matched in social and economic status.”

Father Jiang is a carefree person. He used to be a soldier by himself and pursued his mother. His family background was worse than that of Jiang’s mother. Why didn’t Jiang’s mother dislike him?

“This is the age of the Phoenix man. Most of the rich women marry the poor men. If the rich men marry the poor women, the second-married men are picky. Our son is not the one who lacks arms and legs. He has a successful career and has a future. No matter how bright you choose, you don’t need to pick this old and poor girl who nobody wants.” A passage from Jiang’s mother clarified the current trend of marriage.

Man Man has three fatal points: Fist, she is not successful in her career, second her family background are poor and third she is old.

“Have you seen the woman?” Father Jiang heard what Jiang’s mother said and thought he had investigated it carefully.

“I’ve already asked clearly. She works in a small advertising company with a monthly salary of less than two thousand. She only a junior executive but not in supervisor or manager post. I don’t understand what my son likes about her. We put aside about her family background, at least she able to excels in housework and social life. Our son is now a school officer and is going to be an officer at the National Defence University. Can he marry such a woman? You will have to be laughed at if you take her out.” Mother Jiang said.

These words have entered the heart of Jiang’s father. Being rich and poor is one thing, but whether the cultural level and social level are worthy of it is another matter. Who said that soldiers don’t need to socialize, especially those who are officers, they must get involved in society?

Comparing heart to heart. Father Jiang hesitated. On the one hand, like Jiang’s mother, he didn’t want his son to regret marrying the wrong wife, on the other hand, he didn’t want to use the old-time concepts to restrict his son’s marriage.

Parents who understand the righteousness are selfish, same go to Jiang’s father and Jiang’s mother.

At Wen’s house, Zhang Qiu Yan came to find Xu Yu’e, saying that she had found a suitable marriage for Man Man.

Man Man was at the company that day, and after finishing her daytime work as usual, she came out to wash her hands and opened the mobile phone in her bag to check incoming calls and text messages. There were several densely packed text messages, basically one text per hour, and the letter was from the same person—-Jiang Yan.

Chu Xia who sneaked over, looked at her phone screen and snickered: “Is it a love letter?”

“I haven’t read.” Man Man didn’t dare to open it, and the house was like that, she was not sure about it now.

“Let’s open it to see. Maybe there is any surprise?” Chu Xia grabbed the phone in her hand and pressed it.

A series of sub-messages unfolded. Although there was no such thing as the hope of Chu Xia, Jiang Yan could point out his identity, but they were all sentimental truths, which made people feel warm when they saw it.

“Reply to him.” Chu Xia feels so indifferent to others, and persuades Man Man, “It doesn’t matter what you say.”

Man Man turned his back and pressed a few buttons on the phone. Chu Xia on my toes, couldn’t see what she had written. However, it doesn’t matter, she asked Du Yu to ask Jiang Yan later.

Jiang Yan was staying at Du Yu’s house. He didn’t see him for a day, like every other autumn. After sending a text message for a day, he couldn’t reply. He was already anxious like an ant on a hot pot, and he couldn’t stop for a moment.

Du Yu said: Man Man’s temper is that she won’t look at her mobile phone until she has finished her work.  

Finally wait until the time to get off work, wow-the text message is here!

He unfolded a glance and wrote: Let’s get along for more time.

In any case, it is a good thing to have a reply. Send a few more text messages in a row.

On the way home, Man Man kept receiving text messages and writing text messages, and almost tripped on his feet when getting off the bus, and said annoyed: Mr. Jiang, how will you be responsible if I fall?

Wow, less than a few seconds to reply——-I will take care of you for the rest of my life.

Man Man hurriedly shut down the text message, and covered her hot cheek with her hand.

“Sister—” Yuan Yuan just came back from school and ran into her at the door.

Fortunately, talking with him back to her, Man Man took a deep breath and had nothing to say, “Have dad & mum home?”

“Oh. Sister Hao Xue told me on the phone. She said that the second aunt came to see her mother today.” Yuanyuan was excited and tightened the arm of Man Man.

Pulled by her younger sister, Man Man stepped into her house unsuspectingly and into the living room. Suddenly she saw her second aunt, parents, and a man, who looked a little older, in a suit and tie, sitting on the best long sofa in the house, especially in the sitting position, the typical middle-aged man sits down and immediately spread his legs. For an instant, Man Man thought he was a friend of his father and called out: “Uncle.”

In the living room, Xu Yu’e and Zhang Qiu Yan, who were originally smiling, both stiffened their faces.

Wen Shi Xuan, who lowered his head to smoke, raised his head and said to his wife: “I’ll just say, this man is not suitable.”

“Please talk less!” Xu Yu’e squinted.

Wen Shixuan lowered his head again.

Man Man didn’t know what was going on.

Yuanyuan heard Wen Hao Xue say on the phone, and pushed her affectionately to ask her to sit next to the man, and said, “This is the new boyfriend introduced by the second aunt to Sister Man.”

Ears buzzed. Man Man’s eyes were fixed on the three smiling faces of Xu Yu’e, Zhang Qiu Yan, and Yuan Yuan. She holding her mobile phone bag, and her breathing was almost stopped.

“Man Man, this is Mr. Jin, and your second aunt’s colleague is a friend.” Xu Yu’e was shy when she was the eldest daughter and pushed her daughter to sit on the couch.

But for a long time, Man Man refused to move an inch.

Seeing that something was wrong, Zhang Qiu Yan quickly told Xu Yu’e to stop pushing. This was so conspicuous that Jin Ruo Wen, who was sitting on the couch also felt embarrassed.

As soon as Man Man broke away from her mother’s hand, she immediately flashed into the room. Leaning on the door panel, her heartbeat so hard that it shook her tympanic membrane.

“Man Man. Man Man.” After knocking for a few times, she didn’t see her daughter opening the door. If the man was not there, Xu Yu’e would have started cursing.

Zhang Qiuyan came out to make a round and said to Jin Ruowen: “I’m sorry, she is shy.”

“I can see that she is a good girl.” Jin Ruo Wen said, he didn’t care at all in his tone, and wearing a smile on his face didn’t seem to be a deliberate lie.

Is he satisfied?  

Xu Yu’e and Zhang Qiu Yan looked at each other.  

“Let’s do this. Next time I make an appointment to the restaurant outside, it’s my treat and go to Hua Sheng Restaurant.” Jin Ruo Wen stood up and said, in a tone that he was used to not giving anyone a rejection.

Hua Sheng Restaurant, a famous five-star restaurant in the city, abalone and shark fin are not a problem. Xu Yu’e’s eyes twinkled, and she felt dreaming.

 Zhang Qiu Yan sent Jin Ruo Wen to the door and came back to ask Xu Yu’e for credit: “You see, I’m right. He is the owner of the company himself. Although he is a little older, he is only in his 40s. His daughter is about the same age as Yuanyuan. His ex-wife has gone abroad early and has nothing to do with him at all. Among men, he is one of the best men.”

“What is the best?” Wen Shi Xuan got up and stepped on the cigarette butts hard, “Let Man Man go to be a stepmother, and be a stepmother of a girl the same age as her sister, is there someone like you as an aunt?”


25 interesting facts that make men and women different

Men are not from Mars, and women are not from Venus. They are all from the same species on the same planet. But the sexes are definitely not exactly the same, the differences between men and women do exist and are important.

These differences are mainly manifested in biological functions, and can help you better understand your health needs. These differences give both sexes unique advantages and help you achieve your most important task-survival.

But let’s talk about the similarities first, and then return to what makes men and women different.

There are two things you may not know: genetically, 98.5% of the DNA of men and women are identical, and they even have the same hormones. But the ratio of these hormones explains some of the differences between men and women.

Let’s first dive into these 25 interesting facts and explore the important physiological, biological, and nutritional differences between men and women.

  1. Men usually have thicker skin, about 25% thicker than women, and have a higher density of collagen.
  2. The difference in density is not limited to the skin; generally, men have denser and stronger bones, tendons, and ligaments than women.
  3. From the age of 14 to 51, women usually need more iron than men. This is because women lose blood during menstruation, which usually lasts from 28 to 40 days.
  4. On average, men’s muscle mass is usually higher than women’s, and their skeletal muscles move faster and more powerfully. But women’s muscles are better able to resist fatigue and recover faster.
  5. For most women, the second longest finger is the index finger next to the thumb. Men are the opposite. Their ring finger (the one next to the little finger) is usually longer than their index finger.
  6. Folic acid is an essential vitamin, men and women need it. But folic acid is particularly important for women of childbearing age. During pregnancy, women need enough folic acid to support the baby’s neurodevelopment.
  7. Male and female brains differ in structure, the way they process information, and the process of interacting with chemical signals. For example: men have more information-containing gray matter structures, but women have more white matter, which are connected to different parts of the brain. Moreover, women have larger memory centers than men.
  8. Women’s day and night patterns may be shorter than 24 hours. (Usually there are 6 minutes short in a day.) Men are more likely to be night owls. But in the case of insufficient sleep, women’s overall performance will be better than men.
  9. During exercise, women’s bodies mainly burn fat; men burn carbohydrates.
  10. The average testosterone concentration in adult women is about 15-70 nanograms per male (ng/dL), and the average adult male is about 270-1070 nanograms per male. After the age of 30, the concentration of testosterone in men will drop by about one percent every year, but this phenomenon does not occur in women. However, after menopause, the concentration of estrogen decreases.
  11. Men have an Adam’s apple because their throat is larger, which makes the surrounding cartilage more prominent.
  12. The bone mass of men and women will peak around the age of 30. At the age of 40, both men and women begin to lose bone, and menopause accelerates bone loss in women. Therefore, women aged 51-70 need to consume 200 milligrams (mg) more calcium than men of the same age. Therefore, women need 1,200 mg per day and men 1,000 mg per day.
  13. Men’s daily calorie needs are higher than women. There are several reasons for this: higher muscle mass, height, and basal metabolic rate; and the same weight of muscle burns more than twice the calories of fat.
  14. Men and women have different body fat levels. Women have more body fat (about 10%), which is mainly used to maintain the functioning of the reproductive system. The best example is that when a woman’s body fat is too low, menstruation will stop.
  15. Women’s body fat usually accumulates in the buttocks and thighs, while men’s fat is mostly accumulated around the stomach.
  16. The difference in body size, muscle mass, and calorie requirements between men and women shows that men generally require a diet with a higher protein content.
  17. A study found that men’s resting heart rate is lower than women’s, but women’s peak heart rate is lower. During exercise, the heartbeat of men usually increases faster, and then slows down more quickly.
  18. Men usually have more red blood cells (4.7-6.1 million red blood cells per microliter, while women have 4.2-5.4 million red blood cells per microliter).
  19. Women’s blood pressure is usually lower than that of men, regardless of race or ethnicity.
  20. For most of their lives, men and women have the same vitamin D requirements; but elderly women need to increase their vitamin D intake to promote calcium absorption.
  21. Men seldom have regular physical examinations. When going to the doctor, they are more likely to hide or lie about their symptoms.
  22. Men and women have similar needs for zinc. But pregnant women and postmenopausal women need more zinc. Both men and women store zinc in the bones, but men also store zinc in the prostate.
  23. Men are not very sensitive to cold temperatures.
  24. Women have better sense of smell and taste. There are more than 50 cells (neurons) in their olfactory bulb, which is the part of the brain responsible for processing smell. Women also usually have more taste buds than men.
  25. Part of the difference between the way men and women look at the world is partly due to physiological reactions. On average, men are more likely to become colour-blind, but their eyes are also more able to perceive movement; women are more able to distinguish small colour differences.

This is fun, then?

When you know these phenomena that make men and women different, you can bring up these interesting facts in daily conversations whenever you want. Now you can also use these differences to make personal decisions about your health. If you are a woman, you know that you need more folic acid and will burn fat during exercise. If you are a male, you know that you need more calories and fat will accumulate around your stomach. These are important considerations when planning a healthy lifestyle.

What you should not do is to use the differences between men and women to emphasize gender advantages. All the differences listed above have very good biological or physiological reasons. Through human history, these differences have helped men and women survive, and most of them have come from cooperation.

These gender differences should not be regarded as limitations in all aspects. These are just averages and typical situations. Not all men are stronger, and not all women have a better sense of taste. Don’t let the differences between men and women prevent you from achieving your health or life goals.

Do you really know men? Why do men love “bad women” more?

They all say that men are not bad, and women are not loved. Do you think only women like “bad”? In fact, men love “bad women” more, good women can get the respect of men, but bad women make men love to die and live. Bad women are like drugs, and they exude a dangerous atmosphere. Either they are afraid to touch, or they are addictive. The characteristics of bad women are dangerous and charming, but men are born creatures who like adventure. For men, “bad women” have irresistible attraction. So why do men love “bad women” more?

Bad women know how to hold men

Bad women often have some “carefulness”, not as simple as good women. They know how to understand men and grasp the psychology of men, and then act like my wayward and selfish cousin. Before they went to see his man for the first time, she knows that this man likes a gentle lady type, so she dressed herself up as a lady before setting off, and her speech and behaviour are also very gentle. Sure enough, the man really fell in love with her at first sight, but the cousin did not immediately accept his confession, Instead, he continued to show a very reserved and shy appearance “ladyly”, making the man’s idea of pursuing her even stronger. Even if the two later found out her true character after being together, the man also paid emotional energy and couldn’t bear to leave. Bad women know to use “little tricks”, they know how to use strategy to subtly capture the heart of a man.

Bad women dare to be themselves

For men, the words and deeds of bad women are very reasonable, bad women will never yell hysterically, nor sulking for no reason. Compared with a woman who always cares about trivial matters, loves to get along with each other and is emotional, the bad woman’s clear and courageous expression of her attitude makes men a lot easier. Men really don’t like to play the game of “guess”, and they hate being scolded by women for guessing wrong. Keep guessing make man feel annoying, and man believe only God knows what is thinking in the heads of fickle women.

Bad women are full of confidence and know how to enrich themselves

The big difference between good women and bad women is that good women are always humble, and bad women are always full of confidence. A good woman always thinks about what I need to do to love me more, whether I am not doing good enough, and a bad woman always knows that she is the best woman in the world and the woman who is most worthy of having a good man. They also know very well that no man wants to stick to you 24 hours a day, bad women will not let men monopolize her time, she will arrange her life according to her own needs, she will be more quality, they are also confident that they will become better and better , They will make men think that they are the best woman, only she is the most suitable pair, no woman is qualified to be compared with her. Men like confident women. Bad women are more attractive to good men because they are confident enough.

Bad women know how to punish men

Men make mistakes. Many good women choose to be patient or compromise when men make mistakes because of their soft heart or begged by men. They think that their tolerance and kindness will make men love themselves more and cannot bear to make mistakes. But this is often not the case. Men are very cheap, women’s tolerance and tolerance will indulge them more arrogantly, and men will not take it seriously. And once those bad women know that a man has made a mistake, they will go crazy, and will teach them violently and set rules. Men feel that women are not easy to provoke, and when they see their beloved woman so angry, they will feel pity, next time those men will remember deeply that they shouldn’t make a mistake.

“Men are not bad, women don’t love”, in fact, the same is true for men. What other “bad women” do you think make men irresistible?

Why do men like “VIXEN”? What are the characteristics of “VIXEN”?

In the vision of men, women are divided into several types, lady type, intelligent type, good wife and good mother type… and the most special is the maverick vixen, this type of woman is loved by men.

Men like VIXENs, do you know why?

  1. The Vixen can desperate for love, even if she can only be an underground lover and bears the notoriety of a mistress, she doesn’t care. But when love is not there, she will also leave without hesitation, will not be nostalgic, will not look back, they will let go of their hands, and will not make life and death.
  2. The Vixen is very sentimental to love, and they often fall in love with men and cannot extricate themselves from it. Although she is not very dedicated, she is a monograph, which makes men have an inexplicable impulse towards her.
  3. The Vixen is by no means a timid and lovable little woman. In fact, no man can truly own her, and she will not cultivate herself according to the aesthetic standards of a man. She knew that if she fully met the standards of men, such a woman would have no lethal power for men.
  4. The Vixen don’t like lying. She can make you hurt and make you desperate, but she doesn’t lie. Even if she is very outstanding and extremely excellent, she can still bloom flowers for the man she loves as low as the dust.
  5. Although the vixen has many styles, she has a sensitive heart. She knows what kind of man needs what kind of woman, knows which kind of man needs which kind of comfort, and she has a precious soul echo with men.
  6. The Vixen understand that men make money is for women to spend it, so that men have a sense of accomplishment in front of women, so vixen still like to spend men’s money even if they are very rich, and always dress up flirtatious, stylish and sexy at any cost.
  7. The Vixen has an innate sexy, and completely from the heart. Through her every move, she can show her personal taste incisively and vividly, with irresistible personal charm.
  8. The Vixen never pursues perfection, she is a little bit bad, she has a little flaw, she likes to be cool, can smoke, sometimes looks a little pitiful, she doesn’t be a lady, because a lady can’t express her personality. Only in this way will a man fall into her world without knowing it。
  9. The biggest characteristic of a vixen is that she is very good in household work and even sosial life. The Vixen knows how to love and how to live. She will create a warm and romantic atmosphere. She can make men young, marvel men, make men crazy, burn men, and make men surging!
  10. Although the vixen are very strong in their hearts, when they encounter powerful men, they will become delicate and weak, as if they are weak, and men are often obsessed with heroes to save beauty. Such women can give men the dignity of a big man and make men more figurative.

19 characteristics of “vix spirits”———women must learn

  1. Wearing a magic bra and girdle, she shows off her proud and sexy figure all the time.
  2. Changing hair styles and dyeing hair constantly attract men’s attention.
  3. She pays great attention to skin care, and she wants to have a crystal clear, bullet-proof skin at any cost.
  4. She pays great attention to popular makeup and ensures that every time she goes out, her outfit is impeccable.
  5. When shopping, what makes her linger most is the underwear and sexy pajamas department.
  6. When she is intolerable and lonely, she always likes to call someone to accompany her to go out to play or calm down her mind.
  7. As long as it can make her look more beautiful, fashionable, and sexy, no matter how expensive the clothes are, she will take it for herself.
  8. She doesn’t bother to tidy up her boudoir, it doesn’t matter if she is in a mess, but once she goes out, she always dresses herself beautifully.
  9. Others always see her chatting with men, laughing or eating, but never seen her get along so happily and harmoniously with the same sex.
  10. She became more and more impatient with her other half, shouting and drinking all day, on the contrary, whispering softly to other people’s boyfriends.
  11. She likes to wear low-cut, off-the-shoulder and legless clothes the most. Otherwise, it is the looming lace and chiffon costumes.
  12. She is very concerned about other people criticizing her clothing taste or figure.
  13. She often analyzes her past love history with friends.
  14. She is absolutely unbearable loneliness and lonesome.
  15. The more occasions when there are many men,the more excited she will be,and she will be completely immersed in the game of discharge.
  16. She pays great attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of her nails, and must apply nail polish to make them look sexier and more attractive.
  17. She often flips through popular magazines and buys new fashion outfits for herself.
  18. She also likes to watch sexy photo albums and compare her figure with models.
  19. When she watched a literary film or a thriller film,her reaction was particularly exaggerated and moved.

The four behaviors that men hate women the most, women should never do it.

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
― Stephen Chbosky ―


Every woman in love hopes that her lover can hold herself in the palm of her hand as a treasure. However, in real life, many women have a basic IQ of zero in love.

Because they care about men too much, they will be concerned about gains and losses. In their minds, men are everything to her, the most important person in her life, and they even regard men as her male gods.

However, a woman must understand that even if she loves a man again and cares about him, don’t have these four behaviours. That will only make him farther and farther away from you, until he leaves you.

Keep giving gifts to men, thinking that doing so will make him love women more.

Many women like to express their love to men by giving gifts to men. They think that men will like them, and they will be moved because of the expensive gifts she gave him, and they will love themselves even more.

In fact, there is a big difference between the thinking of men and women. In the perception of men, high-value women are disdainful of giving gifts to men. Only low-value women will please men with gifts.

A woman’s approach will only make men feel that you are bad, so they will ask for love by giving gifts. He will think you are cheap, and will look down on you.

When a woman quarrels, she thinks that a man will leave, worrying about gains and losses.

“You can be right and still lose the fight.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana ―

Many women despise themselves because they love men so much that they are afraid of men leaving. Such a woman seems particularly inferior and unconfident.

Because of this, every time she takes the normal quarrel between lovers as a signal that a man wants to break up. Such a woman has an extremely unstable mentality, and sometimes chooses to leave decisively after quarrelling with her relationship.

Sometimes they would walk back and beg the man not to break up with her. Such a different way of behaviour makes a man unbearable and will think she is a very strange and emotionally unstable woman, and eventually choose to break up firmly.

Not self-reliant, clinging to men all day long

“If she is to love life and freedom and be brave then she must learn to let go. To see beauty without clinging to it, to feel pain without holding it hostage, and to feel love without worry of losing it.”
― G.G. Renee Hil ―

There is such a woman who is born insecure. When they look for men, they just want to find a support for themselves. Such a woman is extremely self-reliant, and counts on a man to help her solve everything. With such a woman, men will feel mentally exhausted.

The most notable feature of insecure women is that they like to stick to men. They tried to prevent men from getting in touch with other women by guarding against them, so as to prevent him from changing his mind.

With such a woman, a man will feel very aggrieved and bound, and will continue to find ways to break free, until he can’t bear it, and eventually the man will choose to leave.

When a woman gets angry, she disappears and blocks all the contact information of a man.

Playing with the disappearing woman at every turn makes the man feel particularly weak. The kind of fist hitting cotton and the helplessness of looking for a woman to tell but no one can only be understood by men who have experienced it.

For the first time a woman “does”, to keep her a man will look for her everywhere until she is coaxed. But if a woman “does” like this at every turn, a man’s tolerance is also limited.

People’s hearts are chilled by this “work” repeatedly. When the woman once again ran away and blocked her contact information, but he was indifferent and treated her as if nothing, then congratulations, he has been hurt by her a long time ago, and he will never talk to her again.

Concluding remarks:

As women, they all want their men to pamper and love themselves unconditionally. However, women need to know that everything needs to be controlled. It’s like “doing” once, which is joyful, “doing” a hundred times, then it is boring and hateful.

Women want men to always respect themselves, love themselves, and be more tolerant of themselves, so they must manage themselves well and know what to do and what not to do. When you have done yourself well, he will love you who is sensible and knows how to advance and retreat.