Differences Between Mixtures and Compounds

A mixture contains two or more substances mixed, but not chemically as well as not in indirect quantities while a compound contains two or more elements that are combined chemically and in a fixed ratio. For example, seawater, crude oil, mineral oil, alloys (copper, bronze) and so on are some mixtures, water (H2O), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), sodium chloride (NaCl), baking soda (NaHCO3) and so on are the names some compounds.

Like the classical theory of physics, anything that occupies space has a mass and volume known as matter. Even things can be classified into two classes, mixtures, and pure ingredients. Pure ingredients are made up of elements and compounds.

The elements are simple materials and cannot be broken down into simpler forms. It contains only one atom of type, but a compound has two or more different atoms or elements, on the other hand, a mixture contains different substances.

In order to highlight the differences between mixtures and compounds in this content, we will give a brief description of them.

Comparison Chart

Definition of Mixture

When we look we find many things around us are mixed, such as air, rocks, oceans, and even the atmosphere. These have mixed constituents with physical properties and not with any chemicals and not in a fixed ratio. Thus, we can say that the formation of a mixture occurs by mixing two or more substances, but not in a fixed ratio.

In a mixture there is no chemical reaction, fusion occurs physically. Thus a mixture has two or more different types of atoms or molecules, or at least one atom and one molecule. The mixture has no fixed melting or boiling point.

Mixtures can be separated by physical methods such as filtration, pouring, distillation. The mixture can be either homogeneous or heterogeneous.

Homogeneous Mixture

This is considered a true solution, as the constituents present in this type are equal or evenly distributed. For example sugar solution, mixture of alcohol and water, etc.

Heterogeneous mixture

When the constituents are not evenly distributed in a mixture, it is known as a heterogeneous mixture. For example, oil and water when mixed, a mixture of sulfur and iron, gravel, etc.

Apart from the above two things, the mixture will be classified based on the type of particle size found in it. These are solutions, suspensions, colloids.


This contains nano size particles, which are less than 1nm in diameter. The solution cannot be separated by the pouring method or the centrifuge method. Oxygen dissolved in water, air, gelatin are some examples.


In this solution, the particles are so small, that these cannot be seen through the naked eye, the particle size varies from 1nm to 1mm. The colloidal solution shows the Tyndall effect, the colloidal constituents can be separated by the process of casting and centrifugation. Blood, smoke, cream are some examples.


This is a kind of heterogeneous nature, they also show the Tyndall effect. These particles are quite large and can be separated by centrifugation or casting. Mud, granite, dust or pollutants in the air a little for example.

Definition of Compound

When two or more atoms of different elements are combined chemically to form a bond called a compound. It is a chemical mixture between different elements or elements. When bond formation occurs, the new compound forms chemical properties that are different from the components from which it is made.

For example, water (H2O), ethanol (C2H5OH), sodium chloride (NaCl), are part of common compounds, they are made up of a certain proportion of their elements and have a chemical identity as well. The different types of bonds are molecular, acid, cation, anion and binary bonds. All of these have different identities and chemical formulas.

Key Differences Between Mixtures and Compounds

Given below are the important points that distinguish the mixture from the compound:

A mixture is an impure substance, consisting of two or more physically mixed substances and not in a fixed ratio. A compound is a pure form, consisting of two or more elements of a chemical mixture and in a constant ratio.

  • Mixtures can be homogeneous or heterogeneous, but compounds are generally homogeneous.
    As mentioned earlier, the composition of the substances present in a mixture is not in a fixed quantity, this means that the ratio varies, but in the case of elemental compounds present in a fixed quantity, this means that the ratio is fixed. Therefore, these compounds can be named and have specific chemical formulas such as Sodium Chloride (NaCl), Baking Soda, Methane, Salt, etc., but these are not the same for mixtures.
  • Since the ratio of the substances present in the mixture is not fixed and its properties are also different (not fixed) as it depends on the type of material and the quantity of the elements being mixed, whether chemical or physical properties. In compounds, new properties (physical and chemical) are retained after the formation of a new compound, and we know the quantity or ratio of the elements present in the compound.
  • Separation of the substances present in the mixture is easy by different physical methods such as filtration, chromatography, evaporation, while in the case of compounds the substances are not easily separated and performed when compared to chemical methods.
  • No new substance is formed from a mixture, due to the irreversible properties of its constituents, while there is always the formation of new substances, due to the mixing of the chemical properties of different elements.
  • No heat change or energy involvement is observed when the mixture is made, but the formation of the compound results in a heat change as energy is applied or evolved in the reaction. The mixture has no melting or boiling point, but the compound has diluted melting and boiling points.
  • Examples of mixtures are alloys such as copper, bismuth, chromium, seawater (salt and water), gas mixtures, etc., while Sodium Chloride, Baking Soda, Methane, Salt, etc.

In conclusion

The information mentioned in this article is not applicable in science, but can be observed in everyday life; therefore it is necessary to know all these terms in detail to identify and distinguish them.


What is the Difference Between Mitosis and Meiosis?

Most people get injuries, which are complex or simple like bruises and, over time, these injuries heal. This healing process may be done through cell division in which a single cell divides to form two or more cells and the process continues like a cycle. This process helps living things grow, for example, more than 2 trillion cells divide each day in humans. There are two types of cell division processes, mitosis and meiosis, each with different characteristics.



A single cell divides into two genetically similar cells. The process is asexual and the resulting cells have the same number of chromosomes in each diploid cell, each with the same nucleus.


Meiosis is the process of sexual cell reproduction in which one cell divides its homologous chromosomes equally to form two haploid cells with half the number of stem cell chromosomes.

Mitosis process

Mitosis occurs in five phases that detail the changes through which the cells go. These stages are prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase.

In prophase, chromosomes dissolve in the nucleus while centrioles move in pairs to opposite sides in the nucleus. As this process continues, the spindle fibers begin to form bridges from one end of the cell to the other.

In the next phase, prometaphase, the nucleus that envelops the chromosome begins to rupture and, now without a nucleus, the sister chromatid becomes independent. Long protein chains form the entire cell and are attached to the kinetochore (protein) which is in the center (centromere).

In the third phase, metaphase, kinetochore microtubules induce and attract sister chromatids. The chromosomes are then united in preparation for division.

In anaphase, the two chromatid sisters divide and move toward the cell pole. Although the kinetochore holding the fixed microtubules is attached to the centromere, it begins to shorten in length, while the second group of microtubules not attached to the kinetochore begins to lengthen. The whole cell then begins to stretch and pull in the opposite direction.

Finally, the process enters the telophase stage where each identical chromosome reaches the end pole of the cell while the spindle fibers begin to disappear. On each chromosome, the nuclear membrane forms and forms the nucleolus within each nucleus.

Although not considered part of the mitotic phase, the final process in mitosis is cytokinesis in which cells physically divide before the process begins again.

Meiosis process

Meiosis produces two different cells with half the number of chromosomes compared to the stem cell thus increasing genetic variation. There are two main steps of meiosis; meiosis I and meiosis II. The process of meiosis is important because it reduces the number of chromosomes in an egg or sperm to one set and also allows for the propagation of more than one pair of parental chromosomes.

Meiosis I

Meiosis I has four phases. In the first phase, prophase I, chromosomes appear, the nuclear membrane disappears, and centrioles begin to build spindle fibers to cover the chromosomes. The chromosome then splits into two sister chromatids whose centromere is held together. Thus, this process means that there are two sets of sister chromatids (four chromatids) in two chromosomes. Two non -cat chromosomes cross because the other two remain. Second, in metaphase I, chromosomes line up in the center of the paired spindle fibers. The third phase, Anaphase I, creatures when the same number of chromosomes are divided. In the final phase, telophase I, daughter cells completely divide, chromosomes disappear, and a nuclear membrane is formed.

Meiosis II

Meiosis II also has four phases in meiosis I. First in prophase II, centrioles form spindle fibers as the nuclear membrane disappears and chromosomes become more visible entering into metaphase II where chromosomes are again united in the middle along the spindle fibers. In anaphase II, the chromosome divides into two chromatids that each contain a piece of DNA then the cell divides. Finally, the shape of the nucleic membrane produces four new cells each with different DNA. In men, four cells form sperm while in women, only one cell becomes an egg and the remaining three are reabsorbed into the body.

Summary of Differences

Meiosis occurs in humans, animals, plants, and fungi to produce new genes after a homologous pair. The process of meiosis includes two parts that produce four haploid cells. This process only produces sex cells. Mitosis occurs in all organisms to produce all cells except sex cells. In mitosis, homologues are not paired and division occurs only once to produce 2 identical cells.

Late Wedding – Chapter 2 – Only the handsome shabby prince

“You are not rich until you have a rich heart.”
― Roy T. Bennett

Chapter 2 – Only the handsome shabby prince

“The one who walks in the front, gentle and pleasant, is the son of my dad colleague named Mo Wen Yang. The one behind is the friend he brought with him, named Jiang Yan.” Wen Hao Xue gave a live commentary to the sisters.

Since Jiang Yan was more handsome than Mo Wen Yang, everyone rushed forward.

After an hour, all the people gnashed their teeth,muttered their mouths, and retreated with a gray head and a lost face.

“What is it? Isn’t it just a shabby guy!”

“This suit he came to us to wear today was lent to him by his friend.”

“There is no money, only handsome farts.”

“Don’t talk about the house and car, according to his unstable job and salary, he is not a civil servant, and it is difficult to support his family.”

Wen Man thought later that if Jiang Yan hadn’t settled down, she probably wouldn’t even look at him. The main reason is that he can make her a group of sisters and aunts get angry then its enough to make her look different.

Leaving the page in his hand, stretching her neck from the shadow, Wen Man carefully landed on the shabby prince with her eyes through the big glasses.

The height should be more than 1.8 meters, silver-striped shirt, blue and black trousers, polished leather shoes, and the top button of the shirt has been pulled out, revealing a small graceful collarbone.

The facial features are clear, the nose is sharp, the brows have a touch of arrogance, and the corners of the lips have a touch of coldness.

Accidentally, the two of them touched their eyes.

Wen Man’s head drooped immediately, her eyes facing the book spread out on her lap. As the noise in the living room became louder and louder, she moved the stool to the balcony to make it quiet.

Unexpectedly, the floor-to-ceiling window of the balcony suddenly pushed away,and a figure flashed next to her.

“When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.”
― Jess C. Scott

The small clusters of gentle and beautiful eyebrows, and the small raised corners of the eyes can see the shabby settler leaning on the balcony railing, sighing like a hair dryer:

“The scenery is beautiful, but the wind is a little bit strong and I feel hungry.”

The sound of grunt and hunger came from this charming and handsome man.

The shabby prince is really a dilapidated, and the Wen family said that it is useless only to be handsome.

The problem is that when Wen Man listened to this voice, she remembered that she couldn’t eat dinner because of her mother’s urgency, so she was hungry and couldn’t hold it anymore.

She looked carefully into the living room, everyone in Wen’s family was doing everything they could to get up to the marriage. At this time, if you shout hungry, you will not only be horrified, but you will also definitely be embarrassed by Xu Yu’e. Forget it. Wen Man placed the book lightly, stood up, and prepared to sneak out to find food for himself.

However, the shabby household turned his head and stared at her. A pair of mixed eyes of various colors made Wen Man’s spine look a little hairy. This person is obviously going hungry, and he seems to be a little bit resentful. It may be that when he was brought to Wen’s house, he thought he could be invited to eat a meal, but he didn’t expect to be hungry without the free meal.

“If you don’t mind eating instant noodles—” Wen Man opened his lips carefully, paying attention to the situation in the living room.

However, this shabby price is so arrogant, can he accept the suggestion of eating instant noodles?

The tall and tall figure flashed quickly, grabbed one of her hands, nodded like garlic, and said, “No problem, as long as it can fill the stomach, anything is fine.”

This poor man can’t even afford instant noodles.

Wen Man doesn’t know how to describe this momentary complex feeling in her heart: pity for the same illness?

All the people in the living room moved to the study room to watch Mo Wen Yang perform calligraphy. Wen Man walked to the door and opened the door, and the two of them slipped out smoothly.

Outside the house, as he said, the night scene was beautiful, and a round of moonlight shone on the road in the community, shining the shadows of the two. The wind is a little bit stronger, and the green plants in the community can be heard rustling, making it seem quiet.

“The moon is a loyal companion.
It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself.
Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light.
The moon understands what it means to be human.
Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.”
― Tahereh Mafi

When you reach the corner of the intersection, there is a small shop.

Wen Man touched the pockets of her jeans. She happened to have more than a dozen dollars for change after buying a paintbrush for Wen Yuan. She discussed with the owner of the commissary: “I want two bowls of Master Kong beef noodles. Can you flush us with hot water?  We put the fabric ourselves. By the way, I also want a pack of mustard greens.”

After the commissary owner received the money, he followed her instructions and helped her get everything ready. So, Wen Man began to unpack the noodle bowls and put ingredients in the two-noodle bowls. In the eyes of others, her way of discharging is a bit strange, instead of putting all the ingredients in one piece according to the instructions and soaking in hot water. The commissary owner and Jiang Yan watched her keep busy with the two-noodle bowls with a pair of small hands. They were surprised and talking from the heart: Does it take so much trouble to eat instant noodles?

“Okay,meal is ready to serve.” After a few minutes, Wen Man smiled in satisfaction with a pair of crescent eyes.

When Jiang Yan took the noodle bowl she handed over, there was a pause in her smiling eyes that looked like crescent moons, and the handsome face seemed to flash with a daze.

“Let’s sit there for dinner, don’t hinder others from doing business.” Wen Man lowered his head, holding his noodle bowl and sat on the stone piers on both sides of the street.

Jiang Yan took two slender legs and sat beside her in a few steps, he follows her to lift the cover of the noodle bowl. The scent rushing on the face is like the taste of ordinary instant noodles, with a touch of more appetizing. Looking down the noodles and dried vegetables floating on the bowl seemed to be soaked just right, and there was no slick. Jiang Yan stirred the plastic fork in the noodles, picked it up and sucked it into his mouth. His eyes were stunned: delicious!

Instant noodles and dried vegetables that are just soaked in this way are not something ordinary people can make.

Wen Man ate slowly beside him, to the level of gentleness, without making the slightest sound of eating noodles.

Jiang Yan’s stomach was very hungry. The noodles were delicious. He raised the noodle bowl and grumbled and drank the soup in the noodle bowl to the bottom in one breath. After eating clean, he was also a little startled: he never knew instant noodles could be so delicious.

Wen Man only ate half a bowl, took out a package of tissues from her jacket bag, and gave him one.

Jiang Yan folded a stack of paper towels and took them to wipe the corners of his mouth slowly. After hesitating, he asked, “Do you often eat instant noodles? ”

Her skills in making instant noodles and eating instant noodles are superb and should be after a long time of practice. Ordinary people probably think so.

After Wen Man froze for a while, she smiled amusedly: “How is it possible?”

Jiang Yan saw her smile,and this time he was not startled. A complex calmness appeared in her eyes when he looked at her: “You–very good.”

Wen Man was even more stunned: “Hey?”

“Everyone in your family knows my situation, only you are willing to invite me to eat.”  When Jiang Yan said this, there was nothing ashamed of his poverty on his handsome face.

Wen Man blinked his eyelashes slightly curled up: This shabby prince is really extraordinary arrogance.