What is the difference between a job and a career?

To be a successful employee, you must understand the difference between a job and a career. Every human being has their own skills.

Some apply the skills acquired by asking for jobs that offer them positions that match their strengths. There are also those who continue to work even though they are not very interested in the work being done.

The best thing for an employee is to do the job they are interested in without feeling compelled. If this is the case, they will work under stress and discomfort.

A person usually holds several jobs in their career. It is usually easier to change jobs in the same field of work that defines a career. However, changing careers is more difficult and may require people to start down the ladder in a new career.

What is career?

“Career” is defined as occupation or profession, esp. someone who needs special training, followed by someone’s daily job. A person’s progress or general action through life or through phases of life, as in some profession or occupation

What is job?

“Job” is defined as a piece of work, esp. specific tasks performed as part of one’s work routine or for an agreed price. It could be job positions in full -time or part -time positions, anything that is expected or required to be done; on duty; responsibility. It is usually considered related to remunerative employment (and sometimes even formal education).

An occupation is defined as anything that is expected or obligated by a person; a piece of work, especially a specific activity performed as part of one’s work routine or for an agreed price. Through employment one can obtain basic assistance and that of his family or friends. Employment can also be seen as a contract between an employer and an employee. In a commercial enterprise, the basic purpose of employment is to create a profit for the employer, and the employee contributes labor to the enterprise, in return for payment of wages, or stock options.

comparison chart for CAREER VS. JOB



When you work for something you don’t like, you’ll spend a lot of time looking at the clock, counting the seconds of time that go by until your work hours end. A very noticeable difference is when you work in a field that you are really interested in.

When you take the time to work on what you are really good at, you will not realize as if time is running so fast. Because it is something you are interested in, you will try to improve the performance of yourself and the company.

The difference between work and career, work makes you feel bored quickly and always feel sleepy. Meanwhile, a career gives you a sense of happiness so that all your work will be produced perfectly and wholeheartedly.


Have you ever asked yourself, do you work for a short period of time or for a long period of time?

If you choose to work in the long run, you will think about a lot of things. Where it will have an impact in the future. You need to plan and think about how the skills and interests you have will help the company as well as yourself to move forward.

The difference between a job and a career is that when you only work for a short period of time, the motivation to produce good work is hard to fully attain. However, it will be better if you have a plan to continue your job for a long time when you are already comfortable with the job you are doing.


The difference between work and career is that career-minded people will not care about money, instead they care about the experience they can get from more experienced employees.

They are willing to learn new things to improve their work performance. But, if you are a person who works just to supplement your monthly money, you are among the losers. This is because, even if you are a good employee, your knowledge will only be at the same level. Compared to people who always exchange knowledge with other colleagues.

This diligent nature of asking will help them in improving and enhancing their skills in doing their job in the days to come.


“Invest just 10% of your earnings in ‘your own’ handpicked stocks …. You’ll realise that you have beaten ‘Monday Blues’ for the life. ”

By Sandeep Sahajpal

Ahh Monday morning. Certainly not everyone’s favourite day, but not to the workers who love the work they do. When you do work that really suits your interests, you will feel excited to start work every morning and make your week productive and more effective.

Unlike when you’re just at work but don’t like the job you’re doing, you’ll feel like your weekend break isn’t enough and you’re most lazy to start the day every time a Monday morning arrives.


When you are in a work situation that you don’t like, you will spend a lot of time looking for opportunities to change to a new job. Job hunting is very tiring and hard to find in a short time.

If you are looking for a new job while you are still working in the old company, you will steal time while working to find vacancies in other companies, which is a bad deed. Unlike when you are in an organization you love, you will spend time and energy in developing your own reputation, building more networks, and have strong goals to improve the skills you have.

What you see through the difference between work and career is not a problem. However, the admin recommends you all to research and understand yourself first and find out where exactly your self -skills are located. You don’t have to force yourself to do something you don’t like. Remember that this life is only once, never waste it while your heart is still beating.

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