We must be the masters of our lives

Life needs to be under your own control, or you must control yourself sooner or later. The influence of others on you is just a reference for your life. If we can’t even control our own life, then your life will ultimately be a failed life. Life is our own business, and where we should go in the future, we need to make our own choices. Others are just passing by, and we are the masters of life.

A story is only the cutest when it becomes a story. If we restore it to reality, then we will not find the original poetic feeling and hazy beauty! Sometimes, we like to think of our life as a story. We are all people who live in stories, and we are all people who have stories. Perhaps in stories, we will like ourselves more. Life is our own business, if we feel happy, we can think whatever we want.

We must learn to release ourselves, not to be a depressed person, and to keep silent in our hearts, but we must also learn to restrain ourselves. It is an irrational behavior to make a noise in front of others because of a momentary unhappiness.  If you make a big noise in front of others, it will only cause others’ full distress and your own unhappiness. Life is our own business, we don’t need to think about it, we won’t be happy either. In this case, don’t interfere with others, just as you don’t want to be interfered by others. Life is our own business, and sometimes we need to learn how to choose. If two people with different values reluctantly stay together, they will only gradually lose the values that they adhere to. In life, it takes a lot of courage to choose whether to leave or not. You need to make your own decisions, and others can’t help you.

We must learn how to let go. Sometimes, you feel that your existence is a mistake. If the other person thinks so too, then it’s time for you to leave. Continuing to persist will only cause unnecessary distress to the other party and your own uncomfortableness. Maybe we have abandoned others, maybe we have been abandoned by others. Sometimes life bores us, but also makes us feel depressed or even decadent. If you want to stay decadent in your bones, then no one can save you except yourself.

We must learn not to complain, not to blame others. Sometimes, when the situation is not so good, we will occasionally complain, just like the sea is always there whimpering, complaining that we are not peaceful. If you continue to complain about life and people and things around you like that, then you will live very tired, very tired, and one day, you will be abandoned by life.

We must be good at self-examination. Life is our own business. Why do we have to involve others in disturbing our tranquil heart? If you complain about others because of your own fault or situation, it is irresponsible to yourself and a great insult to others. Never try to target others all the time, and never continue to hate others. Otherwise, one day, you will not know who you are. Life is our own business, why should we push our own business to others? If you want to live with a wonderful life, you need to continue to work hard and make continuous efforts. If it’s your own fault, so don’t accuse others of leaving ungratefully. Life is our own business; we must light our own lights and illuminate the path we choose. There is no need to blame ourselves for the sins we have suffered. If the established facts in this human world can be restored, then the mistakes we have made are worthy of our careful consideration, but as we know this is not the case. In fact, there is no reincarnation in the human world. You will find that life is ridiculous. Many people get along just to get what they need. That’s all.

We don’t have to make unnecessary shadows for ourselves. In fact, the world is not too bad, but we think it is too complicated, and habitually find some reasons to deceive ourselves. Life is our own business, and we have reasons to choose how to make ourselves better, more mature, and more attractive. We need to worry too much in life, but if we want to fly higher, we might as well try to forget the horizon. What you want at that time is your own business, and only you know what you want to do. So sometimes, life and life need individuality, no need for others to point out, and no need for others to participate.

We should let ourselves learn to relax and be relieved. Since birth, each of us has been walking in the same direction. No one will leave the world alive. In the end, we will all turn into loess. There is no need to always use other people’s Success comes to torture yourself, and there is no need to always worry about your failures. We are all irreplaceable individuals. Don’t forget ourselves, and don’t always live in the trivial joys and sorrows of others. In a life, we should have our own world and our own life, and don’t be disturbed by the disturbances of the outside world.

No matter how difficult there are in life, we must face it bravely. We must know that life is not what we want to do, and life is not as good as we think. We will always encounter some Difficult, in the face of difficulties, maybe we will continue as before, maybe we will stop, life is our own, and it depends entirely on ourselves. You can choose to change from now on, or you can stay the same. This sentence itself has no rules from beginning to end. In fact, we all don’t want to be sad, we all want to be happy, but it’s not surprising that we all have an affair with sadness. In life, there are always some pain points. Life is our own business. Don’t place hope on others. We still must take the initiative to face it, bear it, and deal with it.

There are no fixed rules and regulations in life, even we may spend our entire lives trying to look for or learn around, maybe in the end we still unable to understand or absorb what we have learn. If there are no flowers, no sunshine, only the boundless void and darkness, then do you still believe in tomorrow? Life needs to stop on the edge of despair. No one can help us. We are always struggling on the path of self-selection. Therefore, we will stick to it throughout our lives. I believe that one day we will understand and comprehend the principles. Don’t wait until life is slowly becoming dangerous before you start preparing for tomorrow; don’t wait until you discover how much you fail now, and then start busy thinking about the future. Life requires us to make some preparations in advance! Life is our own business, our life needs guidance from others, but we don’t need too much extreme guidance. We must always remember the main axis of life is ourselves.

We must always remember that we are the master of our destiny. Even though we cannot do without the help and support of others throughout our life, we are always habitually trying very hard to cater to others, but in the end, we lose ourselves. Anything, if you are willing, can always become simple. However, many things went against our wishes, and we persisted so unhesitatingly. The world is too big, and life is too complicated. We still must find the direction we like and try hard to fly forward, be true to ourselves and build up the courage to face right and wrong, just because life is our own business, only we know our inner dynamics and what path we want to take.

“Don’t compromise yourself – you’re all you have.”

By John Grisham

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